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Continuing with the 1989 “Infinite Mind, the Science of Human Vibrations” by Dr. Valerie V. Hunt.   Regarding psychic phenomenon energy fields in the human brain.  “Remember that channeling occurs at a soul level, not at the level of physical beings, and we must not become emotionally dependent on a personality that doesn’t exist on this level… Remember, we decode information visually, auditorily, and olfactorily, which means that we can see, hear, or smell the information.”

How do psychics learn what they know to give advice to people seeking assistance? “Returning to telepathic knowing, psychics glean historical information from the static fields of people’s rings, clothing, and possessions with varying degrees of credibility. If the owner is present, the psychics say that reading inert objects is much easier because of his active thoughts.” 

As far as energy fields of children who are psychic?   Hunt- “When channeling information, the children seemed to emit light quanta and electrical waves that could be picked up by special biodetectors… The value lies in the clear-cut examples of the human capacity to experience higher consciousness.”

Hunt explained ‘talking’ with unborn children. “Only the thoughts are necessary- the baby understands. Communication with the unborn doesn’t make sense if the mind is in a brain that is not yet developed. But it makes perfect sense when we know that the mind is non-material, and that it is perfectly developed when the soul enters the fetus.”

A study in Africa with lions and zebras underscored silent communications for Hunt. She watched intently the interaction of animals. Lion prides -gorged on food- were sound asleep in the sun, while zebras stood grazing.   Hunt- “Suddenly, the zebra became alerted. As a group, broke into a gallop to escape. A few minutes after they had gone, the lions awoke and started their hunting prowl. According to our African naturalist, the lions had broadcast their intent to kill and eat again even before they awoke. What a subtle agreement between predator and prey!”

good-friend- Mr. White hat didn't go in cafe entrance but walked around for me to see arriving

What about creativity?   Creativity is telepathic Hunt believes.   Especially using  emotions. “During strong emotional states, one moves rapidly away from material things and body-self reality into higher consciousness, the consciousness of the creative process and mysticism… energy fuels creative acts and thoughts.”   Hunt- “Affective emotional disturbances… are legion among highly creative individuals.” And, “These disturbances stimulate a partial escape into an altered state. To create, opens one to the deepest levels of altered states.”

She writes,  “The remote sense of sight, hearing, and smell come closest to bridging physical reality with the creative state. Material reality dissolves into the real nature of the cosmos, a world of vibrating energy fields and resonances. Transcendent states carry experiences of worlds or tonal symbols, odors or essences, and pictures or graphic shapes. When these experiences occur, humans want to speak about them, write them, paint or compose them- to give their experiences material reality… During my years of university teaching, I was aware that our society and educational systems have helped to stifle creativity.”

The author notes, “The capacity to create remains a strong but unachieved educational goal because we have sought creativity through technique… When you think an original thought or you create a novel object, whether this sprang from an evolving idea or from sudden insight, you have manipulated old information in new ways. This is the highest level of thought. While these created ideas may be simple, the creative thought process was not. Skill in this process separates out the geniuses.”

“But the interesting thing about the creative process is that it occurs when your mind is free and your brain in on automatic pilot, idling, so to speak, doing routine reflex work… One trusts the process of higher creative thought, accepting that low level striving is not needed; involvement in routine tasks helps. The brain wave will drift into alpha, an idling state and free the mind to soar. Some people use self-hypnosis ritually to calm the brain-talk so that the mind-field can think. And, as the mind-field is activated, telepathic knowing escalates, bringing in rich, unknown information from other fields.”

Creative thought Hunt writes, comes out of increased energy fields of “strength and frequency spectra, almost to the state of chaos, before new and finer organization takes place… a no-man’s-land where chaos and stability pull in opposite directions. It can be likened to the period when an element is passing from a solid state to a gaseous one.”   Hunt quotes Lewin- “The state of being at the edge of chaos describes an eminently creative or universal consciousness where information seems to have a life of its own.”

Dr. Valerie Hunt records that, “While some gifted, creatively free individuals increase in skill with age, the shocking fact remains that statistically, creativity decreases with age… Children age five have 100% of their creative capacity. By age seven their creativity has decreased 50%. And by 40 years of age, creativity is reduced to 1% of one’s capacity.”

Hunt wonders if this is because, “… as we age, we become less tolerant of the feelings, instability and uncertainty of teetering on the creative edge of chaos.”   And IQ scores are not related to creativity.   “Descriptions of the different phases of creative states… also describe aspects of higher consciousness.”

real-good-friend someone-who-works-at-night friend another friend

Hunt- “During higher consciousness, when the mind-field is in touch with other fields… The “will” sets the course, then gets out of the driver’s seat. We are continuously amazed that the “I” doesn’t seem to be involved. The creative act is somehow illuminated when personality isn’t.”

The author believes, “Creativity is a magical synthesis… we may have difficulty understanding that they happened so simply. Often we see mystical truths revealed.”

What our culture believes is important, all the factual information and rational logical thinking Hunt documents actually skirts the “mind-field where creativity resides.”   Emotions are most important to live a creative life, or a life of higher consciousness, she notes.   Though society holds in high esteem people exhibiting robot, or machine-like qualities of non-emotion.

Hunt found it interesting that, “When the normal brain wave frequency lowered to alpha or theta, imagination catapulted… The mind-field data became stronger with a wider frequency range, as a repository of the soul’s learnings flooded the awareness.”

“When studies attribute creative thought to the increased alpha waves that do in fact occur during creativity, they are in error. The alpha state coexists with creativity, but is not its cause. The alpha state means that the brain is quiet, out of the way, so that the mind-field can… provide a broader vision.”

Hunt writes that, “... creative people under ordinary circumstances create fewer alpha waves than non-creative people, but when assigned a creative task, they produce more than the non-creative ones. They move into higher consciousness states and are more disturbed by strong sensory stimuli like loud noises, bright lights or strong odors… The brain is basically not a creative, thinking machine; that is the mind-field which scans for new information connections and does the lateral thinking.”

Hunt- “When intense creative urges have taken their course, one generally wishes to return to material reality. Unfortunately, we have accepted the limitations of mind and body set forth by psychology, physiology and medicine, and by experience we have innately confirmed these norms of human capacity. Let us not confuse the limitations of material flesh with the infinite aspects of the mind. Conscious transferring and decoding of thought- what has occurred, what occurs, and what is to occur, I believe is the capacity of all people who choose to be truly human. Such an explanation of the creative nature of man describes his ascent, his evolution.”  -Amen sister.

Thank you to Dr. Valerie V. Hunt.  Will continue with “Infinite Mind” in another post.

friend-always-around friendly friend3

Thank you dear God for everything exactly the way it is today.  Thank you dear God for bringing the Network Collective into the light for justice and for bringing the Network Collective down to conquer them.  God bless my family, friends, our territories, tools, vehicles, animals, plants and me.  Thank you dear God, we love you dear God.  It is so, so be it.  Amen.

mother mary


poinsettia So thankful for everything God.

Visited a friend in St. Louis, who always shares Thanksgiving with me.  She is unaware of my status as a targeted individual- and would not believe me if told her.

On the way to her apartment traveled east without incident on Hwy 44 until suddenly a beige vehicle tailgated three feet from my bumper for eight miles at 65 MPH.  Truckers were craning their necks to look at what was happening.  So I took a good look in side mirror and realized what I thought was a luggage rack on roof- was actually an emergency light bar on some ‘law enforcement‘ vehicle.  At 65 MPH in a marked 70-40 MPH stretch was not breaking any laws traveling in the right lane.   Interestingly when took out camera and aimed it at rearview mirror for photos below, the ‘law-enforcement’ vehicle backed off –but would not go away.   Finally put on the right blinker and moved off road.  From there got a good picture of my new friend.  Sheriff 339-SD.

rear view mirror photo tailgating cop  rearview mirror of tailgating cop  First photo did not turn out, but person saw and backed off.  By second photo about six feet away at 65 MPH.  By second photo farther back still.   Have a Virgin Mary decal on window.

sheriff tailgated over ten miles.jpg car 339-SD Pull my car over and Sheriff 339-SD speeds by.

exited couple miles away at Buckhorn sped ahead and turned off couple exits away Sheriff exits soon at Buckhorn.

exited at Buckhorn Interestingly on the return trip tired, and had to get coffee at one point.  Saw the sign for Buckhorn right about then and thought it best to continue to Stoutland, MO.   There parked at a small gas station and went inside for coffee.   Back in car, noticed the same 17 year old white boy still walking his dog in front of my car that had a big tumor on its hind leg.  Blessed them both in my mind as a prayerBut now another man was with the boy.   And both were smiling oddly.  Actually wondered WHAT they were smiling about before pulling back onto Hwy 44 west.  A mile later understood their smiles when I had to pull off the road a to fix both side mirrors.  One mirror was pulled back against vehicle and altered, the other was just aimed at the ground.   Can only adjust side mirrors manually.

Evidently Sheriff 339-SD, has good friends.

Below are photos of EMF unit readings during two days in the St. Louis apartment of my friend.  Taken while she was making a trip to the store.  Danger levels of magnetic radiation were coming from the apartments underneath and around hers:

danger levels of magnetic radiation against running furnace On Nov. 23, 2018- danger magnetic 5, set on 0-3 range.  Up against running furnace in friends apartment in St. Louis, MO …

off chart danger level of magnetic radiation on dining room table But the dangerous Magnetic 7, set on 0-3 range two points higher is registered at my friend’s dining room table.  Those ‘neighbors’ using the directed microwave, radio wave, magnetic wave weapons knew from through-wall-radar that I took photos of EMF readings…  because next day all levels were reduced.

reading paper on dining table danger level 6 Next day, Magnetic 6 at same table.

danger level 6 magnetic radiation on front door knob Magnetic 6 on door knob facing hall Nov. 23, 2018.

day later went from danger magnetic 6 to 4.5 on front door knob Next day magnetic 4.5 same door knob.

danger levels of magnetic radiation on dining room chair Magnetic 7 on 0-3 range on dining room chair Nov. 23, 2018.

day later down two danger level points on dining room chair Next day magnetic 5 on same chair.

danger levels of magnetic radiation against wall of apartment Magnetic 7 against wall on back of sofa Nov. 23, 2018.

against apartment wall magnetic danger 5 Next day magnetic 5 on back of same sofa against wall.  -FYI the towers on computers at the Springfield, MO Library Center register magnetic 1.5 in comparison.

The person putting me up for three days over Thanksgiving, drove us to join other friends at a public gardens in St. Louis.  Where two men followed everywhere.

man at botanical garden st. louis who followed wherever we went and targeted this man followed wherever we went also and sat behind us recording conversation with phone in conservation area.jpg  These two cowards used DEWs.

chemtrails at St. Louis Chemtrails above public gardens.   When friends and I left a garden dome to walk outside on a lovely day, a helicopter (from Mississippi River tourist-pad)  did two flyovers, circling repeatedly in broad daylight above where we walked:

circled repeatedly  yellow chopper from river front available for flyovers at botanical garden minute we walked outside

fly off and came back.jpg Flew off.   back again circling  Back again.

circled repeatedly and then left Then finally flew away.

