A conspiracy is when two or more persons decide to to something unlawful, and harmful to a targeted individual or group in a covert manner.   There is no limit on the number of criminals that can be involved.   An ‘overt act’ must occur by a person involved to be charged criminally… such as buying a directed energy weapon or DEW program for a computer/iPhone.  Or going to a meeting to plan an attack on a targeted individual.   If those involved in a conspiracy want out of it, they must withdraw from the conspiracy first.   Then must prove they were entrapped by being persuaded to do something illegal by a government, law enforcement or military official, etc.  And must show the idea was not their own to break the law.  And that before entrapped or persuaded- the person had no intention of committing any crime.  That is a legal definition of conspiracy and how to get out of one.

A conspiracy theory is when no evidence or fact can be brought forward to prove that a conspiracy exists.  Merriam-Webster defines conspiracy theory as such: ‘A theory that explains an event or set of circumstances as the result of a secret plot by usually powerful conspirators.’  

Most every targeted individual has one or two pieces of evidence that shows factually that they are being stalked or slowly electrocuted to death in a conspiracy set against them by two or more people.   With implants hundreds of TI’s have X-ray and MRI images to show that something covert and illegal is being done to them.

When a targeted individual brings factual evidence forward to local authorities, state authorities, federal, law enforcement, the President of the United States…  and Homeland Security these law makers and law enforcers must deny the facts exist.   Why?  

The program in the United States to target innocent citizens with directed energy weapons –  is secret therefore it is ABOVE THE LAW.

Let me repeat that.  The program in the United States to target innocent citizens with directed energy weapons –  is secret therefore it is ABOVE THE LAW.

So while all of us targeted individuals are spending money to make and tote around our hard copies, and multiplying digital evidence to SAVE.

While all of us TI’s are spending money applying to every authority in the land who rightfully, constitutionally, humanely are supposed to respond with all their legal powers and ability.

While TI’s are spending what money we have running away, abandoning our homes, staying in hotel rooms, buying devices to assist in fact finding and evidence.  Or Ti’s are sticking it out where we live.  Buying preventative and diagnostic devices to scatter or define EMFs with whatever funds we have…

While we are spending money petitioning our doctors and dentists for concrete proof of the devices illegally placed within us.

The powers that be are pulling out Homeland Security laws.

Laws that assist in stamping ‘SECRET’ on every part of our personal and private lives, bodies and minds.   SECRET as part, parcel and property.   As an experimental animal- targeted individuals are SECRET.    Being secret, we the guinea pigs are defended by no law.  And for all manner of purposes, being secret we are non-existent.  A nothing: has no rights.    That is why we are untouchable, why no one will help us in the United States.  They legally cannot.   Targeted individuals literally are the property.

Of Homeland Security.

Above photos of psychic evidence, of worlds brought together more and more each day by microwave and radiowave towers, HAARP, super colliders, and all manner of manipulation of frequency, time, and space by the powers that be.

In the Washington PostWonder Woman lived: Viking warrior skeleton identified as female, 128 years after its deiscovery,”  Sept. 14, 2017 by Amy Ellis Nutt – the article tells of how the artifacts buried in a Viking grave over 1,000 years ago belonged to a woman.  Scientists of course believed the warrior to be a man.  But the two X chromosomes proved this warrior was a woman.  In Sweden, in the grave with her, were armor-piercing arrows, two shields, a battle knife, a sword, an ax, a spear, a battle-knife and two horses.   Below is Archangel Michael.

images (1)

Now some people believe in heaven and some people believe in hell.  

Definitely believe both exist.   Heaven is our real home.  Hell is creation’s largest prison system.    It is my belief we have free will on the other side as we do on earth.   And for those of us not in hell; we can chose to manifest anyway we want.   The other side is right here.

Free will is God’s greatest gift to human kind here on earth.   Everyone believes that God is all forgiving and benevolent.  However when you mess with God you might be in a bit of trouble.   It is one thing to steal from a human.  Or take God’s gift of human life.  It is another thing to take God’s greatest gift of free will from a human, or humanity.  Without will, life is meaningless.

The program to target innocent citizens was invented by the wealthy and their ‘corporations;’ medical, military, and government with experimentation/retribution in mind.  The goal to create the perfect weapon.   The perfect citizen.  And ultimately to put souls into machines.

However, beings are controlling minds today through torture, brain computer interface and all manner of devices including V2K, Hand of God, nano transmitter/receiver;  implants; directed energy weapons… and every other deplorable, disgusting, evil device could not even begin to know of; or imagine, that came out of the minds of psychotic, and horrendously demonic humans is the goal.

When I am murdered by this program of targeting with directed energy weapons/computer interface- murdered by natural causes, murdered by accident, murdered by suicide…  

Angels do exist.   Some angels talk to humans.   A line has been drawn once again in existence.   Last time this happened Archangel Michael cast Satan into hell.   This time those taking away free will be sentenced to hell for eternity.

Well, that Viking warrior?  God bless, she will have nothing on some targeted individuals manifesting to work alongside Archangel Michael.

Below is the flag of my country.


Thank you God for everything exactly the way it is today for my family, friends, our territories, tools, vehicles, animals, plants and me.  Thank you dear God for bringing the Network into the light for justice and bringing the Network down to conquer them.  I love you God. Thank you God.  It is so.  Amen.

Have to walk at night and actually enjoy the peace of it.  When assaulted take pictures while walking.  These two from couple nights ago.umbilicalThere is spirit in evidence everywhere in the world.  This is umbilical.  Umbilicals are explained and seen in many other photos in previous blogs.   Some people believe the power they wield on earth is not temporary.  But it is.  They aren’t the sharpest tacks in the shed.

These two Springfield Police Department friends raced into library parking lot, when walking to car – as if nothing better to do but waste tax money.    Perhaps when police department and library computers crashed during same week last year…  the IT/Security companies ‘upgrading’ them linked both into one data base so library security cameras can be used to watch the comings and goings of ‘persons of interest‘?  I was labeled a ‘person of interest’ the same day requested a safety home inspection from Captain Pennington of the Springfield Fire Department, due to ‘feelings of electricity in home.’   Captain Pennington had immediately called the SPD who attempted to put me in 96 hour mental health evaluation hold- and I was labeled as a ‘person of interest,’ in their incident report.

Below escorts and friends at corners driving to and from library in two days.

Targeting consistent to stomach, and genitals last two weeks with directed energy weapons registering magnetic and microwave on EMF reader at home.  Causing urine to again be cloudy and smell like the urine in bags at hospital attached to really ill people.

From TARGETED INDIVIDUALS EUROPE; under TI “SYMPTOMS” from Torture: “Physical pain due to ICT-Implants or non-lethal weapons- electronic sexual “rapes” during sleep or while awake.”   To name just one TI symptom.

Every morning, Liza wakes up and remembers that she’s been tortured…   She worked at Microsoft for 10 years and started her own web development company with her partner before the electronic attacks, the stalking, and the surveillance began… When she sought help, a hospital committed her to a 10-day hold in the mental ward, teaching her how to calm her racing heart without addressing the technology that Liza believed was causing it.”   -from WIRED,”Mind Games” The Tortured Lives of ‘Targeted Individuals’ by Laura Yan 3-4-18.  WIRED is a monthly American magazine, published in print and online editions, that focuses on how emerging technologies affect culture, the economy, and politics. Owned by Condé Nast, it is headquartered in San Francisco, California, and in publication since March 1993. 

Yan writes that she went to a Unity and Hope Conference in Boston for targeted individuals one weekend and met ‘Liza’:  “It wasn’t the first time Liza had traveled far to seek a solution to the targeting of individuals. In 2014, she drove from the Midwest to New York City, sleeping in her car for two weeks while she met with nonprofits she hoped to enlist in combating the problem: the Center for Constitutional Rights, Psychologists for Social Responsibility, and Physicians for Human Rights. She hoped that someone would help put a stop to the injustices she suffered. “Nobody would take my story,” she says. “Nobody would touch it with a 10-foot pole.”

Yan notes,  “Liza had told me stories of her life before the targeting began: the 10 summers she spent working at hatcheries in Alaska, painting watercolors and working at her friend’s general store, zooming around in a little Honda that was like the “closest thing to flying.” She traveled overseas, seeing Israel, Turkey, Egypt. She spent years painting or making sculptures, and later falling in love with Microsoft: the campus with all its trees and the freedom to learn everywhere. She’d always loved learning and exploring new worlds, but the TI universe is different. “It’s not about who we are, but technology,” she says. “It changes who we are and it changes our lives.”

“MK Ultra and the Phoenix Project both sound like the stuff of conspiracy theories, but much of what’s alleged has since been documented and confirmed.”  – Yan notes that one of the guest speakers at the conference was Matthew Aaron a PhD- neurobiologist who when researching bioluminescent fish for Nature Magazine became targeted with directed energy weapons.  A neighbor living next door to Aaron assaulted with microwave and military grade weapons technology.   When Aaron fled to Canada he had presence of mind to scrape the walls of his home.  Upon examining samples of wall directly across from ‘neighbor’ there was luminescence in the drywall.

Yan watched a new documentary at the conference called ‘Monarch: The new Phoenix Program’ which alleged MKULTRA and other covert government programs never ended.  -Thank you to WIRED,”Mind Games” The Tortured Lives of ‘Targeted Individuals’ by Laura Yan 3-4-18. 

friend while visiting

Thank you dear God for everything single thing exactly the way it is today for my family, friends, our territories, tools, vehicles, animals, plants and me.  Thank you sweet God for bringing the Network into the light for justice and bringing the Network down to conquer them.  I love you God and thank you God.  It is so.  Amen

twists and turns of love

The following transcript legally documents directed energy weapons as causing ‘assault, attack,’ and physical injury to the human body- as quoted by State Department officials, medical and military experts.   January 9, 2018 State Department officials testified on the Cuban Embassy Attacks on U.S. Diplomats in a C-SPAN video documentary lasting an hour and a half in length.  Excerpts of this hearing are as follows:   Senator Marco Rubio, brought the hearing to order.  Late 2016 staff complained of “… high pitched beam of sound and incapacitating sound.” The State Department viewed this attack as “harassment hostile to the United States.” Initially occurring at diplomatic residents and then hotels.

Rubio read that 80 members of the embassy community were medically evaluated in April 2017 and of them 16 people, “… were identified with symptoms and medically verifiable clinical findings of some combination similar to what you would see in patients that quote, ‘have a mild traumatic brain injury or a concussion,’ unquote.”  

In July of 2016 Rubio read on; “The Bureau of Medical Services at State Department convened a panel of medical experts to review case histories and test results… and they arrived at a consensus… the pattern of injuries were most likely related to trauma from a non-natural source.”  

August 2017 Brain Injury Center at University of Pennsylvania reevaluated embassy employees and added additional ‘incidents’ from 2014 to the list of confirmed cases of assault.  Rubio stated, “Bringing the total number of cases to 24…. All of the medically confirmed cases, all 24 of them, have described some combination of the following symptoms:  Sharp ear pain, dull headaches, ringing in one ear, vertigo, visual focusing issues, disorientation, nausea and extreme fatigue… These are the facts that will be testified to, today.”

Senator Bob Menendez spoke against Cuba saying that the regime “... has no regard for individual human rights, security or dignity.”    He blamed the U.S. State Department for acting in a manner that was “insufficient and unacceptable” in their diplomatic response; and in their response to the health and safety of U.S. diplomats.  He went on to emphasis that the U.S. State Department’s response to U.S. personnel was “bureaucratic, inadequate and troubling… (and that the) the stories we heard are shocking.”   As were the “...sluggish reaction to reports by personnel… the aloof response of the medical team at the State Department… (and) silence from security.”   

When diplomats first reported symptoms, Menendez said “they were rebuffed.”

When the State Department finally accepted that U.S. diplomats “... were suffering from life altering health consequences- the department took months to arrange for appropriate care.”  The Senator stated that the State Department “took a year” to react, and “only after reports surfaced in the media.”  Menendez said the State Department after knowing of the dangers from attacks did not warn any personnel going to Cuba about the possible health consequences; and did not warn those persons replacing the diplomats being evacuated.

Witness Mr Francisco Palmieri speaks:  “The investigation of these health attacks is ongoing.  In late 2016 some members… complained about hearing strange noises and a variety of unexplained physical symptoms… The attacks initially appear to occur in clusters.  But starting in late March sporadic attack continued… Beginning in mid April we allowed anyone serving at Embassy Havana who did not feel safe at their post to return to the United States.”

Palmieri continued, “There were two additional attacks in late August which were medically confirmed in September.”  At which time Secretary Tillerson “… ordered the departure of non-military personnel” on the 29th.  “This was the only way to reduce the risk to our diplomats and their families.”   (Palmierei is Acting Assistant Secretary of State for Western Hemisphere Affairs.)

Mr. Todd Brown the State Department International Programs Diplomatic Security Assistant Director speaks about continuing the investigation, “… at Embassy Havana to aggressively counter, mitigate and better understand who and what are causing injuries to our diplomatic staff unfortunately this remains a perplexing case.”   Brown stated that in December 2016 the regional officer of his department became aware of attacks and labeled them “A form of harassment hostile to the United States and our presence in Cuba.”  

Brown states that his department had the embassy “Employ recording devices… to better identify and capture the possible source behind the threat… as many victims had associated the attack with an acoustic event.”  After further investigation, “failed to identify the cause or perpetrator; the FBI opened a case in early May… However the investigation remains ongoing…”  Rosenfarb, Brown and PalmieriAt this point Dr. Charles Rosenfarb of the State Department Bureau of Medical Services Medical Director spoke.  Much of this man’s testimony amounted to posturing legalese and slight of hand. Rosenfarb stated up front the Havana situation was “challenging.”  Because there were a “multitude of symptoms.  Many of which are not easily quantifiable and not easily attributable to any specific cause…  The sharing of information in a small tight knit community has helped identify more affected personnel, but as typically as the case with any community outbreak; also can complicate an epidemiological evaluation.”   OK.

Rosenfarb spoke of the symptoms of victims seeming to make fun of their observations?  “Reporting various symptoms including headache,  ear pain, dizziness, and hearing problems. They associated the onset of symptoms to their exposures with unusual sounds, auditory sensations- various descriptions were given. A high pitched beam of sound.  An incapacitating sound. A baffling sensation akin to driving with the windows partially opened in a car, or just an intense pressure in one ear.”

Rosenfarb said most first reports dealt with auditory functions.   So a highly expert military otolaryngologist was asked to evaluate these claims.  “Between February and April of last year, this specialist evaluated 80 members of the embassy community.  Of the individuals evaluated… sixteen were identified to have symptoms and medically verifiable clinical findings of some combination similar to what might be seen in patients following a mild traumatic brain injury or concussion.”  

In July of 2017 Rosenfarb’s office assembled experts and found, “Although the assembled group identified that some of the symptoms in the finding could be caused by other things, such as viral illnesses,  previous head trauma, aging and even stress, the consensus was that the patterns of injuries that had so far been noted were most likely related to trauma from a non-natural source.”

Rosenfarb brings up the University of Pennsylvania evaluation of the 24 victims at their Brain Injury Center.  Then he states with finality what the 24 medically confirmed:

“Beginning within minutes to hours of their exposures of the event… Sharp localized ear pain,  dull unilateral headache, tinnitus or ringing in one ear, vertigo, visual focusing issues, disorientation, nausea, and extreme fatigue.”  (Long term issues suffered from attacks appear to be;) “Cognitive problems including difficulty with concentration; working memory and attention.  Recurrent headache. High frequency unilateral hearing loss. Sleep disturbance and imbalanced walking.  As in the acute phases the duration and severity of these later symptoms have varied widely. Defining the prognosis for the confirmed cases is extremely difficult since no precise analog for this possibly novel syndrome exists…  However at this time we are unable to state whether or not the injuries may result in adverse, long term consequences to the individuals future health or functional duties.” Stopped at 26:40 minutes.

Have the State Department, the FBI and Marco Rubio read the New York Times article “Sound of Things to Come” by Marshall Sella from March 2003?   In the lengthy and fact ridden article it comes to light that inventor Woody Norris invented HyperSonic Sound Device (HSS) and High Intensity Directed Acoustics (HIDA) directed energy weapons devices just to name a few.   Norris had fourteen patents in the U.S. and hundreds pending worldwide in 2003. That same year, Norris bragged production of his devices would be in the millions of units.   In 2003 he also “... cut a five-year, multimillion-dollar licensing agreement with General Dynamics, one of the giants of the military-industrial complex.” – Sella reported.

After listening to above testimony about directed energy weapons on CSPAN noted that not once did an ‘expert’,  State Department authority,  or Rubio mention the U.S. Diplomats suffered from mental illness, delusion, schizophrenia, or that these victims of directed energy weapons should stop notifying law enforcement and security of further criminal activity.   In the United States in Springfield, Missouri  law enforcement and public officials are on record as doing just that.

Gangstalking and intimidation tactics done to U.S. Diplomats wasn’t mentioned at all by the State Department officials, or Rubio…   August 25, 2017 a former Chief of U.S. Interests Section in Cuba told NPR that not only directed electromagnetic weapons (DEWs) were used on U.S. diplomats: “There were more in-your-face kind of activities by the intelligence services, things like going into your homes and emptying your water tanks, turning off your electricity, rearranging things inside your house, your clothing – these reminders that we are here; we are looking at you – and a way to – you know, would get at your morale.”


A childhood friend who is good as the shining sun knows the bible front to back.  Listened to what is happening to targeted individuals.  He said it sounded like Frank Peretti’s book from 1986 ‘This Present Darkness.”   Warning the book was not for the faint of heart;  really frightening.   Thinking the book factual- borrowed it from the library only to find it to be labeled as fiction.  Compared to a targeted individuals life the story is a walk in the park.

In fact it took all could do to read it- as found dialog and thought processes of the humans involved in the plot extremely tedious.   Perhaps this is how 2.5 million people think?  The surprising thing is the book sold that many copies worldwide and was a best seller on CBA 150 consecutive weeks.   So why finish the book in three days?  Because the author lived in Seattle, Washington most of his life.   And Seattle is one of the first cities in the U.S. experimented on as a geographic area with mind control weapons enmasse on it’s population.

Approached reading with this respect and was fascinated to translate it as a propaganda tool in the government eugenics program.   The symptoms of targeting were all symptoms of demonic possession in the town of Ashton.  Perhaps the authors’ own intentions were influenced with mind control technology?

It is no surprise that demons are on earth-  seen a few.   And humans possessed by demons as well.  But have gangstalkers purposefully showed their iPhones while targeting with weapons from their space in a restaurant, (and a park bench.)   Their entire phone face diagrammed of the restaurant- each table and person.  The one different colored person on iPhone was locked in for targeting.   The gangstalker in question was bored, fidgeting, a bleached blonde impeccably dressed.   She felt very powerful to show her phone without her boyfriend knowing.   -He paid her no attention anyway, as he was manipulating physical assault via computer.  The blond gangstalker smiled eerily.    Turned away from her to keep reading a book written by a targeted individual.  While eating a bagel restaurant specialized in.   So I know there are bad humans, and possessed humans, and demons alive and well on the planet.  –Many religions realize that too.

Throughout the book  symptoms of targeted individuals are evident.  Those good humans assaulted; under the influence of, and possessed by demons only:   hearing voices suddenly, the inability to complete or remember thoughts, mood change, dizziness, inability to put into action ideas.   Mention of altered states, frequency ‘tunnels’; tuning one’s mind like a radiophone tappingPeople being knocked down by an invisible forceHomes broken intoBeing followed, and entranced.  Using hypnotized victims to do things they normally would not do; confused and controlled.  Bad dreams, wrenching terror, darkness when lights are on, being tormented by evil people.  Driven out of homes and business by intimidation.  Suddenly sleepy, glassy expression in eyes, unnatural sexual urge, and tormented.  Victims in the book, question how lives can be destroyed at such a personal level. 