Inside the garden visitor center we decided to view a special Christmas exhibit before the public gardens closed.   A big man (below) exited an ’employees only’ door to stand – as if on guard.  He never moved for almost twelve minutes.  (No one in the group of friends I was with- knows that there are any targeted individuals- or even what is done to TIs.  None of my friends know there is a program to brain computer interface U.S. citizens who understand and abide by the laws of our great nation, but who know of corporations and governments guilty of crimes.)

stepped out of employees only door and stood guard.jpg still turned away stood as if statue.jpg

This is how my eyes looked every morning waking up in friend’s apartment:

dark circles, red eye,m accentuated wrinkles   horrible night.jpg  In St. Louis, MO endured non-stop directed microwave weapons attacks (it was thirty degrees outside and had to completely open a guest bedroom window from heat, though friend keeps apartment cool.)  The directed microwave weapons attacks were specifically centered on lower stomach, causing extreme pain in organs there- for three days.   (Interestingly when visiting another friend in a southern state, the targeting is only on my skull.  After visiting with him, cannot finish sentences or remember words, due to concussive injuries to brain.  -Just like the brain concussions suffered in what our government State Department officials term ‘health attacks’ from directed microwave, radio wave and acoustic weapons used against U.S. Cuban and Chinese diplomats.)  It takes over a month to recover.

trees and more trees At Lone Elk Park outside St. Louis, MO.

friendanother friendreal good friendchiefsomeone-who-works-at-nightmanager-of-safety-and-security-operations-at-the-national-headquarters

Thank you sweet God for everything exactly the way it is today.  Thank you dear God for bringing the Network Collective into the light for justice and bringing the Network Collective down God to conquer them.  Thank you dear God for protecting, loving and guiding family, friends, territories, tools, vehicles, our animals, plants and me.  I love you God.  I thank you God. So be it.  It is so.  Amen.

mother mary  I’m so thankful for you.

Returning to Dr. Valerie V. Hunt’s 1989 ‘Infinite Mind; The Science of Human Vibrations.’  -A book every targeted individual should own.  Chapter seven ‘Telepathic Knowing: The Transfer of Thought’  Dr. Hunt continues her research on human energy fields.  In the 1960’s Hunt was one of the few women professors to be tenured.  She held a B.A. in Biology and an M.A. in Science from Columbia University.  Made a  Professor Emeritus at UCLA.  She authored four books by the time of her death. In the Malibu Times of July 20, 2011 in ‘The Locals’ column journalist Catalina Wrye, interviewed Hunt, “For much of her life, Hunt has researched the existence of human energy fields.”  Wrye reports her area of research- “… the relationship between energy field disturbances, disease, emotional pathologies, human field communication and the energy spectrum of consciousness…”

In the 1960’s Dr. Hunt’s students commanded that regular curriculum be abandoned and the class research phenomenon concerning energy fields in humans.  The rest is history.  Last checked, the book, ‘Infinite Mind’ was out of print.  It is the most honest scientific understanding of the Image of Godhumans were created in.  –Which is why humans are targeted and cerebrally hacked.  By the 1980’s after twenty years of research, Dr. Hunt’s book was published.  She died February 15, 2014 at age 97.

Dr. Hunt was first and foremost a scientist.  After beginning human bio-energy research, Hunt  attempted and was successful at her own pioneering efforts at telepathy: or mind to mind thought communications.  -For those who do not know telepathy is the God-made-prototype of the man-made brain computer interface machine that cerebrally hacks targeted individuals today.   -The patents for such  machines are listed throughout this blog site.  Our world’s wealthy, their governments, militaries and private individuals funded by government agencies have invested much taxpayer monies in BCI and V2K (Voice of God weapons) since the end of WWII.

Hunt writes- “Telepathic communication of thought requires decoding and bringing to awareness information held in frequency codes.  While philosophers are concerned with thought as reason, I am more interested in higher thought as a mystical process “  Ever the scientist, Hunt next records, “Thought is an organized field of energy composed of complex patterns of vibrations which consolidate information.  If the accompanying emotional energy is strong, the field is energetic and integrated…. If one uses auditory memory skills to decode an information field, one hears sounds or voices.  If one translates thoughts through visual memory, one sees pictures or print.  And if one processes vibratory information via olfactory or kinesthetic memory, one smells odors or has a motion sensation.  If one somehow integrates all these, one knows…  the field never sleeps; sleep belongs to the brain.”

Hunt’s first experimentation with telepathy ended with her realization that manipulation of another humans’ mind is wrong.  At the time she had a roommate named Susie who snored and kept her awake at night.  “In exasperation, I sent her a telepathic thought: “Dear sweet and sensitive Susie, I love you , but you are keeping me awake.”  She stopped snoring immediately.”  Five minutes later Susie started snoring again.  “I somehow knew I had to get the cooperation of her higher consciousness.  “Dear sensitive Susie, I charge your mind to monitor your brain to keep you from snoring.”  And to my utter surprise, she stopped snoring for that and all ensuing nights.”

Hunt the scientist- “I was in awe… In some way I had intervened in the mind of another, had changed a behavior by my willful thought.  To me, that was exceedingly dangerous.  Seemingly out of nowhere came… “You will study the transfer of thought.”  Hunt replied, “Oh, no, I won’t that can be dangerous and manipulative.”  The other voice replied… “You will know the divine law as you grow in consciousness.”  This was my first conscious transfer of thought.  The words and thoughts had come from the higher reaches of my own mind… two levels of consciousness, generally separate, had fused.”


The seven major religions of the world teach thought origin. 

Buddha said, “The mind is everything.  What you think you become…  Nothing can harm you as your own thoughts unguarded… All that we are is the result of what we have thought.” 

Jesus of the Christian religion said, “Be in this world and not of the world.” -John 17:14-15 Bible.  

Allah the One God of Islam, in prophet Muhammad said, “The greatest Jihad (struggle) is to battle your own soul, to fight the evil within yourself… The greatest of wealth is the richness of the soul.” 

In the Hindu religion Lord Shiva said, “I am Shakti as well as Shiva.  I am everything male and female, light and dark, flesh and spirit.  Perfectly balanced in the one single moment lasting an eternity.”  

Yahweh the One God of Judaism said, “Let us make man in our image, after our likeness.” – Quote n4179 Torah.   

Sikhism’s Guru Nanak said, “God is beyond colour and form…  He is not accessible through intellect, or through mere scholarship or cleverness of argument... All impurity comes from doubt and attachment to duality.”  And the

New Age religion can best be summarized by U.S. medical doctor and herbalist, Deepak Chopra who said, “No matter how closely you examine the water, glucose, and electrolyte salts in the human brain, you can’t find the point where these molecules became conscious… To think is to practice brain chemistry… In the midst of movement and chaos, keep stillness inside of you… Meditation makes the entire nervous system go into a field of coherence.”  –The One God has Many Holy Names.

Hunt writes in ‘Infinite Mind’ that, “One’s thoughts, especially when amplified by intent or emotion, leave an imprint on matter, that is, will directs all energy.   Previous thought forms may remain as fields in places such as buildings, powerfully affecting susceptible people who resonate with them…   Thoughts, of course, are not material; they do not occupy space with size and weight, but each has its own energy pattern.  The gross energy may resemble a whirlpool, an octopus, an arrow, or a meandering stream.  It has space-shape like words do.  If it’s emotional strength is sufficient, it will travel any distance like the speed of light.  If decoded correctly- or even incorrectly- there is transfer of information.”

Hunt- “Infinite space belongs to field transactions.  In telecommunications, unseen, unheard and unsmelled essences come from infinite space where energy flows back and forth in patterns of interrelationships.”  

In extended energy field recordings, (from humans) we found dynamic shifts that may come from the energy fluctuations of thought waves themselves.  We know the frequencies of thoughts are neither consistent nor constant; they exist, cease to exist, and exist again, in a continuous on-and-off pattern.”  (Physicists note that all ‘reality’ blinks on and off every millisecond into the out of the matrix from where we originate… The matrix is a huge field of nothingness from which all energy comes out -discovered by Einstein who theorized that if there was a God, the matrix would be it.)

Hunt– “Because we know how powerfully we communicate through our thoughts, I suggest that we use them consciously and creatively to get help and information when we need it… Most thoughts never leave the auric field of their creator.  Only those firmly structured and vitalized by emotion have sufficient power to be broadcast.”

good friend another friend friend-on-job1 too close

friendly2 someone-who-works-at-night  friendly real-good-friend

With all due respect to the incoming Honorable MO Attorney General Eric Schmitt please note the questions to you below:

Do the SPD and FPD their Chief and Captain not know that directed microwave, radio wave and acoustic weapons exist; or that there are laws against these same weapons in UN conventions; and in the United States- in Michigan, Minnesota and Maine?

Question: Do our MO public servants seek to intimidate, harass and illegally medically diagnose law-abiding, voting, home-owning, tax paying Missourians enduring “health attacks” with directed energy weapons” instead of protecting and serving them?

Questions: With all the hoopla regarding labeling targeted individuals (why were the US Cuban and Chinese Diplomats labeled ‘mentally ill.’) If a mentally ill person were also a targeted individual, how does that change the way crimes are investigated. by public servants in law enforcement and in the fire department who are to protect and serve Missourians? Are the ‘mentally ill’ not guaranteed the same rights as the ‘mentally sane?’

Question: Can the incoming Honorable MO Attorney General Eric Schmitt change the profound ignorance Missouri public servants have about directed microwave, radio wave and acoustic weapons? -These directed energy weapons are named as “Weapons Of Mass Destruction” by the United Nations, and in the U.S. laws in Minnesota, Michigan and Maine that forbid their use.   -Thank you MO AG Eric Schmitt.

pumpkin-on-front-porch.jpg May your Thanksgiving be filled with good food, good people and  kind and loving conversation.  

Thank you God for everything exactly the way it is today.  Thank you God for bringing the Network Collective into the light for justice.  And thank you God for bringing the Network Collective down to conquer them.  Thank you God for protecting, loving and guiding my family, friends, our territories, tools, vehicles, animals, plants and me.  I love you God.  Thank you.  So be it, it is so.  Amen

MO Attorney General Eric Schmitt

schowengerdt.jpg Scientist Richard Schowengerdt inventor of the invisibility suit.

When first arrived at the library on Sunday in Springfield, MO it was stuffed full.  Three hours later, the area I was sitting in had four tables and every chair empty. 

Then a woman in khaki military coat, with a pony tail in her hair, had just sat down directly behind me with an iPad.  And suddenly a post I researched for three hours, disappeared…    No- you don’t have to sit directly behind a person to hack their public computer in a room of empty chairs and tables.   But the effect of intimidation is all part of how the Network Collective works. 