What was most disconcerting about Peretti’s book?  That all religions but Christianity were responsible for the demonic beings taking over earth, i.e. control over and targeting of people.  The sentiment was voiced many times how demonic was:  “… Eastern meditation, witchcraft, divination, Science of mind, psychic healing, holistic education… oh the list goes on and one… nothing but a ruse to take over people’s minds and spirits, even their bodies… the Medicine Wheel…  and facing to the east…”   OK.  Just like Alt Right Christianity wanting a U.S. state religion, and the Vatican protecting Nazi’s after WWII: there are horrors and divine good manifesting in all religions.  It depends on who is using a religion and for what purpose.

Meditation is a great tool against directed energy weapons for CLEARING the mind and healing electrocution illness.   The Medicine Wheel is a Native American ritual of contacting God and is one of the purest forms of praise on earth.  Psychic healing is God energy flowing from one human to another.   And facing east?  It is just plain wonderful to face east in any ritual, prayer, or while meditating.

Is double speak and propaganda in the book encouraging hatred and fear of any Godly practice or perception- other than Christianity?   The good people in the book blame what is not Christianity as standing, “… in the way of what is truly right and good…   They blame any other religion but Christianity as uniting people in one universal mind, one universal consciousness.”  (Which would be artificial intelligence…)   And as a “…force for global change, a world-wide voice that will finally unite all mankind.”   Again AI.

In Peretti’s own life in Seattle did he experience or see residents of his city being targeted and decide demons were attacking them?   Then he would not be half wrong.   Or was he used by the powers that be- and innocent of reverting all medical, military and government technology used against U.S. citizens into spiritual assaults by demons?

A few things did echo a targeted individuals life.  In the book many police were in on the ‘plan.’  The wealthy and their corporations were involved in the ‘plan.’   Then there was Peretti’s concept of the press.  He had one newspaper owner talking to another newspaper owner: “I don’t know what you’ve found out but whatever it is, bury it.  do something else, anything innocuous, but just keep your nose clean.”   Today the press black out on targeted individuals is complete… unless to shred them in the public eye as being insane.

I would recommend the book to anyone wanting to understand demonology better.

Or to understand the use of double speak and propaganda in popular culture, religion and media to discredit any perception or ritual of God not Christian: and to misdirect the reality of what is called the silent holocaust on earth today.   -Murder of millions of innocent, good people by gangstalking intimidation; mind control; biological, military and medical warfare and experimentation.

pure love

Thank you dear God for everything exactly the way it is today and for the protection, love and guidance of my families, friends, our territories, tools, vehicles, animals, plants and me.  Thank you God for bringing the Network into the light for justice and bringing the Network down to conquer them.  I love you sweet God, and thank you God.  So be it, so it is, Amen

backyard beauty

Have written before of relative in St. Louis, MO who is innocent of the knowledge they are targeted with directed energy weapons in apartment building by ‘neighbors.’   Pictures in apartment last year (below) were off scale ‘danger’ magnetic readings on kitchen chair relative always sit on, and living room sofa- where they spend all of the short amount of time they are home.   No where else in their apartment were magnetic readings in danger zone.   They do not believe targeting with electromagnetic weapons exists.

In 2017 this same relative was contacted by Springfield, MO police officer Welsh who told relative I was delusional, paranoid and mentally ill for believing my home broken into for the second time.   Melissa Daugherty a Springfield Police Department liaison- came to my home to say my St. Louis relative was contacted and let she also let me know I was “paranoid, and needed to see a mental health practitioner” for thinking home broken into, and feeling electric current in same.

But Daugherty, (like all SPD)  refused to look at paperwork from MO Attorney General Joshua Hawley.  Who assisted in attempting to find out from city utilities why such high levels of EMF’s are in my home.

After Daugherty finished her social visit- called relative in St. Louis about Springfield Police contacting them.   They didn’t say much, but were terribly frightened for me.  A week after we talked relative took their racing bike out for a ride and collided with something that wasn’t there on a public bike path.  Their bike was totaled.   They had to buy a new bike.   Many walkers and bike riders on the same bike path saw relative’s bike hit, crunch and total.. from impact with something unseen.  -Relative still cannot explain it.  And wouldn’t believe if told them it was a wall of energy from a military weapon being used on civilians.

Since the SPD called- my St. Louis relative has been followed by many different vehicles, several of which remain outside their work during the day.

While at the Springfield Library Center today phone buzzed.   Same relative was on the phone very upset.   He said a man walked up to him claiming to be a ‘secret service agent’ and told them, they gave a counterfeit hundred dollar bill out at a store the other day.   OK!  Intimidation tactics- because last week, I sent a hard copy report to  U.S. Department of Justice Criminal Division regarding the behavior of law enforcement and public officials in Springfield, MO?   Is my St. Louis, Missouri relative being harassed as punishment because I’m pursuing justice?

This is the second time in ten years the bank cashing my relative’s work checks, has given them a counterfeit bill.   Am withholding name of St. Louis bank that is giving out counterfeit money.   My relative is being gangstalked and targeted with directed energy weapons but cannot and will not believe such things exist. 

Most all of my big family are patriot, good, decent, hardworking human beings.  This relative especially.    God thank you for protecting, loving and guiding my family, friends, territories, tools, vehicles, animals, plants and me.   We love you God.  We thank you God.

Sign on church in 3000 block of Fremont in Springfield, MO- “God hears, God sees, and God knows.”  Isn’t that the truth.  Upon facing God, a badge cannot hide the evil done with power and authority on earth.  When am targeted all night with DEW’s as a sitting duck- laying down attempting to sleep… have time to wonder how the gangstalkers assaulting millions of innocent U.S. citizens DO NOT KNOW this life is temporary?

Called a friend today who is what our world would call an ‘important person.’  We were college buddies.  Am honored he is still a friend.   Doug, knows the Bible front to back; and one of his children married a minister.    So asked friend out right- because he is so busy.  Does he believe demons walk the earth as humans?   Doug said, “Yes, they can manifest in human form…   Many people believe there is a huge battle being waged now between good and evil.   I stay far away from it all…  as a youth I brushed up against it, but learned quickly not to call attention to myself.”

Charles Dickens was required reading in school.  His fictional 1800’s novels incorporate every evil a person is capable of that a reader today would consider horrific human behavior.  Evil was cut and dried back then- at least you could see an attacker.  In 2018 Dickens might find it disconcerting to write characters that are hidden on the internet, in iPhones and behind invisibility suits and weapons.   The same evil exists today; only covertly in virtual and quantum realities magnified three-fold.   The ‘image’ of a wonderful and productive society exists in twenty-first century.   Yet cowards and bullies abound worse than any time in history.

Told my brother Mark, when seven years old; wasn’t afraid of demons.  We were discussing psychic phenomenon both of us had seen.  “Demons just need to be loved till they are good,” I said.   Mark was afraid of demons, and said “You’re crazy.”

Appeared at vacant house ten minutes after arriving home from thirty days trip

Today FOR SALE sign from same vacant house to the south has been removed.  A contract was approved and house sold to HUD out of Oklahoma for $90,000.   Wonder if this new owner, Aaron Stokes a Broker Associate for Greater Springfield Realtors will keep the house from continuing to be a location for organized criminal activity and gangstalking?

Below photo of backyard in spring.

tree love in backyard

Thank you dear God for everything exactly the way it is today. Thank you God for bringing the Network into the light for justice and bringing the Network down to conquer them. I love you dear God. Thank you God for guiding, and protecting family, friends, territories, tools, vehicles, animals, plants and me. So be it. Amen


orange red and blood red males fighting for territory in back yard

Fascinating how cowards hiding behind ear buds, iPhones and computers enjoy showing targeted individuals who they are.   With both hands on iPhone they look up at you, when you walk in a public place surrounded by many people...  But they look only directly at you.  Then down again smiling to lock on electromagnetic pulse.

On the way to library a police car was at the corner of Sunshine and Campbell in Springfield, MO.   Usually an ambulance is at that corner when leave home.  Something new?   Almost took out camera, but thought, “No, that police car will be the only one on this trip.”   But four police SUVs and squad cars were waiting at every intersection on the 11 minute trip (3.7 miles) straight down Campbell to the Library Center.  What was the piece de resistance after seeing four police vehicles?   An ambulance with lights flashing- but no siren; and cop car waiting at intersection of Campbell and Battlefield in on-coming lane: with no accident to show for.   Got out camera passing by, but it was too late.

However both vehicles made a U-turn after passing me, to pull in behind me in heavy traffic on a rainy day to escort me the last leg to library.

At Campbell and Republic was able to snap pictures at stop light of the piece de resistance.

Poem below is ‘A Prayer’ made specifically for Targeted Individuals everywhere; from all faiths, who believe in the One God of any name or perception:

Being of I AM’s creation, we know that all nano/chip  receivers and transmitters, electromagnetic frequencies, vibrations, brain computer interface, implants, and manipulations, do not exist within us now as we are created in God’s image.   Thank you, I AM

OM, is the sound of your name God- OM, is your vibration.

Mother Mary, we are thankful for our lives, health, intelligence, creativity, sanity, and beauty as breathed into our being by God and shining in praise; protected by your legions of angels, and heavenly hosts, with Archangel Michael, Archangel Gabriel and Archangel Rafael.  Mother who protects and guides earth mothers and their children; watch over us all.  Thank you Mother Mary.

Allah, aid us in thanking all the animals, plants, insects, dirt, water, air, sun and oil that are your creations: healing, sustaining, and nurturing our families, friends, our territories, tools, vehicles, animals, plants and me.  Thank you Allah.

Four Corners of the Universe created after waters separated – beauty and wisdom of Mother Earth- pray for us.  Thank you.