In Highlandville, MO thirty minutes away there is a headquarters for training  ‘gangstalkers’.  Gangstalkers hack and DEW-target visibly… to intimidate their subject.  When gangstalkers rent the house next to a TI then they can target from front porches, in cars in their drive way and through the walls of their rental house to the TIs home.  

Targeted individuals have patience, strength and bravery when out in public being DEW attacked by a  gangstalker in visibly making themselves known.  A TI can do absolutely nothing.   For no one would believe a TI if they pointed the person out.  Directed energy weapons are invisible.

One person recently, said sarcastically to me, “All targeted individuals think they are special.”  My first thought as we continued talking amicably at the Library Center was… ‘So it is special to be 24/7 ‘health attacked and murdered slowly day in and day out?

TIs are never supposed to show any emotion regarding what is happening to them, especially pain, sadness, frustration or anger.   Especially because what is happening to them is never acknowledged by law enforcement.  Even though what is happening to TIs is violent, invasive, torturous, and robs them of their freedom… there are only three states in the United States with laws against directed energy weapons: Minnesota, Maine and Michigan.  Without laws there can be no justice. 

God bless the Springfield, MO librarians who are most kind and professional.

flower.jpg  fish going to heaven.jpg  pumpkin patch.jpg

angels  peace mermaid roses.jpg

Am having the first art show at the Library Center in Springfield, MO since targeting with directed microwaves, radio waves and acoustic weapons started in 2016.  Above are a few of the personal and unfinished paintings was finally able to finish after three years.

tommy nerd Radio personality Tommy Nerd.

On Tommy Nerd’s public Facebook page he admits in a video, that he is wealthy enough to afford high-end surveillance cameras around his property, and security systems on and in his home.  –Which he notes most people cannot afford.   Tommy Nerd has evidence: on video Oct. 14, 2018 of invisibility materials and invisibility suited cowards on and around his property.  -Thank you so much Tommy Nerd for your bravery in publishing your evidence.  God bless you for your honesty.

On Tommy Nerds FB page he notes contacting scientist Richard Schowengerdt for his support.  Schowengerdt’s patent for an invisibility suit and invisible materials is from 1994 US Patent 5307162 by Richard Schowengerdt.

From public Facebook page “Tommy Nerd’ of October 14, 2018 an affidavit from inventor Schowengerdt for Bauerle is visible for all to see.  This affidavit is as important to targeted individuals as Missouri State Representative Jim Guest’s 2007 letter supporting TI James Walbert.

Tommy Nerd the Radio personality and musician documented publicly how he hired the best security firms money could buy to find out what was happening on his property.   Private Investigator Doug Hamann found, “… a multi-operative or large scale surveillance the likes of something I had never seen.”   When the first security team didn’t want to work for Tommy Nerd anymore.  He hired a second firm.  “A second PI team confirmed a “massive operation around my home, “.. a surveillance operation so big and sophisticated was taking place around my home that they wanted nothing more to do with assisting.” 

It is just my opinion, but I believe Tommy Nerd is a brave man.  On his FaceBook page:  At one point Tommy Nerd said perhaps it was his “... vehement opposition to NY governor Andrew Cuomo’s anti-gun law,” that caused the interest in him.  After Tommy Nerd spoke with Amherst Police called for assistance with intruders on his property… he willingly submitted to a psychiatric evaluation.  The psychiatrist released him 48 hours later.  On Tommy Nerd’s public FB page he write that the psychiatrist wrote, “‘What initially appeared to be a misunderstanding between Amherst Police and (Tommy Nerd) has continued in my professional opinion to be just that.  A misunderstanding.”  

But after the radio personality was released from psychiatric evaluation early because there was nothing wrong with him, the Buffalo Newspaper wrote a defamatory article about Tommy Nerd on January 8-9 2014.  

All Tommy Nerd’s evidence shown on his public FB page…  The documentation of invisibility suits and invisibility material photos, and surveillance videos were sent to inventor Schowengerdt.   After reviewing ALL of Bauerle’s information, scientist Schowengerdt swore to the following:

Schowengerdt's affidavit to Bauerle.jpg

Schowengerdt's 2018 affidavit to Bauerle.jpg

Thank you Tommy Nerd for your courage and honesty.  God bless you.

night of full moon in December 2018 For targeted individual James Walbert and his family.  This is Missouri Representative Jim Guest’s letter of support from 2007:

Guest's letter.jpg

readings-in-hall danger levels of magnetic radiation Danger levels of magnetic radiation off charts from June 2016 to Sept. 2018 made physical body shake, internal organs vibrate, eyes jiggle in sockets and horrific pain in feet, legs, hands and skull 24/7.  Dangerous magnetic radiation levels fell to 5 magnetic set on 0-3 range after being interviewed by New York’s Geoff Brady “In Other News Radio” on June 11, 2018 about covert stalking, etheric and electronic attacks, and seeing/photographing invisibility suits.   

dogs-umbilibcal (3) Photographed dog’s spirit.

After In Other News Radio August 13, 2018 interviewed by Brady about documented/photographed psychic abilities, the levels have fallen  to magnetic 3 on 0-3 range.

In the Guardian Newspaper of March 14, 2016 journalists Owen Bowcott and Alice Ross authored, ‘Military ‘invisibility cloaks’ could breach Geneva conventions.’  –”Leading military lawyer says refinements of technology already used on stealth bombers could breach international laws…  Invisibility cloaksand other future advances in military camouflage techniques could violate the Geneva conventions, a top military lawyer has warned.   Scientists and military contractors are… researching methods for generating effective invisibility through more sophisticated “metamaterials” – substances designed to absorb or bend light and/or radar waves in order to conceal approaching aircraft or troops.  The US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (Darpa) has been one of the major funders of metamaterial science…”  Regarding invisibility suits Bowcott and Ross write, “Last year the US army announced it was planning to test prototype metamaterial uniforms.”

From the Guardian quotes Bill Boothby, a former air commodore and deputy director of RAF legal services says about invisibility suits, “Conventional camouflage,” Boothby suggests, “aimed, for example, at causing the enemy to blend into the background, is lawful and bending light might be regarded simply as a technologically sophisticated way of achieving that outcome…  But if camouflage is used to pretend to be a non-combatant in order to deceive the enemy and thereby to cause death, Boothby says, it could be outlawed under the Geneva convention clause entitled “prohibition of perfidy”.

Bowcott and Ross- “Similarly, camouflage that involves misuse of enemy, UN, protective, or neutral signs, flags and emblems is banned.  Wearing an invisibility uniform might, it is suggested, additionally breach a combatant’s obligation to have a fixed distinctive sign recognizable at a distance and to carry arms openly…  “A combatant whose weapon is rendered invisible by its coating is arguably not complying with the minimal requirements [of carrying a weapon openly],” (Boothby) states.”

On development of autonomous weapons systems capable of identifying and attacking targets without human intervention, beyond the capability of the present generation of drones, Boothby takes the view that these “killer robots” are “unlikely to raise international weapons law concerns…  An outright ban of autonomy in weapon systems is premature and inappropriate, difficult to enforce and perhaps easy to circumvent,” Boothby says. “Existing law should be applied to this as to any other technology in warfare.”

Boothby’s book, “Weapons and the Law of Armed Conflict” published by Oxford University Press in 2016, deals with invisibility technology and also, “considers the implications of military advances in the use of nanotechnology, lasers, expanding bullets, “human enhancement technologies” and outer space weapons.”  – Thank you to the Guardian Newspaper of March 14, 2016 journalists Owen Bowcott and Alice Ross authored, ‘Military ‘in visibility cloaks’ could breach Geneva conventions.’

real good friend friend  friendly.png another friend   good-friend-still-works-for-my-former-work-place.jpg  (Every wealthy Targeted Individual who employs security firms that investigate what is called, ‘gangstalking’ find that their PIs want nothing to do with them, upon learning of the power and money behind the conspiracy to harm the TI.

someone who works at night someone friend.png such a good friend friend31 friend on 7-26-2018

friendly2   friend-on-job friend.png new-neighbors

One of the first nationally known targeted individuals in 1928 was Christine Collins who lived in California with her son Walter.   Because Christine would not stop asking for assistance in finding her kidnapped son: Los Angeles Police coerced a local newspaper to write a defamatory article about her.  When that didn’t work they placed Christine in what LAPD called a ‘mental ward.’   She was released weeks later, as were all the women that had asked for assistance or stood up to the LAPD and were incarcerated in the ‘mental ward‘ under LAPD Code 12 internment.  –Both the LAPD Chief of Police and LAPD department head: were fired over what they did to Christine Collins.

The new Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmitt is quoted as saying, “We’re a country of laws, not men’ was something I understood at an early age and I wanted to be a part of it,” (originally stated by President John Adams.)  Schmitt has also said, “As Martin Luther King Jr. said, ‘Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”

Our Missouri Governor Parson said of Schmitt,Eric is someone who I highly respect, personally trust and have full confidence in to serve as Missouri’s chief law enforcement officer.”   Schmitt has served as honorary chairman of the Missouri Rising super PAC.  Schmitt graduated from De Smet High School, graduated from Truman State University and went to SLU law school on scholarship.  “What an incredible honor it is to be named the lawyer for 6 million Missourians,” -Schmitt.

Everyone in this state deserves to feel safe,” -Eric Schmitt. 

untitled.png engraved DEW 'health attack' evidence on metal sheets.png Photos of metal sheets covering my body when blasts of some form of DEW occurred while I lay in bed… that felt like a huge-man’s-fist hitting them and left ‘etchings’ of the two strikes in the metal.  On one there is evidence of incredibly hot embers or particles of something rolling away from  DEW hit.  On the other you can see how the strike circle mushroomed out and then skip from the force of hit, like a rock skipped on a lake.  

In 2016 weeks after high, dangerous levels of magnetic radiation first began in the home I own.  Contacted and spoke on the phone to a Springfield fire department Captain Pennington.  Asked them for a free home safety inspection because suddenly, “… an electric current is running through my home.”  A city as big as Springfield, MO (170,000 residents) had a fire department that did not own an EMF reader or Geiger Counter?

Captain Pennington, immediately called Springfield MO police department asking them to  investigate me.  Not to investigate the crime being committed against me.  But Pennington asked the SPD to investigate me.

On that day an incident report was made categorizing me as, ‘a person of interest.‘  After the ‘visit’ SPD officers called to have me put in a 96 hour evaluation hold, but the agency they contacted said their reasons were unfounded. 

In the months that followed two more unannounced, unwanted and unprofessional  attempts were made by the SPD Crisis team to have me submit to ‘counseling.’    When the last SPD duo arrived yelling my name at a back gate, ( was planting seeds in the back yard)  still refused to sign into their iPad for counseling.

Upon my refusal, the two SPD officers said angrily they would ‘hotline’ a request for 96 hour hold.   All contacts with the SPD after the first call by Fire Captain Pennington were recorded and saved, then transcribed onto paper.  To say I was  frightened, is an understatement.   Most of my adult life wanted to be a cop… this behavior by the very people I so admired caused my perception of the United States to forever be in question.    Interesting, just four days earlier  had submitted an Internal Affairs report to Chief of SPD Paul F. Williams about the behavior of several of his officers, which included, their illegal medical diagnosis and their categorizing me as a ‘person of interest’.

Later I found out relatives  were contacted by the SPD without my permission- regarding SPD’s illegal medical diagnosis… which is against all HIPAA privacy laws even if they were a health practitioner or medical doctor.)


When spreading a tarp on my roof with a friend.  One north ‘neighbor’ had a man suddenly visit.  He parked in their drive, ran out of his truck into the rental house and  appeared in silhouette in a two story window… at which  time my left eye was shot with a laser pointer.   Later, after calling SPD to document what happened.  Asked the two SPD officers “hypothetically” what they would do if directed energy weapons were in public hands?   -One SPD officer didn’t know what DEWs were.  The other SPD officer got serious real fast, seemed upset by the question, and said only the military had DEWs.  Why are our Missouri protection and law enforcement servants in the dark about technological advances in weapons?  Or protecting those targeting innocent Americans?

Have sent all documentation regarding the directed microwave, radio wave and acoustic weapons “health attacks” perpetrated on me since 2016, to every politician and government agency in Missouri: asking to have all illegal medical diagnosis in incident reports that have been made by non-health practitioners at SPD… and the category of ‘person of interest’ removed.   Since DEW “health attacks” occurred, called SPD about two home break-ins only to be told by SPD officers  was “imagining” home break-ins and “delusional.”  Before understood who and what a north neighbor was; had given them a set of keys to front door to water plants when visiting relatives.  After the laser shot to left eye understood what the ‘neighbor’ is.

removed padlock.png -How the  padlock looked on the outside of my front door  the day that an SPD officer said I was imagining a home break-in.  The padlock had been removed and haphazardly put back on.

Not one of the attending SPD officers wanted to see the MO Attorney General’s paperwork documented legally, showing the dangerous levels of magnetic radiation running through my home.  Then Missouri Attorney General Joshua Hawley had assisted for months, in finding out from City Utilities what the high and dangerous levels of magnetic radiation reading at 7-8 on a 0-3 range meant.  For some reason CU’s lawyer, Mr. Black refused to acknowledge the high levels  of EMFs registered on CU’s meter and on my EMF reader that were recorded in photographs.

Perhaps if this ‘person of interest‘ label in national computers were removed-  then when boarding an airplane anywhere,  maybe the TSA would not rip apart wrapped presents and break items in boxes that I put under airplanes.  And leave behind their ‘inspection’ notice each and every time I ride in a plane.

Not any Missouri authority has assisted me regarding conduct of police towards me since asking for a home safety inspection.   When they return my documentation a response letter “It is not my jurisdiction,” is standard answer.   And I am always given the name of the Missouri agency or person who could assist -but after contacting them, am told the same…  and given a new agency or person to contact.  The proverbial run-around while  time goes and the police who have conducted themselves this way can no longer be reprimanded.

Perhaps the new MO Attorney General Eric Schmitt will compare the US Cuban, Chinese diplomat ‘health attacks’ with those of targeted individuals?  Before started my blog  in October of 2016 for posterity,  only visited libraries once a week to pick up DVDs…   How I wish could stay home again.  Now must leave my home for my health.   This blog existed long before the US diplomats spoke to the international press about  being targeted with directed microwave, radio wave and acoustic weapons.   


Chief Paul Williams of the Springfield, MO police department and Captain Pennington of the Springfield, MO fire department might want to read the following… especially what is highlighted in red below.

Last week found a 1993 National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) government website at  https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/books/NBK208988/.  In a document outlining (among other things,) Perception and Behavioral Effects of Electromagnetic Fields where it is recorded:

Stimulation of nervous structures by electric and magnetic fields and associated currents in the body.   (Underline from site.) Above a threshold that is frequency-dependent, these currents are perceived as a painful stimulus that increases with current intensity.”   

Shocks and burns. When the human body is in an EMF of suitable frequency and intensity and it makes contact with a conducting body in the same field, an electrical current is produced that can cause perceptible electrical shock, muscular contractions, burns, and possible death.”

“Heating.   If enough RF power is absorbed in human tissue, especially skin, it can raise the tissue temperature and cause a sensation of warming that will be due to thermal stimulation of temperature receptors. Thermal perception of absorbed RF energy is frequency-dependent: the threshold energy decreases as the frequency increases.”

Auditory perception. A special effect has been reported in which microwave RF emitted in the form of very short pulses (1-20 µsec) is perceived by humans and animals as clicks or other sounds. This perception could well result when thermal absorption leads to thermoelastic expansion of tissues and fluids in the head (brain concussion) and is sensed by auditory receptors. If the energy flux in the pulse exceeds about 40 µJ/cm2, delivered in a few microseconds, auditory perceptions occur. ”

NCBI- “The auditory perception of pulsed microwave fields was first reported in 1947 and has been studied extensively. Frey, (American neuroscientist Allan H. Frey,) reported on controlled experimental exposures at frequencies of 0.2-8.9 GHz and pulse widths of 1-1,000 µsec. He found that, depending on the characteristics of the field, sensations were perceived as buzzing, ticking, hissing, or knocking sounds.

NCBI- “Studies in Eastern Europe have investigated populations exposed to EMFs ranging from 50 Hz to microwave frequencies. Complaints included irritability, lethargy, insomnia, impotence, headaches, loss of memory, and inability to concentrate. The syndrome was identified as neurasthenia or ”microwave sickness…” An epidemiologic study of the personnel in the American embassy in Moscow found an excess of the same neurasthenic symptoms, but the symptoms were not correlated with measured individual exposures.”  

my country -The U.S. government State Department has known about directed microwave weapons attacks on U.S. Russian embassies since the 1950’s and scientists clinically tested all diplomats and their families for decades regarding the ‘genetic mutations’ caused by the “health attacks” (as U.S. State Department calls them.) Read the documentation in the “Zapping of America: Microwaves, Their Deadly Risk, and the Coverup” – October 1, 1977 by author Paul Brodeur.

With all due respect to the incoming Honorable MO Attorney General Eric Schmitt please note my questions to  you below:

Do the SPD and FPD their Chief and Captain not know that directed microwave, radio wave and radar and acoustic weapons exist; or that there are laws against these same weapons in UN conventions; and in the United States- in Michigan, Minnesota and Maine?  

Question: Do our MO public servants seek to intimidate, harass and illegally medically diagnose law-abiding, voting, home-owning, tax paying Missourians enduring “health attacks” with directed energy weapons” instead of protecting and serving them? 

Questions: With all the hoopla regarding labeling targeted individuals (why were the US Cuban and Chinese Diplomats labeled ‘mentally ill.’)  If a mentally ill person were also a targeted individual, how does that change the way crimes are investigated. by public servants in law enforcement and in the fire department who are to protect and serve Missourians?   Are the ‘mentally ill’ not guaranteed the same rights as the ‘mentally sane?’

Question: Can the incoming Honorable MO Attorney General Eric Schmitt change the profound ignorance Missouri public servants have about directed microwave, radio wave and acoustic weapons?    -These directed energy weapons are named as “Weapons Of Mass Destruction” by the United Nations, and in the U.S. laws in Minnesota, Michigan and Maine that forbid their use.  

mother mary.jpg 3cdb4a00dc63b5b8ae16b5f82741f294--jesus-said-jesus-christ.jpg

Thank you sweet God for everything exactly the way it is today. Thank you dear God for bringing the Network Collective into the light for justice and bringing the Network Collective down God to conquer them. Thank you dear God for protecting, loving and guiding family, friends, territories, tools, vehicles, our animals, plants and me. I love you God. I thank you God. So be it. It is so. Amen.

Tom and Nita Horn

someone.png  good friend.png  man

Finishing review on Tom and Nita Horn’s 2010, “Forbidden Gates: How Genetics, Artificial Intelligence, Synthetic Biology, Nanotechnology, and Human Enhancement Herald The Dawn of Techno-Dimensional Spiritual Warfare.’ 

Horns write how the National Science Foundation and the United States Department of Commerce published “Converging Technologies for Improving Human Performance’’ with a projected start date of 2012 for the transhuman body. In the report it is noted that transhumans would be “more durable, healthy, energetic, easier to repair, and resistant to many kinds of stress, biological threats, and aging processes.” BCI (brain computer interface) will, “transform work in factories, control automobiles, ensure military superiority, and enable new sports, art forms and modes of interaction between people.”  US citizens would have, “expanded creative abilities” and “improved understanding of the wellspring of human creativity.” 

Horn’s wrote that the National Science Foundation and the United States Department of Commerce  report also noted the “average” citizens and, ‘politicians’ would have greater, “cognitive, social and biological forces operating their lives.”   

Regarding enhancement, the Horn’s write that Dr. Mark Gasson at University of Reading in the United Kingdom,  “intentionally contaminated an implanted microchip in his hand” and “was able to show how the computer virus he infected himself with; spread to external computer systems in communication with his microchip.” –From BBC News of 5-27-10 Rory Cellan-Jones, “First Human ‘Infected with Computer Virus.”   

In “Forbidden Gates” the Horns also bring up V2K.  A word defining the U.S. military’s ‘Voice to Skull’ or ‘Voice of God’ weapon that transmits voices with electromagnetic frequencies.  According to Wikipedia–  “Allan H. Frey was the first American to publish on the microwave auditory effect (MAE).  Frey’s Human auditory system response to modulated electromagnetic energy appeared in the Journal of Applied Physiology in 1961.”   A neuroscientist in 1962, Frey spoke of the microwave auditory effect saying that with, “… electromagnetic energy, the perception of sounds was induced in normal and deaf humans.”   What are other symptoms of EMF and microwave weapons?

On the 1993 NCBI.gov website: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/books/NBK208988/ … “When the human body is in an EMF of suitable frequency and intensity and it makes contact with a conducting body in the same field, an electrical current is produced that can cause perceptible electrical shock, muscular contractions, burns, and possible death.”  In it’s mission statement NCBI states: “The late Senator Claude Pepper recognized the importance of computerized information processing methods for the conduct of biomedical research and sponsored legislation that established the National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) on November 4, 1988, as a division of the National Library of Medicine (NLM) at the National Institutes of Health (NIH).”