Diana, aim true when our energy and our physical bodies are being taken from us.  Patroness of childbirth, nursing and healing take care of us.  Thank you.

Yemanja thank you for washing us clean with your waters; clean from all remote influence of artificial intelligence, machines, man-made manipulations and anything else we know not of  inflicted upon your children-of-water.  Thank you Yemanja.

Tioga teach us how to love the earth; to sit in nature now and just BE.

Nammu, we command all GMO’s, radiation, chemicals, biological warfare, and poisons…  along with any unknown error and evil miraculously disappear with Your assistance  this very instant from our food, drink, air, water, metal, fire and earth; and our family, friends, our territories, tools, vehicles, animals, plants and me…  Thank you Nammu.

Buddha give us your wisdom to breath and move with focus and intention now.  Thank you Buddha.

Mother Theresa show us how to smile as we go forth today.  Thank you Mother.

Shiva, we release to you all those who would harm us, and be our enemies- now with forgiveness while asking your protection and guidance.  Thank you.

Jesus, with your assistance aid us in resurrecting all aspects of our lives now.   We most especially ask for aid in resurrecting all forms of our privacy, our wellness and our abundance now.  Jesus, you so loved little children, take care of our targeted infants and children now.  Thank you Jesus.

Jehovah all miracles manifest with blessing upon your name when we raise our hands and praise you.  Assist us in manifesting our reality on Earth as in the fifth dimension ‘heaven.’  Thank you Jehovah.

Mohammed divinely inspire us to the will of God.  Thank you Mohammed.

St. Jude, patron of lost causes and the impossible, we welcome you into our lives now and in all the lives of targeted individuals everywhere to stop the insanity of horrendous crime, and subjugation inflicted upon us now.  Thank you St. Jude.

Yaweh, we were made in your perfect blueprint of light -protected and loved past, present and future in any dimension now, we thank you Yaweh.

Holy Spirit your wind strengthens us in delivering up to you now; all evil assaulting family, friends, territories, tools, vehicles, animals, plants and me.  We seek your justice with love.  Thank you Holy Spirit.

Marduk, we seek assistance with those beings manifesting hell on earth, destroying our lives and assaulting our property, animals and persons.   We ask with due cause.  Thank you Marduk.

St. Dymphna, watch over us and our sanity daily; as those who would take our sanity from us are under the influence of the devil.  Thank you St. Dymphna.

Supreme Being, assist us now in transfiguring our atomic structure with rainbows of light removing all error till heaven manifests within us.  Thank you Supreme Being.

Maat, we humbly ask you bring to justice all aspects of governments, militaries, corporations and wealthy participating in the silent holocaust today.  Your truth, morality, harmony and order are much needed in our world today.  Thank you Maat.

Almighty, alter each cell, DNA strand, chakra, our hearts, mind and energy bodies by saturating us with your unconditional love, light and protection now.  Thank you.

Goddess, we liberate any limitations and error; past, present and future from our lives this very day; while abundance in all forms manifests within us and in our lives now.  Thank you Goddess.  We love you Goddess.

Asarualimnuna may your armies protect our lives now.   May your armies induct gangstalkers and Network employees into their ranks today, to fight FOR all targeted individuals now and against all evil.   Thank you Marduk.

Bridget thank you for keeping targeted individuals focused on bringing to light what is happening all over the world.  Please give us the strength to never back down.  Thank you Bridget.

Elohim, thank you for everything exactly the way it is today.  We love you Elohim.

Krishna, Shakti, Isis, Maat, Gaia, Diana, Green Tara, Joseph, Kali, Aine, Artemis,  Bridget, Athena, Morrigan, Anna, St. Pasqual, St. Theresa, Turtle Island and all the names belonging to the One Holy of Holies, all the angels, saints and archangels- protect, guide and love each one of us now who are targeted with directed energy weapons, gangstalked and subjugated.  We ask this of you now.   Thank you.

We are, I Am in your image God, therefore no pain or error exist because our physical bodies are not real.   We love you unconditionally Great Spirit,  may your hand be with us.   May your legions of angels be with us.  We thank you One by any name.  We love you One.  So be it, so it is.  Amen.  -By Josephine Grace 2018 Copyright

Thank you dear God for everything exactly the way it is today. Thank you God for bringing the Network into the light for justice and bringing the Network down to conquer them. I love you dear God. Thank you God for guiding, and protecting family, friends, territories, tools, vehicles, animals, plants and me. So be it. Amen

Good Books for TIs to Read

photographed spirit of dog   second photo change positions spirit of angel in painting visible

Woke up today at 9am.  Horrible sizzling all night.   Growing up, always woke at 6am without an alarm.  Loved  early morning hours.  Quiet.  Birds chirping.  The whole world was waiting.   So the earlier up, the more time to enjoy life before school.  Carried 6am rising hour throughout life.

Photos above of pet’s spirit umbilical holding soul to body; and painting of angel on right after asking God to see angel’s spirit.

Everything must be so positive about life now.   When a targeted individual speaks of being DEW attacked, someone might say they are “being negative.”   In truth, revealing reality of DEW torture  is a downer as true crime always is.   Those of us targeted would not be alive however, if we were not actually positive.   Stories of being targeted may sound insane and incredibly ‘bad.’   But targeted individuals relating these true stories are not insane or bad- just the opposite.  We are true patriots and good, sane people reporting insane truth of DEW attacks and organized stalking.

DEW’s cause energy disruption of a entire physical body.   Hence TI’s are exhausted all the time.   Many TI’s were athletes their whole life.  Or inherited huge veins with remarkable circulation.   But the same athletic TI can exhibit dark red, swollen toes though rest of feet are same color as skin on body.   The small extremities, and rooted body parts are most effected from directed microwave, radio wave, acoustic and radar weapons.   Targeting to legs and feet causes toes to curl from muscles Charlie-horsing from dangerous levels of EMFs.   Bottoms of feet have most nerve endings.   A TI’s feet sting, tingle and burn from DEW assault- especially at night because that is how the nervine system is affected adversely.

Is DEW targeting to control they neurology and mind of a TI?   Yes.  The nonconsensual experimentation Nazi’s did in WWII to Jewish people interned in death camps is similar to what is happening to TIs.

Nazi ‘scientists‘ would splash a bucket of ice cold water on holocaust victims telling them beforehand the water was boiling.   Victim’s skin exhibited signs of burns, and blisters.   Trauma induced mind over matter.  The 1950’s U.S. secret intelligence agencies brought over 1,200 Nazi criminals to work at  NASA and in scientific/psychiatric research in America.  ‘Operation Paperclip’ integrated these insane, cowardly people into institutions all across the country.

However, there is physical phenomenon surrounding DEW assaults to property, pets and person that show damage that is not manufactured by brain.  

One TI places metal on top of their already metal enclosed bed- to help ward off night assaults.   The rattling of pans, pots, cookie sheets, metal bracelets, trinkets loudly clinking each other from pulsed DEW’s are real enough to disturb pets from the noise.  Cracks in TI’s home walls near ceilings are the result of danger levels of EMFs distorting physical properties.

In California- pulsed microwave weapon from military helicopter caused one TI’s body to arc as if experiencing high voltage.  The helicopter had a long brownish-green body.  Would fly low, circling repeatedly.  Endeavored to photograph chopper two or three times it visited, but camera never worked below it, probably from high levels of microwaves.

A person blessed with  low body temperature, pulse rate, and blood pressure, may often wear sweaters in summer.   That same individual after becoming a TI endures extreme body heating from directed microwave weapons… and no longer has to wear a sweater in winter.   TIs are cooked, fried, shaken and baked from physical assault with DEW’s: their bodies eventually began to smell like rotting flesh.  For most TI’s regular deodorant does not work when being cooked 24/7.   Essential oils of lavender and rosemary do a fantastic job of stopping the smell of cooked human meat.

Could go on about injuries reported in blog.  However wanted to talk about other aspects of targeting with directed energy weapons…

God's sliver and star in left upper corner

A psychic has the ability to see different frequencies and communicate with beings in them.   The stomach- (where God’s psychic gifts originate,) is a favorite place cowards assault with DEWs.

Richard E. Cytowic M.D. in Psychology Today wrote an article “The Pit In Your Stomach is Actually Your Second Brain” from January 17, 2017.    “There’s an entire ecosystem of bacteria and a vast neural network operating in our guts.  This ecosystem is our second brain, and comprises some 100 million neurons, more than the spinal cord. This is not a thinking brain—it does not reason, write poetry, or solve multi-linear regressions—but mounting evidence suggests that your gut’s health strongly influences your mood…  Up to 90 percent of the cells involved in these responses carry information to the brain rather than receiving messages from it, making your gut as influential to your mood as your head is…”

But many ancient civilizations believe that this second brain is more advanced than the ‘first’ or skull brain.

Psychics when angry can have light bulbs flash and burn out above their heads.   Street lights turn off-  from psychic energy causing light sensor to think night is day.   As children psychics can look at a bully on the playground and the bully falls down.  Many humans are taught that this psychic-defense ability is ‘bad.’  Or are afraid of it, and swear never to use it again.   Especially children wanting to be good and go to heaven.

We have been taught to be afraid of our innate, God-given abilities: but then there are very few to teach us how to use psychic gifts.   Governments and their man-made religions prefer it that way, as then all divine actions are relegated to the past.    It was Jesus who told his disciples that they would do more than he.  That they could walk on water.  Or move mountains.  If they believed.

When ear to ground listening to dirt, a human psychic hears dirt say “Stay away from the things of man.”   Artistic child-psychics may shy away from public education in grade school and high school because they cannot relate to the data taught as being intelligent.   In a 1976 memoir “The Education of Little Tree,” by Cherokee Asa Earl Carter, (pen-name Forrest Carter.)   He speaks to trees and rocks quite naturally.  Most white people don’t know how.   Read ‘The Education of Little Tree,’ and felt overjoyed.   Psychics can photograph spirits, talk to trees and rock and still pay their bills on time.   You can walk a tightrope between two worlds while  participating in what society calls civilization.


Psychic-teenagers lay hands on people if requested to move pain- by pushing it out top of skulls.  Without knowing what they are doing -they have ability to heal.      Natural healers feel honored to assist.  But feel like imposters because what they are able to do, they never learned from books.  Some natural healers feel what they do is only ‘imaginary’ but works to heal with God’s assistance. 

It was Einstein who said, “Imagination is greater than knowledge.”

Psychic defense can emerge unbidden when needed.   Is psychic defense ability unethical because it comes without logic; directed by pain and fear back to the source inflicting it?   A psychic can work to control their own God given gifts by going to church, daily rosary, breath prayer, mediation, yoga and seeking out other humans who use their God given gifts.

tight rope walker

Found out twenty six years ago that governments want to create the ultimate weapon based on psychic ability.

Was privileged to be a part of a popular, live cable TV interview show that ran three years, once a week.   ‘Adam’ was interviewed in 1992.   He apprenticed to a psychic-  ‘Jim’ one of the greatest sharp shooters in Vietnam who never missed a target even when he could not see it.   Jim was never hurt, neither was anyone around him.  Troops eventually learned he contacted an entity to enhance ‘sight’ and protect.

After Vietnam War ended Jim was approached by the U.S. government.  They wanted his assistance in creating the ultimate weapon by harnessing psychic power.   Adam in the interview was adamant that Jim refused to assist in using an entity as a weapon.   The U.S. government incarcerated Jim on a west coast military-base, saying they would only release him if he taught them how to contact the entity.   Jim escaped.  Hid in a cabin surrounded by wooded mountains of north Arkansas.

Adam met the psychic becoming friends with him and consented to become his apprentice.    Jim was murdered months before Adam consented to be interviewed.   On one of the last visits to the cabin Jim was ill.  Reporting to Adam that two black helicopters flew over without making a sound.  But Jim saw the wind and ran out.  Helicopters sprayed something that sickened him.  Days later, Jim died in his cabin.

When the hour interview was over Adam said they were leaving town right then.  He, his wife and children grabbed everything they could put in their vehicle earlier that day and were running.   Leaving everything behind.  Hoping the military following them, would be left behind.   -CIA national recruiting office at the university less than a mile from cable TV station was probably watching show.

Russia has been researching psychic spies, and psychic warfare since WWII.   Is this the power of the “I AM created in God’s image” a bunch of hog wash?  Stephen Hawking before his own death- like Einstein -began to believe scientific advances showed evidence of God.   But faith is about not having evidence.  What more evidence does one need beside a flower petal and butterfly wing?

One of my favorite books is by Mark Anthony, a FOX News Lawyer; ‘Never Letting Go,’ published October 8,2011.   Anthony, is a headline speaker at Columbia, Yale and Harvard Universities where he gives humorous lectures regarding the reality of his life as a psychic.   Anthony’s job on FOX News?  To give legal advice, live on air when reporters need insight on legal cases in the public eye.   He has said dead people often walk up in restaurants interrupting his meal to request he contact a relative.  Spirits want to convey where their Last Will and Testament is.  Or want to apologize for how awful they behaved in life to those still living.

Michael Coleman Talbot’s ‘The Holographic Universe’ published by HarperCollins in 1991, has countless scientific anomalies documented involving quantum mechanics and ancient mysticism.   Talbot died at age 38 of leukemia.  On the back of Michael Talbot’s book it notes that “Despite it’s apparent materiality the universe is actually a kind of 3-D projection and is ultimately no more real than a hologram.

Leukemia is the easiest disease produced in a targeted individual by  directed energy weapons.   (Besides unexpected heart attack and aneurysm.)

The stomach according to Johns Hopkins Medicine site;  ‘The Brain-Gut Connection’ reports how the enteric nervous system (ENS) and the central nervous system (CNS) communicate.  “Our two brains ‘talk’ to each other, so therapies that help one may help the other,” Jay Pasricha, M.D. states.  Whether it be education for the skull brain; external massage for the stomach at naval; yoga or meditation… positive enhancement of one, effects both.  Pasricha was Johns Hopkins Center director for Neurogastroenterology at article published that had no date of publication.

Yesterday a gangstalker tried his hardest to run me off the road coming home from library.   And thought it was funny.   The look in his eye wasn’t funny.

Native Americans believe the will of a human is in stomach, as well as ability to perform miracles with Great Spirit.

Some psychics ‘hear’ information from stomach as direct communication from God.  The umbilical holding soul to body originates there.   Others believe umbilical originates behind and below left ear.  (Brain surgeons poking behind left ear document how patients claim to be “leaving their body,” at that exact moment.   Often brain surgery requires patients to be awake.)

Some psychics can photograph spirits and umbilicals.


Targeting the stomach with directed energy weapons might close whatever doorway a human has open to the spirit world if beliefs are not strong enough and precautions not taken to spiritually and physically protect naval area of human body.  

Everything is possible as miracles abound- a closed door can be opened again.  Otherwise skull, feet and heart heavily targeted for obvious reasons too.  The government is doing its best to destroy psychic defensive abilities;  ‘sight’ and other gifts from God- after uploading them.

Why?  A government can’t have citizens that aren’t a part of their program seeing invisibility suited cowards, and defending  themselves psychically when remotely EMF tortured and raped.

Summer of 2017 first DEW remote rapes began.   A human deprived of sleep for three months can fight for hours until absolutely unable.   What if during EMF remote rape -psychic defense is activated?  Instantly ‘seeing’ cowards attacking and slamming them to the ground, in your mind?  

How would it make a psychic feel after using psychic defense during EMF remote rape:  “You are a hero.  You have made America greater.”   It  would make the TI psychic realize their defense abilities had been uploaded.

All these psychic defense responses- even from TI’s who choose not to realize their gifts are housed in man-made-computers then transferred into troop virtual-helmets.The weaponized helmets have data in them that can be put into chips and implanted.   The TI program allows governments to research and build their ‘ultimate weapon.’

Today virtual helmets are for sale that allow toy helicopters to move and fly by the thoughts of  those wearing the helmet.  What the public is allowed to know and what technology governments have are two different things.

TI’s experiencing attacks from secret technologies -paid for with tax dollars-  understand they are the Guinea pigs making tomorrow’s warfare possible.

A good book for Targeted Individuals to read is Corkin Frederick Cherubini’s  2014 “Gang Stalking: The threat to Humanity”.    Cherubini writes that ‘his wife’ must be picked off the sidewalk after she is thrust to the ground by an unseen force.  Though nothing is obstructing their path.  From the description, she was slammed by  a military psychic weapon.  A fact that educator Cherubini, alludes to.

Both Chrubini and ‘wife’ (Corkin never names the love of his life to protect her,) were teachers and newly retired when Corkin was singled out to be targeted with just about anything you can imagine.  Enduring unwanted police escorts; black helicopters flying silently over home; radiation on bed pillows registered on Geiger counters, and more.   What did this man do to deserve this?  Corkin taught school for thirty years.  Receiving 1996 JFK Profile in Courage Award.  A Harvard fellow.

Another great book is “Exile” by Janet Phelan published April 19, 2014.  She writes of so many horrors inflicted that angels must work to keep her alive.  Now she has to live outside her home- the United States to stay alive.  From “Exile” learned of the practice to place a second water pipe line near homes of targeted individuals.  The second water pipeline ensures a TI is delivered a poison of biological agent meant only for them and carried in city water to their tap.  Fiction?  No.

Phelan was allowed to give a talk before the United Nations Biological Weapons Convention concerning city utilities companies throughout the U.S. laying two sets of water pipe.   She showed the United Nations copies of blueprints of double water systems existing in the United States.   Phelan writes that weaponizing water is sanctioned by Section 817 of the U.S. Patriot Act; entitled “The Expansion of the Biological Weapons Statue.”  -From Homeward Bound; February 24, 2011, ‘The planned use of water as a weapon.’ 

Gloria Naylor, was an acclaimed author when she wrote “1996.”  About a targeted individual attacked with organized ‘community’ stalking and DEW weapons, BCI and Voice to Skull weapons.

In January 2006 the NPR radio show News & Notes aired; ‘1996: Under the Watchful Eye of the Government.’   During the interview Naylor stated what she thought of the New York Times sitting on a story for a year about wire tapping of American citizens…  “And that’s part of why we don’t know the truth of many of these black operations that go on.  And because of one– the patriotism of some people in the news media.   Because of the improbability that you would be believed if you became a whistle-blower.   All of that lets these abuses flourish.   The intelligence community, for the most part, has no accountability at all.  To the Congress.  To us- the American people.   And so they feel that they are above the law.   And every blue moon, something likes this Times Manifesto will come out.  And people will say to themselves, my God, I had no idea that’s going on.  What I believe is that a lot more than that is going on. This is just the tip of the iceberg that happened to get exposed.” 

2015 “Tavistock Institute: Social Engineering the Masses” by Daniel Estulin.  Is another good book.  Through Estulin’s research began understanding how this program of TI retribution; torture; murder and eugenics, medical and military experimentation can exist.  Estulin, is a Russian expatriate forced out Soviet Union in 1980.  His father was tortured by KGB for exercising freedom of speech.  His grandfather was a colonel in the KGB; also counter-intelligence in 1950’s- who informed Estulin just enough the author wanted to know more.

Appeared at vacant house ten minutes after arriving home from thirty days trip

Someone is in contract to buy HUD asking price of $90,000 on rental house two years vacant next door to my home.  Recently took readings of microwave frequency permeating my home–  from porch of vacant house.    At corner of  S. Campbell Ave. and Portland, in Springfield, Missouri… recorded on an EMF reader way, way above safety level of microwave radiation inside my home coming from this vacant home.

The same vacant home that gangstalkers use as meeting place since 2016.   Beginning with Brandon and Stephanie Urich?   A white jeep that is often in vacant house driveway is the origin of some of the hand-held directed energy weapons.  The owner directs their vehicle’s highway lights to shine in bedroom windows to deprive TI’s sleep.