In the Horn’s book, scientist Vic Tandy’s research with sound, vibration frequencies and eyeball resonation was published in the ‘Journal of the Society for Psychical Research.’  Where Tandy found among other things that 19-Hz standing air waves cause sensory phenomena in open environments.  Tandy’s research thesis title? “Ghosts in the Machine.”    In the November 11, 2018 post of targetedartistpoet a TI study “Auditory Targets: a Study of Synthetic Telepathy, or V2K…” from 11-2018, one TI participant claimed they could hear V2K voices clearer when the wind was blowing.

Some of the first human enhancements the Horn’s write, were done by Olaf Blanke a neurologist working in Switzerland at the Brain Mind Institute.  He experimented on  a young woman who had epileptic seizures. Blanke put implanted electrodes in her brain. When electricity was applied in her left temporoparietal junction (TPJ) located above left ear the subject felt the presence of someone standing behind her.  The phantom imitated her body posture at one point and even lay down beneath her when she was in bed. The phantom also tried to take a test-card away from the subject.  All the scientists saw when this was happening via brain activity recording.  

-The Horn’s note that both Tandy and Blanke may have encountered spirit-machine connections, and in Blanke’s case possibly some ‘gateway’ in the human brain was found.  Horn- “Is it not troubling that advocates of human-mind-to-machine intelligence may produce permanent conditions similar to Tandy and Blanke’s findings, giving rise to simulated or real relationships between humans and entities’?”

temporal lobe in yellow Many brain surgeon’s note the ‘seat of the soul’ is behind the left ear.  When their patients undergoing brain surgery are awake and that area of brain  is poked by a surgical instrument… the patient verbally reports that they are leaving their bodies- usually “rising to the ceiling” of operating rooms.  .

Magnetic radiation is specifically used for mind control.  The areas of the brain most experimented on in mind-control programs are the temporal lobes.

The temporal lobe of the brain above in yellow… is behind the eyes and ears. The temporal lobe aids memory, hearing, learning and speech. Often targeted individuals speak of being targeted in their ears and eyes. Perhaps the real target is the temporal lobe? The dangerous levels of magnetic radiation in home recorded where no electricity is running, started 24/7 in June 2016 to September 2018 at danger levels 7 and 8 set on magnetic 0-3 range.   Now the danger levels of magnetic radiation go up or down depending if raising too much attention in the public eye by bringing the plight of TIs forward through credible, legal and peaceful work and writing.   Many TIs experience their whole body shaking, and eyes jiggling from whole house DEW attacks coming though walls of their home from ‘neighbors’.   Levels in my kitchen were so dangerous, had to store all food in a bedroom far from dangerous magnetic radiation weapon attack source coming from a north neighbor into kitchen… so edibles were not completely homogenized or ‘cooked’ before being ‘heated’ yet again!

In their book, authors Horn reprint an entire letter sent to them by a woman named Sue Bradley – an expert on acoustics, harmonics, sound resonance, and spirit gateways. Here are parts of the letter she wrote to the Horns: “From the ancients to the New Age, resonance and harmonics have long been recognized as vehicles of communication and manifestation.  Ancient rock outcroppings, sacred temples, and monuments have for millennia been used as gathering places for the so-called spiritually enlightened…”

In her letter Bradley brings up modern shaman and author Zacciah Blackburn of 2007 ‘Sounding the Codes,’ regarding such sacred sites.   Quoting Blackburn:: “It is not mere coincidence many of the ancient stone temples of the world were made with crystalline embedded stones, such as granite, which are known for their properties to pass or store energy… Through Sacred Sound and awareness practices, the unseen “wisdom keepers” and guardians of these sacred temples… showed me how to hold frequency of awareness in the heart and mind, and combine them into sound codes to create a “key” which opens the “libraries” of… ancient star beings… to the modern traveler whom comes with pure intent.”   


The Horns believe the first major ‘gate’ in the human body is in the ear. ( Gates can access other worlds or wormholes.  Scientists today know that all brain-waves exit and enter through the ears into the brain.)   The Horns write that ears and hearing are presented in the Bible as petitions to God, as well as from God for counsel, forewarning and rebukes.  Horns- “With the advent of cell phones, iPods, and other “personal devices,” the ear-gates of an entire generation have been dangerously compromised… A march 2010 study published in the proceedings of the national Academy of Sciences reported that electromagnetic currents directed at the right TPJ… above and behind the right ear… can impair a person’s ability to make moral judgements by inducing a current which disrupts this region of the brain.”     

magnet covering entrace of ear Magnet over copper coil.      copper coil in ear Copper coil.

Since June 2016 a directed microwave, radio wave and acoustic wave weapons whole-house energy unit has been aimed at my home, and hand held DEW’s are used spot specific on physical person.  Primarily at skull, feet, hands, stomach -but have had to protect ears most of all.   One husband and wife in St. Louis who became TIs (after they wrote their utility company asking to have their new ‘smart meter’ taken off their home because it made them ill) contacted me and advised putting coils of copper in ears to prevent EMFs from causing harm.  Both the coils and large round, flat magnets at the hollow entrance of  ear, greatly reduce harm to the skull.

12-21-2007 Sharon Weinberger published ‘The Voice of God Weapon Returns’ in Wired magazine.  Authors Tom and Nita Horn noted- “DARPA’s “Sonic Projector” as well as troops studying the Long Range Acoustic Device (LRAD) as a modified “Voice of God” weapon,” in Wired Magazine.”    Journalist Weinberger- “It appears that some of the troops in Iraq are using “spoken” (as opposed to “screeching”) LRAD to mess with enemy fighters. Islamic terrorists tend to be superstitious and, of course, very religious.  LRAD can put the “word of God” into their heads. If God, in the form of a voice that only you can hear, tells you to surrender, or run away, what are you gonna do? …it’s long been known that microwaves at certain frequencies can produce an auditory effect that sounds like it’s coming from within someone’s head (and there’s the nagging question of classified microwave work at Brooks Air Force Base that he Air Force stubbornly refuses to talk about.”   In Gulf War 1991 the Pentagon tested Silent Sound Spread Spectrum (SSSS) on Iraqi soldiers. Thousands surrendered due to “hearing voices.”

Authors Horn- “ People of faith, including church theologians and philosophers, should find the idea of using technology to read the minds and manipulate the thoughts of individuals indefensible, as the vanguard of free will is fundamental to our religious and philosophical ethic.”

Chapter eleven of “Forbidden Gates,” begins with, “U.S. Senator Joseph Biden, asked during Senate Judiciary Committee hearings on the nomination of John Roberts to be chief justice of the Supreme Court… “Can a microscopic tag be implanted in a person’s body to track his every movement?  There’s actual discussion about that. You will rule on that- mark my words- before your tenure is over.”  And…

“Although microchip implantation might be introduced as a voluntary procedure, in time, there will be pressure to make it mandatory.  A national identification system via microchip implants could be achieved in two stages. Upon introduction as a voluntary system, the microchip implantation will appear to be palatable.  After there is a familiarity with the procedure and a knowledge of its benefits, implantation would be mandatory.” -Dr. Elaine M. Ramesh attorney and member of the American Chemical Society.

The Horn’s note that a Today Show in 2002 broadcast the ‘chipping’ of an entire American family with Applied Digital Solutions VeriChip at a doctor’s office.  Then three years later Tommy Thompson a former secretary of the Health and Human Services department partnered with VeriChip Corp. 

Radio Frequency ID’s or RFID are made by VeriChip Corp which changed its name to “PositiveID Corp” in 2009.   PositiveID’s are ‘tamper-proof means of identification for enhanced e-business security… tracking… and monitoring…”  Human implants are the size of a grain of rice.   And can be used for security, financial, and emergency ID inserted under the skin.   Another related corporation is Allflex.   An Allflex 2018 corporate brand ‘Antelliq’ has an ambition: “To lead the world in intelligence, connecting animals and people.” 

From the Department of Homeland Security Website:  “National Terrorism Advisory System Bulletin – September 14, 2018.  Since 2015… DHS has used this Bulletin to highlight the continuing terror threat to the U.S. Homeland.  The United States is engaged in a generational fight against terrorists who seek to attack the American people, our country, and our way of life.   An informed, vigilant and engaged public remains one of our greatest assets to identify potential terrorists and prevent attacks.”  (But many US citizens today ask… Just whose way of life is being protected when innocent, upstanding, brave and intelligent US citizens are involuntarily experimented on for military/medical purposes with remote torture and rape from directed microwave, radio wave and acoustic wave weapons?   DEWs cause  death by ‘soft-kill’ -as the military says.   But ‘soft-kill is murder.  Murder by accident, murder by natural causes, and murder by mind-controlled suicide.)

IMG_3708 Missouri Drivers Licenses today are all ‘enhanced’ -a word Homeland Security uses instead of chipped.  Licenses are no longer granted at the DMV upon renewal in Springfield, MO but must be sent away to be made and then delivered to driver’s homes after licenses are chipped. At the Department of Homeland Security website “REAL ID was passed by Congress in 2005″ with the help of 9/11 Commission and is active in Missouri.  Homeland Security website emphasizes that they are “NOT building a national database with all our information.”   Rather, “The purpose of REAL ID is to make our identity documents more consistent and secure.” 

real good friend.png  someone who works at night.png friend another friend.png   

The authors Tom and Nit Horn- “… Revelation 13:16-17: “And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bound, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads: And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.” And 13:18-  “Here is wisdom. Let him who has understanding calculate the number of the beast…”

In a Discovery News 6-2-2010 report by Eric Bland, “Part-Human, Part-Machine Transistor Devised” Scientist Aleksandr Nory of University of California said, “This device is as close to the seamless marriage of biological and electronic structures as anything else that people did before.  We can take proteins, real biological machines, and make them part of a working microelectronic circuit.”   The Horns write of Nory’s invention, “Scientists have embedded a nano-sized transistor inside a cell-like membrane and powered it using the cell’s own fuel…  eventually lead(ing) to new ways to read and even influence, brain or nerve cells.”   What has Nory created since 2010?

June 2, 2010 Kate McAlpine authored “DNA logic gates herald injectable computers” in NewScientist magazine.   Itamar Willner of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel led the work on a biocomputer.   Short strands of DNA are formed in conjunction with molecular machinery as their “electronic equivalent.”  “Willner and his team added molecules to both the complementary strands that caused them to fluoresce when each was present in isolation… But when both were present, the complementary strands combined and quenched the fluorescence…”   

-On another note bioluminescence or luminescence is very important to quantum technologies including the ever evolving invisibility suit.  One scientist who recently began work on properties of iridescence in fish instantly became a targeted individual after beginning research.

Journalist McAlpine wrote Benny Gil of the Weizmann Institute of Science in Rehovot, Israel thinks biocomputers make good “diagnostic tools.”  Gil is impressed with what he calls the new gate system…  which he said is “not ready for use.”  