While driving to library today, same white jeep arrives at break neck speed out of nowhere.  Tailgates at 45 MPH in left lane.   After several minutes of this.  Decide to record.  When camera turned to back window white jeep fell back, and driver dangerously maneuvered into tight squeeze between two cars in right lane.   Swallowed in traffic before photo could be made of license.

sees camera backs off and changes lanes  changes lanes tight squeeze tailing gating all at 45 MPH

There is but one God by any name that every being must face upon their natural deaths.  This life is so temporary.  What will DEW users and organized stalkers say to excuse their behavior when standing before their God?

Thank you dear God for everything exactly the way it is today. Thank you God for bringing the Network into the light for justice and bringing the Network down to conquer them. I love you dear God. Thank you God for guiding, and protecting family, friends, territories, tools, vehicles, animals, plants and me. So be it. Amen


Security Industry Specialists, Inc. (SIS) whistleblower, and ex-gangstalker continued:  “Every single man, woman and child in the United States of America will be under the influence of this technology.  And as you can see going forward what’s going to happen is a dividing line is going to be drawn in America.   And it’s not going to be Democrat or Republican, or black and white, rich, poor.  You know Jew or Gentile-  religious differences.” 

“Whatever it is, it’s going to be based on the right and the wrong side of this technology.  Who is on the right and the wrong side of this program.  And so if you are not a part of this program.    Then there is a very real risk that you are going to become a full-blown 24/7 targeted individual.  And this technology at that point.  When it is nationwide; will by automated computer.   Supercomputer’s software programming.  That will manipulate the emotions of; the behavior; the thoughts of everybody in the United States of America.”

“And it can all be done remotely.  Very much like the microchip kind-of-tracking.  And it can all be done remotely.  It’s very much like the microchip kind of tracking.  The New World Order.  This entire- you know- grid that’s supposed to be rolled out against the American people ‘someday.’   And I’m here to tell you that it already here.”  

Whistleblower continues:  “There isn’t going to come a day when there’s troops in the streets.   And tanks rolling down your neighborhood; and riot gear.  And all this stuff.  We might have isolated incidents like that.  It might get like that every once in a while.  But THE TRUE CONTROL GRID is this technology:  Voice to skull, hive mind, behavior manipulation technology.  And it can all be done remotely.  It can be done simply by targeting you with the frequency.  Locking into the resonant frequency of your DNA, in your mind.  And in that manner completely TRACK and TRACE and CONTROL you 24 hours a day.”

And so the dividing line is going to be between people on one side of this technology and people on the other.  And so if you are a gangstalker right now.  If you’re in the private security industry.  If you’re in the military intelligence; local or state police; community watch groups- what have you.  The reason so many people are training into this.  The reason so many people end up on that side of the fence is because it is only game in town.”

“THERE IS ONE SIDE AND YOU ARE EITHER WITH US OR YOU’RE AGAINST US.  And so, going forward you know- that’s exactly what I had to think about when I decided to this decision; (whistleblower.)  That is exactly what went through my mind.  And that’s why it took me SO LONG to decide what to do about this.  Because, you know.  It is.  You are- you’re marking yourself.  You are standing up and saying, “Hey, everybody look at me.  I don’t like you.  I don’t like your program.  And I’m going to do everything I can to get it SHUT DOWN.”

“And I was fully aware the entire time that I was- you know- thinking about doing that exactly.  And what was going to happen to me.  They were going to torture me.  They were going to destroy all my relationships with friends and family.  And I was never going to be able to make a living again.”

And in my mind, it just came down to the victims.  It came down to the targeted individuals all over America who were suffering every single day.  Were crying out for help.  Were curled up in a ball in the corner in their bedroom.  In horrible physical pain and horrible emotional pain.  And know that NOBODY will help them.   Everybody calls them crazy.  Everybody says- you know- “There’s something wrong with them.”  And friends and family abandoned them.  Their relationships with their significant others are ruined.   Their kids are taken away from them.”

And the homeless people in Seattle… are some of the most brilliant men and women I’ve ever known in my life.  As I got to know them- are now homeless.  And they have no way to get out because the DESC is specifically making sure- going out of their way to make sure:  They can’t get jobs and they can’t find homes.   So if a gangstalker wants to think about coming forward?  This is- this is the decision that they face.  But you know are you willing to risk everything to try to save this country?  To try to save the individual (TI) out there who is on the receiving end of this program?  And is suffering and needs our help?”

From Builder Connected, ‘Silent Holocaust’ testimony of ex-gangstalker continues, “And I’m hoping that by me coming forward.  Doing the best I can.  And for surviving as long as I can.  I will inspire other insiders.  And give them the courage and hope they need to make that decision as well.  And see if we can’t start making some progress against this thing.”

What is going on in America today… Some people are being recruited into this program.  Some people are becoming the target of this matrix system of technological; and signal intelligence; and human intelligence control of the individual, and of society.  And that is exactly what goes on.  Not only within the private security industries, but the program as a whole in Seattle.  And what was done to me after I decided to come forward.”

“The choice is very clear.   You either- you’re either with us or you’re against us.”

And all the resources that they cut you off from when you’re a TI.  Like I am now as a whistleblower.  The jobs that you can’t get.  The co-workers that you can’t make friends with.  The relationships that you can’t have with people.  All of that, that you cannot have is exactly what the gangstalkers are being promised.  If they join.  That is everything that you can have and more.  “We’re going to give you money.  We’re going to give you access to the finest women.  And the best drugs and the best connections.  And the best jobs.  And the best life that you can possibly imagine.”   You MADE IT!  And this is your ticket to the top.  And you’re going to come to the top with us.  This is exactly what these people are being told.”

“It is exactly why this seemingly inexplicable behavior by our fellow human beings- this is why it’s happening.   Because they’re being promised the sun and the moon and the stars.  They’re being promised the opportunity to be a part of history.  To be a part of the ruling class.  To be a part of a system that is not defined by appearance of camo and military machine guns.  And the American flag and God bless American.   And all the stuff that you associate with power in America.”

THESE ARE PEOPLE THAT LOOK EXACTLY LIKE YOU AND ME.   That are wearing a hat backwards and baggy pants.  And these are people that are dressed in modern attire.  They’re people that rock.  -The modern vernacular and slang.  These are people that go to the same bars and clubs that we do.  These are people that go to the same schools that we do.   These are people that watch the exact same videos on the internet that we do.  They are like us in every single way.   They are Americans first and foremost.  And because the nature of this program is so covert –that cover must be maintained at all costs.   And this is why you see- kind of- this profile of the people that are targeting you.  They do not fit one particular profile.  If you’re in corporate America right now, I guarantee you’re going to get corporate gangstalkers.  And that is the whole point of it.  That they have people in all levels of society.  All ethnicities and socioeconomic backgrounds.  And they can activate them one by one and group by group wherever wherever you are in the country.”

“And unfortunately if you are on the wrong side of that, you have access to none of those resources.    And you are looked at as an outcast and an outsider.  And someone who just can’t be part of it.”   – End of ex-SIS gangstalker testimoney.  From YouTube Builder Rejected, the ‘Silent Holocaust’ was published on YouTube Oct. 20, 2017.  Thank you Builder Rejected and ex-gangstalker for your courage.

No matter what happens in our lives all our decisions make up who we are.

Have referred to ganstalkers as ‘cowards.’   But gangstalkers and every member of the Network/Collective paid with U.S. tax dollars, and their rich patrons are also hypocrites.  They pretend to make a better America; by dealing out retribution to whistleblowers and activists.  They torture, rape and experiment especially on older, single women who comprise 70% of targeted individuals- while they hide to create all that amounts to as the perfect military weapon.

The Network/Collective and their experimenters, gangstalkers and invisibility suited cowards exhibit massive betrayal of their human spirit.   The spirit created in God’s image.  They betray their honor; integrity and courage.   Their choice of employment is an absolute indication of the fear they have for all of life.  Targeting innocent people has to do with grown men and women attempting to become powerful by annihilating those that are actually self-empowered.   Everyone who is ‘soft-killing’ targeted individuals will have to look God in the eye.

Below is Archangel Michael.  This angel, and other angels actually exist.  As  does God.  Everything on earth is temporary.  The concept of eternity cannot be comprehended by the human mind.   Just as technology can never hide any being from God.   Hades is the biggest prison system in all creation.  Once a being is sent to Hades, the ability to reincarnate, transform, or ‘rise again’ is no longer an option.  What will God do about the beings taking God’s greatest gift of ‘free will‘ from humankind?

God, being God can do whatever God wants; which has nothing to do with what our limited perception of love knows or understands.

Guess we will find out.

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Thank you dear God for everything exactly the way it is today. Thank you God for bringing the Network into the light for justice and bringing the Network down to conquer them. I love you dear God. Thank you God for guiding, and protecting family, friends, territories, tools, vehicles, animals, plants and me. So be it. Amen

red tulip

Continuing with ex-Security Industry Specialists, Inc. (SIS) security/gangstalker testimony: : “I can speak personally for myself and I can speak personally for the people I worked with at SIS.  When you do first find out what is going on you are disgusted by it.  You cannot believe that this is what’s going on there.  There is almost a very quick, almost a peer pressure induced acceptance of it that causes you to say -you know- “This is pretty cool.”  And I’m just being flat out honest here about the psychology that’s going on within these people’s minds.  It’s pretty cool.  We’re part of the group.  We’re part of the massive army of people that is going to be OK no matter what.  Because we’re on the right side of this.” 

Because we’re the people with all the power.  We’re the people with ties to the intelligence agencies.  We’re the people with ties to the government.  We’re the people that are going to be okay no matter what.” 

Continuing with ex-Security Industry Specialists, Inc. (SIS) security/gangstalker testimony: : “I can speak personally for myself and I can speak personally for the people I worked with at SIS.  When you do first find out what is going on you are disgusted by it.  You cannot believe that this is what’s going on there.  There is almost a very quick, almost a peer pressure induced acceptance of it that causes you to say -you know- “This is pretty cool.”  And I’m just being flat out honest here about the psychology that’s going on within these people’s minds.  It’s pretty cool.  We’re part of the group.  We’re part of the massive army of people that is going to be OK no matter what.  Because we’re on the right side of this.” 

Because we’re the people with all the power.  We’re the people with ties to the intelligence agencies.  We’re the people with ties to the government.  We’re the people that are going to be okay no matter what.” 

Continuing with ex-SIS gangstalker testimoney:  “This is, this is horrible stuff that is  being done to people.  And so you have to understand the psychological aspect that goes into convincing gangstalkers and people that are part of the program to do what they’re doing.  It is a very impactful psychological operation that is run against gangstalkers themselves and people that participate in the program.  It is just as advanced if not more so than the psychological program that is run against TIs.   It absolutely is.”

And so what you have is this very intense psychological program that’s run.  In fact one of the things that I’m not sure people are aware of, but I’m trying to cover this on my site because I have direct knowledge of it.  Hive minds, Voice to Skull, motion manipulation, behavior modification technology is being used against the gangstalkers themselves.  And against people in the program.  And is being used to assist them in doing their job.”

Specifically to take away their conscious.  Specifically to take away their empathy and their sympathy for caring for your fellow human being- (this) does not enter into the decision-making process.

Ex-Security Industry Specialists, Inc. testimony continues:   “And so the exact same process.  And so the exact same thing is done within the program-within a Voice to Skull, gangstalking program.   And it is done not only by peer pressure and direct training.  It is also handled by the technology that can manipulate the people’s emotions.  To turn off empathy and sympathy and love and care and compassion.  And to turn on what I call the mercenary hired gunmen mentality.  And the reward for going along with this is you get to be part of the social group.”

Look at the TI and how isolated they are.  Look at how horrible their life is.  Look at how sad it is.  And every time I think about it, I start to choke up.  It’s so overwhelming.  My heart just naturally goes out to these people and I want to help them.  But when you’re the gangstocker under the influence of this technology.  And under the influence of the peer pressure.  And everything else.  You don’t feel that.  And if you do the technology is going to take it right out of your system.”

But look at the TI- how isolated they are.  You’re (gangstalker) not going to be isolated like that.  Because you’re one of us.  These are your people.  Look around at all the other gangstalkers.  Look around at the military and the intelligence services of the United States of America.  Look at the local and state police.  Look at the social workers.  THESE ARE OUR PEOPLE.

You can date anyone of these women that you want.  You can date anyone of these men that you want.  Heck, we’ll help you hook up.  You can come and party with us, and go out to dinner.  And do all the things that people do together.”

Ex-gangstalker from SIS speaks:  “And that TI can’t.  That TI can’t because of X, Y and Z.   That TI can’t because he’s on the wrong side of this.  You’re very, very lucky to be on the right side and don’t you ever do anything to mess it up.  Because you will end up right where that TI is.  You’re not going to be one of us anymore.  You’re going to be isolated.  You’re going to be gangstalked.  You’re going to be tortured 24 hours a day by the most horrific technology ever conceived by the mind of man.  And you are going to die.  Grow old and die alone.   And unfortunately you know.   I’m now- I’m saying that- I had a self-realization moment.  I mean that’s exactly what’s happening with me.   And I can totally and completely understand how that is a very, very effective strategy to get people to go along with being a gangstalker.  And to help cover up this program.”

The entire point of this social engineering program that has been researched and developed for decades now.  The full intent within the program; everything that’s planned going forward.   The day to day attitude of all the people is that this program is going to be rolled out nationwide.  And it will become the norm.   Every man, woman, and child in America will be under the influence of this technology.  Every man, woman and child in America will be one decision away from having gangstalkers turned against them.  And the people making these decisions of course they’re not answerable to the American people.”

“They were not elected.  They did not pass any test.  Or go through any gates of admissions, or initiations or to prove that they’re worthy to have this responsibility.  THEY JUST MAKE THE DECISION- AND YOU’RE A TI.   And that’s it.”     –From Builder Rejecteds Silent Holocaust: Gangstalking & V2K Testimony by Private Security Whistleblower published Oct. 20, 2017.  Builder Rejected notes:  “Silent Holocaust — the whistleblower wanted to remain anonymous, at least as far as this interview.  I’m not sure why, though he has a lawyer and is pursuing litigation…  Gang stalking, voice-to-skull and silent hypnosis are real… “

In a book by a former FBI agent-  surveillance today is done with ‘families’ (parents and 2.5 children)  moved into ‘neighborhoods’ to watch ‘persons of interest’, i.e. targeted individuals.   When Brandon R. and Stephanie N. Urich (above) and their  three children had family and friends over in the red brick rental on the corner of Portland and Campbell… just to the south of me- yhe whole house DEW unite was always turned off.  (Brandon really wanted the name of the book written by ex-FBI.)   Guess that is how books get banned. 

The whole house electromagnetic energy weapon unit continually shakes dust from ceilings, cracking walls and torturing pets and person.   It produced readable danger levels of magnetic frequency at all times.   Causing tremors, racing heart, whites of eyes colored pink, loss of eyesight, damage to liver and kidneys, blood in urine, shaking, sizzling internally…)  This unite was always turned off when the Urich’s had a party.  When the last of Urich’s guests left the driveway between our two houses… the DEW whole house energy weapon was turned back on.

One day after one of their parties, had courage to go over and talk with Brandon R. Urich.  We spoke on the porch of his rental for an hour.   Let him know- that I had not gone to the press for help about the the electrocution with electromagnetic weapons that started three months earlier at my home.  And  how it magically stopped when he had parties.  (Up until that point Brandon was looking down the entire conversation.  When I mentioned the press he suddenly looked up and said he know he knew where my family lived.)  That was back in 2016.

Below are two images of a healthy persons electromagnetic energy body.  The first image is a ‘well’ frequency of a human’s electromagnetic pulse.  The second picture shows a person’s disrupted EMP.  We are all energy.

Thank you dear God for everything exactly the way it is today.  Thank you dear God for bringing the Network into the light for justice and bringing the Network down to conquer them.  We love you dear God.  We thank you dear God.   So be it.  Amen.

Continuing with SIS gangstalker/security whistleblower:  “There is a precedent I will say that I’m aware of for hiring people that displayed a certain moral ambiguity concerning certain issues.  For example within certain private security companies in the Seattle area there are a lot of ex-LAPD.  In fact when the Rodney King riots went down and a lot of the scandals went on in Los Angeles.  The LAPD went through several stages of reform.  And anybody from LA of course will remember this.  And the people that were forced out of LAPD ended up almost exclusively going to work for private security companies.  So you can imagine the types of characters that ended up in private security companies when the LAPD didn’t want them anymore.  

Also people that have criminal backgrounds are often coveted for gangstalking type of assignments.  The reason for this is that they do not mind obviously mistreating other people.  They have what could be called a criminal mentality.  But it’s also important to note that despite the unsavory characters that are within this.  The entire point of it, is a hands-off policy.  And this is very, very evil the way they’re doing this.  So I mean- not in any way defending them.  I’m making the opposite point. 

The hands-off policy is in place by private security companies.  And gangstalkers; the federal government; and everybody else involved in this –specifically to have the excuse to say, “We didn’t actually physically harm this person.  We never struck them.  We never shot them.  We hit them.  We never did any physical harm to them.”

So everything that’s done by this program is meant to have a psychological effect.  And the psychological effect is meant to compliment the effect that the technology is having on the individual.  So that they are brought to a place in their life where they are isolated.  They’re broke; they’re unemployed; they have no family; they have no friends.   And nobody in the general public can track or trace anything that’s being done to them because the technology is remote.  And its wireless and there’s usually no physical signs left on the individual that anything is being done to them.

And the interaction with gangstalkers within the community:  There is no physical evidence that any gangstalking ever went on.  They are specifically instructed you know- “Do not slash anyone’s tires.  Don’t- you know- vandalize their house.”  That is not the point of the program.  The point of the program is to have maximum psychological effect.  And leave the minimal amount of evidence.  And so you can see how this hands-off policy – and this is a standard term that used within the private security industry.  In terms of what security guards and security personnel (are) supposed to do in terms of a threat.  You are supposed to maintain a hands-off policy at all costs.  Until you absolutely must enter being physical… with use of force.    And so that’s kind of like an industry term that’s been adopted by gangstalkers as a hands off policy against the TI.

So that when that person ends up in a hospital or ends up physically deteriorated.  They can’t turn around and blame the gangstalkers because they were never quote-unquote ‘touched’ or physically harmed by them.  Even though all of the harm that is done to TI’s is done by the gangstalkers; its’ done by the federal government that enforces this program.   And it’s done by the technology

And therefore the gangstalkers; the technology; and the federal government is liable and responsible 100% for everything that’s been done to the TI.  Nobody advertises you know on Craigslist that, “We’re hiring you to harass and torture people.”  It’s just not done.”  Will continue again at 41:17 minutes.  This transcript is made from YouTube By Builder Rejected: ‘Gang Stalking and V2K Testimony by Private Security Whistleblower’ Oct. 14, 2017.

In Los Angeles, California 1928, Christine Collins may have been singled out as one of the first targeted individuals.    Collin’s son- nine year old Walter- went missing.  The news carried nationwide and untold letters were sent in support of Collins.  People were told by the LAPD that they investigated one hundred leads to no avail.    But some in the U.S.  believed that the LAPD did not try hard enough, Collins was one.  Below photos of Christine Collins and her son Walter:

Christine_Collins stood up to the LAPD    3_16_1928_walter-collins- picture from LA Police Daily Bulletin of March 16 1928

With such bad publicity it was with a relief after five months, the LAPD organized a public reunion with Collins and her son.  Christine paid for Walter to be brought to Los Angeles from DeKalb, Illinois where he was found.  The LAPD decided to hype the return for their own benefit.