The Horn’s write about nano-spiders…  In BioNews from BioCentre at http://www.bioethics.ac.uk: a May 14, 2010 an article is reprinted from the Daily Mail:   “Meet the nano-spiders: The DNA robots that could one day be walking through your body”  Scientists have created microscopic robots out of DNA molecules that can walk, turn and even create tiny products of their own on a nano-scale assembly line.  In one of the projects a team from New York’s Columbia University created a spider bot just four nanometres across. This is about 100,000 times smaller than the diameter of a human hair.   Molecular robots have drawn huge interest because of the allure of programming them to sense their environment and react to it….   “This is the first time that systems of nano-machines, rather than individual devices have been used to perform operations, constituting a crucial advance in the evolution of DNA technology,” said Lloyd Smith, from the University of Wisconsin at Madison, in a commentary also published by Nature….  Nearly £6billion is being invested in research and development of nano products worldwide, according to the Project on Emerging Nanotechnologies, which tracks environmental and health concerns arising from the new technology.”   Thank you DailyMail and BioEthics.ac.uk.   

-Thank you Tom and Nita Horn for your 2010, “Forbidden Gates: How Genetics, Artificial Intelligence, Synthetic Biology, Nanotechnology, and Human Enhancement Herald The Dawn of Techno-Dimensional Spiritual Warfare.’  God bless your bravery and respect for all human life, as it is created in God’s image.

what a good friend neighbor such a good friend.png

Thank you sweet God for everything exactly the way it is today. Thank you dear God for bringing the Network Collective into the light for justice and bringing the Network Collective down God to conquer them. Thank you dear God for protecting, loving and guiding family, friends, territories, tools, vehicles, our animals, plants and me. I love you God. I thank you God. So be it. It is so. Amen.



The U.S. government’s National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) was created by the late Senator Claude Pepper on November 4, 1988.  As a division of the National Library of Medicine (NLM) at the National Institutes of Health (NIH.)  From the 1993 NCBI.gov  website, “NLM was chosen for its experience in creating and maintaining biomedical databases, and because as part of NIH, it could establish an intramural research program in computational molecular biology. The collective research components of NIH make up the largest biomedical research facility in the world.”   NCBI at  https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/books/NBK208988/

If a 1993 website is printed on the internet by a huge government agency… why is the current US State Department and the U.S. FBI in 2018 refusing to acknowledge to the press and American public that what they call “health attacks” happening to their US diplomats and to targeted individuals, are actually directed microwave, radio wave and acoustic wave “electromagnetic weapons attacks?”    These weapons are what the U.S. military calls DEWs.   Directed energy weapons.

Under the NCBI site category of Assessment of the Possible Health Effects of Ground Wave Emergency Network.   There is a heading entitled: Perception and Behavioral Effects of Electromagnetic Fields-

  • Stimulation of nervous structures by electric and magnetic fields and associated currents in the body. Above a threshold that is frequency-dependent, these currents are perceived as a painful stimulus that increases with current intensity.   In my home since June 2016 the Springfield, MO City Utilities and myself recorded danger levels of magnetic frequencies at 7-8 magnetic recorded on EMF reader set on magnetic 0-3 range.  
  • Heating. If enough RF power is absorbed in human tissue, especially skin, it can raise the tissue temperature and cause a sensation of warming that will be due to thermal stimulation of temperature receptors. Thermal perception of absorbed RF energy is frequency-dependent: the threshold energy decreases as the frequency increases.  Meaning the targeted individual’s own energy disappears?
  • Auditory perception. A special effect has been reported in which microwave RF emitted in the form of very short pulses (1-20 µsec) is perceived by humans and animals as clicks or other sounds. This perception could well result when thermal absorption leads to thermoelastic expansion of tissues and fluids in the head and is sensed by auditory receptors.   If the energy flux in the pulse exceeds about 40 µJ/cm2, delivered in a few microseconds, auditory perceptions occur.  Our U.S. Cuban, China and Russia Diplomats have all experienced the noises, pain, skull concussions, and diseases caused by directed energy weapons since the 1950’s.  Skin and muscles loose all their elasticity and youthful vigor, creating an ‘old’ person out of a very young or physically fit targeted individual.

NCBI- The auditory perception of pulsed microwave fields was first reported in 1947 and has been studied extensively.    Frey, (American neuroscientist Allan H. Frey,)  reported on controlled experimental exposures at frequencies of 0.2-8.9 GHz and pulse widths of 1-1,000 µsec.  He found that, depending on the characteristics of the field, sensations were perceived as buzzing, ticking, hissing, or knocking sounds.  Sound was perceived at all frequencies up to 8.9 GHz.   Guy et al.  demonstrated that the threshold for auditory perception was four times higher at 3.75 kHz in subjects with neurosensory deficits compared with normal subjects, thus indicating that the effect was in the acoustic elements involved in hearing.”

NCBI-  “Studies in Eastern Europe have investigated populations exposed to EMFs ranging from 50 Hz to microwave frequencies.  Complaints included irritability, lethargy, insomnia, impotence, headaches, loss of memory, and inability to concentrate. The syndrome was identified as neurasthenia or ”microwave sickness…”   An epidemiologic study of the personnel in the American embassy in Moscow found an excess of the same neurasthenic symptoms, but the symptoms were not correlated with measured individual exposures.”

magnet covering entrace of ear Large magnet covering outer ear to protect from harmful blasts of microwaves, and acoustic sound.

copper coil in ear Copper coil inserted in ear also aid in stopping some effects of directed energy weapons.

Was contacted by email and offered the opportunity to interview  a Targeted Individual over the phone at home in Springfield, MO.  This person has endured horrible human rights violations for over a decade in the U.S. from directed microwave, radio wave and acoustic wave weapons.  Does not want their name or location reported.  Below the requested interview transcribed and published with permission.  Printed the Targeted Individual’s comments only, without my questions:

TI- “Everyone of my neighbors are involved in the cerebral hacking, and physical torture that has lasted about a decade with directed energy weapons.   People are using the machines that create frequencies to hack my mind and interrogate at night.  But it feels like artificial intelligence is used as well.  During daytime hours on a regular basis I’m sometimes kept in a near-hypnotic state at all times.”

“When interrogated, they put me in some kind of deep trance.  Saw lights hitting my eyes early on in this process.  – I used to fight so hard to stay conscious.  All I can figure is that they been able to upload my trance states into a computer program.   Because now I almost trance automatically without them having to hypnotize me each time. The process of going from a conscious state to a trance state is almost immediate now.  It has taken  12 years for them to wear me down with physical torture to this.”

“At first they attempted to make other people and me think that I was crazy.  That I was certifiable.  That was a horrible time.  But that phase passed after seven years.  They have done everything from tinnitus, to hurting my heart and kidneys physically.  Eyes are shot.  -Probably they can take a person apart much faster today.”

“A year ago something happened in my brain, where I stopped fighting them at night.  I’m too exhausted all the time which doesn’t help.  Once physically fit my body feels broken.  And I am not able to fight them for long at all when they start putting me ‘under.’  The people stalking me now look happy as if they have achieved their goal…    The undertaking to totally manipulate my mind has gone on about a year now.”

“So I have researched a lot about the human brain.  Supposedly each human being has only one personality.  There are many different levels in each personality formed by life changes…  That made me feel a lot better to know…  When my interrogators kept asking questions after I was ‘under.’  Would answer verbally sometimes, instead of mentally.”  

“Yeh, voices verbally spoken,  sounded like I was a different person.  But I noticed this was because the level they contacted might come from my grade-school years or something.   You hear answers coming out your mouth and it can bother you how they can get you to talk and the things you say.   I’m always aware of everything going on outside and inside me when interrogated.  Sometimes I get the impression lately some levels contacted are artificial intelligence pretending to be me.”

“Each particular level of the same personality that is me has been contacted, over and over in the past year.  I know these levels have been individually uploaded as their own program into computers.   Each level of a single personality from what I understand, has a different frequency.   So if they want to talk with age 16 level of a personality, all they have to do is run that frequency and it appears…   I can actually hear them talking amongst themselves while they interrogate me which is how I know some of this.   They use trigger codes with the different levels of frequency to reach that level of my personality instantly.   It’s the same me, because I am always present.   Now when immediately tranced hear them say stuff like, “wow” or “yes!”  They seem really happy I can be controlled so easily now.”

“If I start praying to God while they have me ‘under’ it helps.  They hate it.  They don’t like any mention of God.  Perhaps it makes them feel small to hear God’s name.   I think when they do this manipulation and play to hurt other human beings they feel powerful…”

“They said there are just a few more levels of my personality to upload, program and change.    But they have to ‘work’ with me on some things.  -This was not said to me, but between those interrogating me.  Believe all my personality’s levels have been mapped, uploaded, reconfigured in programs and downloaded back into me -with trigger frequencies to active them…   Have heard I will be completely mind-controlled before long.   I have also heard or get the impression they can sell my brain’s program to anyone wanting to access me for whatever reason.”

“When I get up in the mornings move so slow now, but am always thankful to be alive.  Those doing this to targeted individuals are very sad individuals.  They don’t know God.”

“Some nights during interrogation it is as if they dial up frequencies to to each level of my personality.   It is like they turn a handle on a machine while I’m tranced in bed at night.  Just for fun.  And my brain instantly begins to exhibit emotional responses and levels within a minute or less of each other.   Like my experimenters are flipping through the pages in a book.   I’m the f***ing book!   The levels, come up to my conscious, then show up physically and mentally.  All the time this goes on, like I said…  I exist as a witness watching and listening to my own mind and how my body reacts to the torture.”

“So for example, when they ‘play’ with my brain…  One level  exhibits great fear and sometimes cries.  A minute later they change the ‘channel’ and another level brought up on a different frequency- instantly stops the crying and can show genuine friendliness to those doing this to me!  … Another frequency of brain brought to the surface next, expresses great anger at my attackers calling them names.   A minute later still another frequency or level is beating on the wall next to my bed, as if attempting break out of something or to wake me up or get me out of the trance state.”  

-End of interview with a targeted individual.  -Thank you to a brave U.S. targeted individual.  God bless you.

leaves and more leaves

Thank you sweet God for everything exactly the way it is today.  Thank you dear God for bringing the Network Collective into the light for justice and bringing the Network Collective down God to conquer them.  Thank you dear God for protecting, loving and guiding family, friends, territories, tools, vehicles, our animals, plants and me.  I love you God.  I thank you God. So be it.  It is so.  Amen.

TI Study

Fig leaf Conclusions –This study makes the case that two activities of targeting disbelieved by most of the public and ridiculed in the media and by law enforcement not only take place but also are proliferating at an alarming degree: (1) the transmission of voices by remote to auditory targets, who are the only ones to hear those voices, and (2) the reading of minds by remote methods. It also shows that the attackers use similar tactics in employing the voices.” –Auditory Targets: A study of Synthetic Telepathy, or V2K, An Aspect of Electronic Targeting (October, 2018)” 

This is the second time to post “Auditory Targets: a Study of Synthetic Telepathy, or V2K…” from 11-2018.   Cannot get the study out of my mind.  Night and day since have thought of how reading it has totally affected life for the better.  First off, realize God sees us all.  People are not alone.  And TI’s ARE NOT ALONE in any of the heinous ways they are tortured daily 24/7.   Second, understand that the study is so thorough and conclusive in its investigation that it should be read in it’s entirety.

Below is the study for everyone to read with a few sentences removed.  All 45 pages of truth about what is happening to millions of US citizens today and millions more around the globe- are reprinted below…  (My comments appear in italics in green highlight.)   Put highlights in black of important items in text of study.

If anyone doubts the study below, just ready New York Times- Marshall Sella’s, “The Sound of Things to Come,” from March 23, 2003.  About directed energy weapons devices being mass produced by the millions for the Department of Defense.  Or read psychiatrist Dr. Colin Ross’s 2006, “The CIA Doctors: Human Rights Violations by American Psychiatrists.”  Or read, Paul Brodeur’s 1977, “Zapping of America: Microwaves, Their Deadly Risk, and the Cover Up.”  -These two books especially support every torture done to the targeted individuals below.

Government agencies in Missouri, especially Springfield fire department and Springfield, MO police department might want to read this study and the NYTs article and two books mentioned above to familiarize themselves with what happens to US citizens who are targeted with microwave, radio wave, acoustic and radar weapons?  (Beside the US citizens in the news working in Cuba, China and Russia that are or have been US diplomats also attacked with directed energy weapons.)

constant police and fire department presence second friend joins in with bright gold badge strapped to thigh good friend member of the 'Rapid Response Team'

AUDITORY TARGETS:  A STUDY OF SYNTHETIC TELEPATHY, OR V2K,  An Aspect of Electronic Targeting  (October, 2018) 

Executive Summary 

Too little is known about the voices that many people claim that they receive. Those voices are transmitted by remote methods, and only the people to whom they are aimed hear them. The persons receiving the voices are known as auditory targets. This study attempts to broaden the knowledge of the reader concerning the phenomenon of the voices and at the same time dispel some of the beliefs that many doubters hold about those voices. 

Targeting and Targets 

This is an in-depth study of the voices, often known as V2K, which is one aspect of electronic targeting. However, to understand the voices, one must also understand the concept of targeting. If some organization or group dislikes someone, if they wish to do harm to that person, and if they have the means to do so, that person becomes red-lined, or targeted.

The process of attack is called targeting, the end result of which is expected to be the neutralization of the victims. Neutralization can mean totally isolating the targets, sending them to mental institutions or prisons, or causing their eventual deaths. We refer to the people behind the targeting as the attackers, or perpetrators, and the victims of the attacks as targets, “targeted individuals,” or simply TIs. 

An increasing number of Americans report that they are being attacked by unidentified remote sources using unknown devices or methods to produce many harmful physical and neurological effects.  Previous studies show that the number of targets has increased considerably since the early 2000s. Thus, targeting appears to be proliferating.

Critics of people who claim to be targeted often suggest that the targets are instead victims of mass hysteria; however, they fail to describe an event that could lead targets to mass hysteria that would not also affect the entire American population. Several thousand targets living in diverse locations who complain of many of the same remote-delivered results are not likely to be victims of mass hysteria. In fact, our experience shows that targets have already been suffering from those effects before they begin researching and communicating with other targets on the web.

Targeting takes several forms: (1) One form employs yet highly classified devices that can focus and fix upon a person to pound him with many physical effects. (2) Another form of targeting consists of using similar devices to focus and fix upon a person to achieve a myriad of neurological, or psychological effects. (3) Still another form concentrates on harassing the target on-site in various manners: using organized stalkers against him; vandalizing his property; making surreptitious entries into his domicile; tampering with his postal mail, his computer, and his telephone; strewing rumors about him in his neighborhood and work place, and employing other forms of harassment. 

The first two forms operate by remote methods, which means that the attackers’ device or devices do not touch the body, and the two forms can also operate in tandem with each other. The remote distance can be only meters away from the target or hundreds, perhaps thousands of miles away. The farthest range has not yet been determined by targets. The third form is performed on the ground in or near a target’s surroundings. The voices are used only in the first two forms of targeting. A target can receive only one of the three forms of targeting or all three forms simultaneously.

Voice Transmissions 

One of the most sinister capabilities of the attackers is transmitting voices into the heads of targets by remote methods that only the targets can hear. We refer to those persons who receive the voices as “auditory targets.” Those targets become involuntary hearers of those voices, and there is no known way to prevent the voices from being heard. Victims have come to call those voices a variety of names, such as voice-to-skull (V2K), microwave hearing, microwave auditory effect, electronic telepathy, synthetic telepathy, audio subliminal messages, and the Voice of God.

In addition to transmitting voices, the attackers can also mimic and project many other sounds into the domiciles of the victims and into their surroundings, for example, sounds of doors slamming, birds cooing (when there are no birds), dogs barking (when there are no dogs), unexplained thuds against the wall, telephones ringing, doorbells chiming, loud popping noises, people shouting, and many other sounds. We do not yet know whether in every case persons other than the auditory targets can hear those sounds, as the sounds normally occur when the targets are alone.

The Auditory Targets

Persons who state that they hear voices are routinely considered by law enforcement and others as psychotic. In fact, authorities often require that the auditory targets submit to “psychiatric evaluations,” claiming that the victims are likely to hurt themselves or others. Psychiatrists, citing the DSM, invariably label the auditory targets schizophrenic or paranoid- schizophrenic. Some auditory targets are even committed to mental institutions based on those evaluations.

Indeed, psychiatrists have a vested interest in condemning those who hear voices as paranoid-schizophrenics, for psychiatrists can treat only natural symptoms, not induced or remotely transmitted ones. Thus, to protect the credibility of their profession, psychiatrists must necessarily disclaim the possibility of actual transmitted voices, or synthetic telepathy.

An article in the January 1, 2018? Issue of The Washington Post by Nathaniel Morris called “This Secret Experiment Tricked Psychiatrists into Diagnosing Sane People as Having Schizophrenia” drove home the point that psychiatrists cannot accurately diagnose schizophrenia. Morris related an experiment conducted by Dr.David Rosenhan of Stanford University, which sent eight perfectly sane people to different hospitals claiming that they heard voices.

One of the participants was a psychiatrist and three, psychologists. All eight “patients” were admitted to the respective hospitals’ psychiatric wards where they said that they no longer heard the voices. Despite that, they remained from seven to fifty-two days. While there, they were given a total of 2,000 pills, among them antipsychotics and antidepressants, most of which they secretly discarded. Even the nurses who attended the patients often noted actions on the part of the patients that suggested that they were mentally ill.

When the experiment was revealed, Morris writes that the experiment became a “disaster” and an “albatross” for the psychiatric community. Dr. Rosenhan stated that the experiment proved that “. . . we cannot distinguish the sane from the insane . . . .”

Victims of remote voice transmissions cover the entire spectra of the American population. They include both genders and all ages. They also include all races, ethnicities, levels of education, professions/occupations, religions, philosophies, states of health, political leanings, economic statuses, social strata, and life styles. Many of the victims are veterans.

Auditory targets range from the very young to the very old, the minimally-educated to the MDs and PhDs, from the atheistic or agnostic to the piously religious, from the  recipient of public assistance to the well off, from the apolitical to the political activists, and from single people of various life styles to the family-focused patriarchs and matriarchs. The only known commonality that links the victims is that they all receive the voices.

The victims state that they hear the voices and other V2K-related sounds wherever they go whether they are in airplanes at high elevations, in hotels and other places outside their domiciles, in heavily wooded areas, in underground facilities, and wherever else they go. Thus, we know that the remote voice-transmitting devices must have the capability of going through walls and other structures and being beamed over vast distances.

V2K doubters point to the presence of the voices heard everywhere as proof that the auditory targets are truly mentally ill. However, the remote-driven V2K was publically demonstrated in 1973, forty-five years ago, and it is virtually certain that in the meantime far more sophisticated but classified methods have been developed.

In previous studies of the voices, the earliest remote auditory targets state that they began hearing the voices in the very early 1980s. Some targets hear the voices only sporadically while others receive incessant voices both day and night. Auditory targets are found in every industrialized nation and in many developing countries. Our study focuses only on Americans.

Until recently, targets in general, including the auditory targets, have been treated with doubt and disdain by the media, law enforcement, and the public, who consider their claims incredulous. However, in the late summer of 2017, attacks on US diplomatic personnel in Havana, first called “sonic” in the media reports, focused international attention on some of the symptoms that targets receive, for example, tinnitus, loss of hearing, visual and balance problems, and vibrations, all oft-mentioned effects of targeting. Later, diplomats in Uzbekistan and China also complained of similar effects.  

More recent reporting on the symptoms of the diplomats hints that some of the victims may have also heard voices. A New York Times article entitled “Update—NYT: Microwave Weapons Are Prime Suspect in Ills of U. S. Embassy Workers,” dated September 1, 2018, states that the method used on the diplomats could transmit “loud booms” and “words.” If indeed the diplomats heard voices, US Government entities and the American media have seemingly downplayed that information.

The Remote Voices

A study of the patents suggests that the attackers do not use one single device on their targets but probably several different devices. One or more devices will probably administer the physical effects on targets, and another device or devices will deliver the neurological, or psychological effects. We still do not know how contact is first made with the targets and how that contact can be fixed upon the targets permanently. Nor do we know for certain the methods of delivery of both the physical and the neurological effects.

The voices are a key element in neurological, or psychological attacks on targets that lend toward mind control. Without the voices, the attackers can only harass the targets physically. If the aim of the attackers is only to make the lives of the targets uncomfortable and painful, the physical attacks achieve that purpose. Indeed, some targets receive only the physical effects of targeting.

If the attackers seek to take over the lives of their targets, they must also take over the minds of those targets, thus the neurological element of the attack plan. Without the voices both to the targets’ heads (audible) and to the targets’ subconscious (inaudible), mind control would be impossible.  

Proof of Remote Delivered Voices

One of the main objectives of targeting, including the voices, appears to be mind control. Mind control represents a major feature of neurological warfare. The United States, among other industrialized nations, has shown a keen interest in neurological warfare, including the projection of sounds and voices, since the 1940s. In 1961, Allan H. Frey described the possibility of producing voices by remote in an article called “Human Auditory System Response to Modulated Electromagnetic Energy” published in the Journal of Applied Physiology. 

Not until 1973, however, did researcher Joseph C. Sharp successfully demonstrate the actual transmission of remote voices into the skull. Dr. Don R. Justesen, Director of Laboratories of Experimental Neuropsychology at Veterans Administration Hospital in Kansas City, described that method in an article called “Microwaves and Behavior” in the March 1975 issue of the American Psychologist. It seems that Justesen had gotten his information directly from Sharp, who was by then conducting a secret study called Pandora for the US Navy, a study that also involved the voices.