However when the police presented the child to his mother, Christine Collins had the strength to say “I do not think that is my boy.”  The LAPD officer in charge, police Captain J.J. Jones said to take her son home.    Captain J.J. Jones said, “Try him out for a couple of weeks.”  Standing in front of national news reporters and cameras, Collins agreed but never once believed the child was Walter.

In 1928 gambling, prostitution, and bootlegging were supported by rogue members of the LAPD and local politicians who did not want any kind of bad publicity.

When Collins brought forth dental records showing the boy was not her son, Captain J.J. Jones committed Christine Collins to a psychiatric ward in Los Angeles County Hospital.   Captain J.J. Jones was very angry with Collins because she brought forth the dental records.  Jones told Collins she only wanted to humiliate the Los Angeles police. 

Captain J.J. Jones was so angry in fact, that the good police officer enacted the Los Angeles, California “Code 12.”  Whereby anyone could be put in jail or committed to a mental hospital who the policedeemed difficult or an inconvenience.” 

The child then admitted he was not Walter.   Below runaway, Arthur Hutchins, Jr:

the runaway pretending to be Walter

After ten days, Christine Collins was released from the psychiatric ward.  She filed a lawsuit not only against the LAPD, but Captain J.J. Jones.  Jones was told to pay $10,800.  He never paid a dime.  J.J. Jones’ only punishment was being suspended from the LAPD without pay for four months.

In the end it was found that Walter Collins was sexually molested and murdered by Gordon Northcott.  Murdered like two other children before him; Lewis and Nelson Winslow; and an unidentified person of Mexican heritage.   Later the LAPD admitted that over twenty children in all had been murdered.  It was Sarah Northcott, Gordon’s mother who confessed to helping with the murders.  Sarah was sentenced to life at San Quentin for Walter’s murder and died there of old age.   Her son was hanged at San Quentin on Oct. 2, 1930.  Though another man Sanford Clark – a nephew of Sarah’s was involved- he only spent time in reform school.


Poem:   “So what is it about the earth?  We create our story on the other side with God before coming here.  Is that story called fate?  Do few humans practice what is called free will because most prefer to go along with their story?   Fate.  Why then would governments, militaries, private companies and the wealthy be so interested in obstructing free will?  These digital stories, dots on screen, embedded in fate.  Ingrained into the fabric of a frequency called third dimension.  When fate is changed does it really cause such fear to those in power who would kill to keep stories the same?   What is it we are not supposed to know?  Why can we only come here with a story?  Whoever dares to live truth can go beyond their fate.  Do those practicing free will know of their impact on others and the Earth?  God bless them anyway.   After all how many give back to Mother Earth?   Who are destroying her?  Are they human?  Who are those poisoning the water, human?  If so, how could they treat their Mother that way?   With free will anything is possible.  Perhaps that is why mind control and behavioral modification via remote, covert frequency and brain computer interface eventually kills anyone using their free will, their freedom of the press and their freedom of speech.  A friend said that this blog site was treasonous.  Thought I was just another patriot using my country’s constitutional freedoms and God’s greatest gift… free will.   What are my crimes?  Writing diaries and poems in journals; speaking to a friend on the telephone; participating in an anti-nuclear peace-walk at Calloway Nuclear Unit in Missouri 30 years ago before it was built; sitting on two city committees to stop illegal research on pesticide’s sprayed on city sidewalks and university grounds in Fayetteville, Arkansas opposite Monsanto; and posting 4 poems on the internet in 2008 about the three buildings demolished with explosives on 911; including one poem about chemtrails.  I don’t believe my words are treasonous, but truthful.  I have never broken the law.   My crime is changing stories with truth.” 

daffodills and snow

You must make injustice visible.  An eye for an eye- making the whole world blind.”  -Gandhi.

Thank you dear God for everything exactly the way it is today. Thank you God for bringing the Network into the light for justice and bringing the Network down to conquer them. I love you dear God. Thank you God for guiding, and protecting family, friends, territories, tools, vehicles, animals, plants and me. So be it. Amen

TIs Speak Up and Microwave Attacks

on-kitchen-counter-do-not-own-microwave.jpg Photos of dangerous, high levels of directed microwave weapon attack in home that is without a microwave appliance or near electricity in kitchen.  -This extremely high microwave attack of home, pets and person occurred after posting blog:   About SIS (Specialized Investigative Solutions) whistleblower in Highlandville; MO at a gangstalker national headquarters.  And Mike Norris’ targeted at movie premier of Amerigeddon- a movie about US satellite based EMP weapons knocking out entire U.S. power grid so martial law can be imposed.

Below photo on left of directed magnetic attack in danger zone at kitchen sink (going on while directed microwave attack also evident).  Photo on right shows vacant rental house directed microwave attack danger levels on front porch- which means the whole-house DEW unit is inside this vacant house projecting microwaves into my home of 23 years.  This is first time microwave weapon attack in home was able to photograph.  Usually microwave attack only occurs during hand-held DEW targeting at night when EMF raped.

mganetic-waves-stilll-danger-level  microwaves-coming-from-vacant-home-high-as-mine-is-this-from-device-in-vacant-home-or-satellite.jpg

Today went to church late service.  Below is photo of just one of three different police cars and two ambulance that escorted my car after getting out of the Catholic church mass, in Springfield, MO to to to library.  When courageous enough to take out camera to photograph police, they switched lanes immediately.

Below is a testimony taken over the phone of one woman targeted with directed microwave weapons spot specific on her body:

TI- “On Tuesday night April 10, 2018 was horribly attack with directed energy weapons.  -One of the worst  DEW remote rape-torture episodes endured in past two years.  Had forgotten to put copper ear coils in before going to bed.  DEW attacks came from above  accompanied by footsteps heard on roof.  Then heard a heavy device dragged on shingles.  Afterwards assaulted with directed microwave weapon that injured- causing  burns and extreme heat over lower half of body and on breasts.  This heat is of a most intense temperature higher than any fever experience in decades of life.”

targetedartist- “How did you deal with the injuries incurred from remote DEW attack?”

TI-  “Woke up next morning with physical burns in and on urethra and vagina.   Extreme pain while urinating which smelled like the urine bags of really sick people in hospital.  Urine pink and cloudy for 2-3 days.  Was also unable to defecate for two days after this attack, stomach hurt for same amount of time.   During directed microwave weapon attack causing remote-rape could not move for hours, due to MU wave.  Was able to get up at 4am but so injured and exhausted went back to bed where whole body EMF weapon attack with DEW’s continued until rising at 7am.  Forced to leave home for my health, though barely able to get out of bed from sleepless night of DEW attack.”  -Thank you TI for your bravery in reporting the crimes of DEW targeting.

 Many women TIs are DEW remotely rapedOne Targeted Individual Sherri M. Guarnieri was interviewed by Ramola D. in ‘The Concerned EveryDay Citizen’ of 8-21-17:

Guarnieri: The sexual assault was daily and for hours and days on end… No, no one cared. I was being forcefully burned on my rectal, vagina, abdominal area with abusive frequency hitting my ears…   The Secret Service visit came a year after me living in New Mexico. They came making accusations and misleading my neighbors and employer with on-the-spot interviews. My neighbors rejected their false accusations..”    -Quote of Guarnieri, from Ramola D.’s post 8-21-2017The EveryDay Concerned Citizen.   -Thank you Guarnieri and Ramola D.

Many women who are TIs report that they are nightly DEW attacked.   Another TI told me that they are “Usually only EMF remote-raped on weekends.”  

Last Monday, April 9, 2018 –  sent a hard-copy report with signature confirmation and tracking to the U.S. Department of Justice Criminal Division, Washington D.C. on Monday- April 9, 2-18 to the attention of John P. Cronan.  Regarding DEW targeting, MO Attorney General assistance and actions of Springfield, MO SPD.  (Two attempts to send same report via emails were not traceable in computer at the Department of Justice Criminal Division in Washington, D.C. though the emails are photographed as having been sent to same location from my ‘sent’ file.)

As a targeted individual living in Springfield, MO what have I done to deserve such inhumane, cruel and unusual, criminal actions?  Have never broken the law; have never been arrested or incarcerated in mental institution; have always been a good neighbor, ethical, hard worker, am a patriot, bill-paying, voting, and peaceful U.S. citizen.  Why then was I categorized as a ‘person of interest’ in my first ever  Police incident report for asking Captain Pennington of the Fire Department for a free safety home inspection with Geiger counter and EMF reader to discern what form and where radiation and/or “electric current running through my home” originated?  Have owned own home for twenty two years without incident before DEW attacks began happening in June of 2016.   It was Captain Pennington who called police to have me investigated because wanted a free home safety inspection.

Harassment, intimidation, invasion of privacy, violation of HIPAA law, and human rights violations are not legal processes of investigation or ‘protecting and serving’ residents even when public servants do them.   No municipal authority preventing fires; or law enforcement agency in the United States should condone them.  Furthermore if a law-abiding resident who was mentally-ill asked for assistance from DEW targeting saying ‘an electric current running through home…” does the SPD and Fire Department condone prejudice against mentally ill constituents being criminally attacked?

Are targeted individuals experiencing the same ‘blame the victim’ mentally the US legal system went through in past decades with rape victims?

Some TIs report that when they DEW attacked their internal organs shake and they literally sizzle, just like meat being cooked in a microwave oven.

Are hand-held DEWs used on the rooftops to attack targeted individuals- by humans wearing invisibility suits? (See March 14, 2016 “Military ‘invisibility cloaks’ could breach Geneva conventions” by The Guardian– the only news agency to come out against this technology…  “Invisibility cloaks” and other future advances in military camouflage techniques could violate the Geneva conventions, a top military lawyer has warned.”)


Thank you dear God for everything exactly the way it is today. Thank you God for bringing the Network into the light for justice and bringing the Network down to conquer them. I love you dear God. Thank you God for guiding, and protecting family, friends, territories, tools, vehicles, animals, plants and me. So be it. Amen