Justesen explained that by “radiating themselves with ‘voice modulated’ microwaves, experimenters could distinguish clearly nine words sent to them by remote. He wrote that article in 1975. By 1997, the method of sending voices to peoples’ head by remote had been perfected, as evidenced in an announcement on the Environmental Protection Agency web site in that year. Describing the Department of Defense’s voice research, the announcement stated that the “innovative and revolutionary technology . . . offers a low-probability-of-intercept radiofrequency (RF) communications, [the feasibility of which] has been established using both a low intensity laboratory system and a high power RF transmitter.” 

By the early 2000s, the capability of sending voices by remote to people’s heads without their knowledge or consent was a hard and fast fact. An article in The Washington Post in January 2007 revealed that “In 2002, the Air Force Research Laboratory patented precisely such a technology using microwaves to send words into someone’s head.”

Representatives of the laboratory involved refused to discuss both the reported patent as well as any research related to it, adding, “We can only stress again that the world media avoid publishing the full scale of the progress in the research of the remote control of human nervous system.” Seemingly the media has since cooperated with that request, as the media today usually states or suggests that when people are reported to hear voices they are mentally ill. 

In the last decade and a half, scientists have doubtlessly made improvements to the devices/methods used to communicate remotely with subjects. Although the reality of remote voices to people’s heads can no longer be seriously debated, we still do not know for certain the devices or methods currently used to transmit the voices from the sender to the receiver. Just as in the last fifteen or so years the development of methods for using DNA has been greatly improved, we believe that likewise the development of voice transmission devices and methods has made giant leaps.

How Remote Voices are Transmitted

One method of transmitting the voices by remote is called “silent sound,” described in Dr. Oliver Lowery’s Patent Number 5,159,703. Silent sound, or the present-day subliminal sound, is often conducted over public address systems, and is inaudible to the ears but subconsciously perceptible. That method has been adequately demonstrated over the years.

The patent states that by using supercomputers, attackers can “analyze human emotional EEG patterns and replicate them, then store these “emotion signature clusters” on another computer and, at either real-time or at will, ‘silently induce and change the emotional state in a human being’.” In other words, silent sound can be used for mind control. 

A similar method is known as Audio Spotlight, which is projected in the range of above 15,000 Hz, which humans cannot hear, to achieve the same effect. Auditory targets will either hear nothing or will experience a type of continual tinnitus. Audio Spotlight can be conducted directly to the victim using air type transducers, directly to the victim’s brain using “modulated microwave pulse train,” or by imposing messages on top of commercial radio or television transmissions. We still do not know the range of the Audio Spotlight; however, it has been heard at 200 meters when used in quiet environments.

Many similar patents attest to the interest in communicating between humans by remote methods, including the following: US6470214 (1992), O’Loughlin/Loree, “Method and Device for Implementing the Radio Frequency Hearing Effect (microware hearing); US6052336 (1998), Lowery, “Apparatus and Method of Broadcasting Audible Sound Using Ultrasonic Sound as a Carrier (ultrasound); and US6587729 (2002), O’Loughlin/Loree, “Apparatus for Audibly Communicating Speech Using the Radio Frequency Hearing Effect (microwave hearing). Those methods have been demonstrated and proven effective. 

Many targets believe that the attackers use hypnosis to entrain the auditory target’s subconscious to comprehend—but not hear–the content of those inaudible voices.

Indeed, hypnosis is often used. In 1974, researcher J. F. Schapitz corroborated that belief when he stated, “In this investigation [,] it will be shown that the spoken word of hypnotist may also be conveyed by modulated electromagnetic energy directly into the subconscious parts of the human brain – i. e. without employing any technical devices for receiving or transcoding the messages and without the person exposed to such influence having a chance to control the information input consciously.” In other words, the victim is entirely helpless to reject those thoughts conveyed to his subconscious. 

Because the method of delivery is performed remotely, attackers are able to assault the victims with the voices 24/7 with complete impunity. As the devices/methods are still largely unknown and unseen, victims are left with no known universal defense against the voices. Unlike a TV or a radio, the remote voices cannot be turned off. Victims of the voices must endure them day and night, day in and day out.

The Study

A group of auditory targets set out in 2018 to study the phenomenon of voice hearing by using credible published material, including declassified government documents, descriptions and demonstrations of patents, their own experiences and those of other voice-hearers, and logic and reasoning. Such is the nature of V2K that probably only voice-hearers themselves can understand its complexities and conduct an accurate study of its many aspects. The objective of the study was to provide a complete picture of the voices.

In the study, we usually refer to the synthetic voices as voice-to-skull, or V2K, a derivation of the term V2S that was first used by the US Army. In the interest of brevity and uniformity, we shall use the all-inclusive term V2K for the voices. However, V2K is actually somewhat of a misnomer, as it refers only to the transmission of the voices to the victims. In other words, V2K is a one-way transmission from the attackers to the voice hearers.

Nevertheless, many auditory targets have learned that they can respond to the voices using only thought, or telepathy, thus producing two-way transmissions. When we use the term V2K in this study, we mean that the attackers can speak to the victims using some type of synthetic telepathy, and, likewise, the victims can speak to the attackers via the same method.

Although V2K is only one aspect of targeting in general and although targets receive other projected remote sounds than the voices, this study deals with only the remotely transmitted voices sensed within the targets’ skulls. We include other aspects of targeting only in their relation to the synthetic voices.

Certain constraints complicate this research project: (1) Although V2K is known to have existed for about a half century, little is known about how it has been used, as much of its usage has apparently been conducted in secrecy. (2) Many inventions fall under the cover of national security and are thus unpatented and probably highly classified. (3) Very little has been objectively and authoritatively written about V2K since its demonstration in 1973.

(4) Auditory targets have been consistently labeled mentally disturbed by the US Government, the medical community, especially psychiatrists, and the mainstream media, making credibility a factor. 5) Terminology also presents a problem. Different victims use different terms to explain the sources, conditions, and effects of the voices. (6) Only a small group of auditory targets participated in this study.

Not withstanding those several constraints, as far as we are aware, this study represents the first attempt to perform a comprehensive study of V2K. The objective of the study is to reveal all that is known about the voices. The result of the study is expected to be helpful to the victims themselves, many of whom are still grappling with the consequences of the voices, and also as a tool for educating the public about remotely delivered voices and their effects on the victims.

Unfortunately, due to still too little verifiable scientific knowledge about the various current devices and methods surrounding the voices, the study was unable to answer authoritatively all of the questions concerning the voices. Nevertheless, in the absence of hard proof, we have presented plausible explanations about all known aspects of the voices based on the knowledge at our disposal and our experiences. The validation or the disproving of our views awaits the exposure of still-secret technical knowledge and devices not yet known by the public.

Despite still unanswered questions concerning voice hearing, the burden of proof appears to rest upon those critics who claim that voices cannot be transmitted into the heads of victims. They must disprove that remotely transmitting voices is possible. There is more than adequate proof, which we shall present further in this study, that the voices can and are being remotely transmitted to unwilling and sometimes unknowing recipients.

Conventional Non-Remote Voices 

Our study pertains to only the remotely delivered voices. One should not confuse the remotely delivered voices with the voices that use on-the-body devices. Several devices have been invented that allow a hearing-impaired person to hear non-remote voices. The Cochlear is one of those devices.

Invented in 1985, the cochlear is a very small device implanted in the ear that allows hearing-impaired persons to hear sounds that do not go through the hearing canal. Instead, the device bypasses the auditory nerve to transmit sound directly to the brain. A device that resembles a hearing aid is worn on the outside of the ear that serves as a sound processor.

More recently, several inventors have developed hearing methods based on Morse code, which is decoded into text and then into speech. Then, there are many types of “hearing aids,” small devices that fit behind the ear that are familiar to all readers.

How the Inaudible Voices Are Used

Of the two types of remote voices, the inaudible, or subconscious voices are by far the more dangerous. The subconscious voices are a main element in attackers’ attempts to achieve mind control. A target’s subconscious receives the voices without the target realizing it, and the target often believes and reacts to those hidden voices. The inaudible voices take many forms, and their uses are almost limitless. Here are some of them.

— Giving victims negative commands. Their commands are often very oblique and subtle, for example: “If I were you, I’d . . . .” or “I think that you should . . . .” or “Why don’t you . . . .” Attackers will also often use politeness instead of terse commands to achieve their effect. Thus, instead of simply saying, “go to sleep,” they will say, “Please go to sleep.” Or they often say, “I’d appreciate it if you would go to sleep.”

— Causing false memories. The power of suggestion to the brain’s subconscious is truly amazing. The attackers condition targets for mind control by inducing “dreams” in which the victims play out whatever role the attackers assign him. One target recounts that while he slept the attackers caused him to believe that he was an elderly Confederate veteran of the Civil War reminiscing about his experiences in the battle of Gettysburg. He was telling his grandchildren about his horse being shot and going down, about his being wounded, and about seeing comrades blown to bits with cannon balls. He woke from the induced dream with real tears in his eyes.

— Making statements about the victims’ family members and friends intended to cause estrangement in relations between them and the victims and thus isolate the victim.

— Causing targets to appear delusional. Usually family members believe that a target is delusional when he talks about the effects of his targeting. If they do believe that their relative is being harassed, they are placed in a very difficult position. If they support the target, they perhaps put themselves and their family in danger of also being attacked. If they do not support the loved one, they are effectively isolating that individual from his family support system on which people have always relied.

— Making victims think in negative terms about almost everybody and everything.

— Blanking out certain thoughts. The attackers’ inaudible voices can not only cause targets to think about the topics that they project into targets’ minds but also cause targets to fail to think about important matters. The attackers appear to delight in making targets forget appointments with people, leave items behind that they intended to take with them, and forget where they place common household items.

The attackers also apparently enjoy causing targets to remember people whose names the attackers have blanked out of the targets’ minds. After the target tries hard for several minutes to remember the name, the attackers will suddenly allow the target to remember that name. This creates a psychological dependency on the attackers for information.

— Making threats to do harm. Attackers will often fill victims’ minds with thoughts that they are, for example, going to burn down their houses, going to cause loved ones accidents, going to send “the death squad,” or going to cause organ failures.

— Creating in victims a lack of confidence in themselves by disparaging their capabilities and accentuating their faults.

— Sending victims on wild goose chases and believing things that are not true. Attackers sometimes convince targets that surveillance bugs are hidden throughout their houses, causing targets to search frantically for those bugs.

— Convincing targets that they have psychic or special powers. One auditory target states that the attackers convinced him that he was able to determine the locations of implanted devices on other targets. He even informed some of those targets where their devices were located.

— Causing targets to believe that they are going crazy. Indeed, because of the attackers’ efforts, many victims do develop faux paranoia and do things that make them seem psychotic.

— Inducing anxiety by filling victims’ mind with lewd and vile stories about friends and loved ones.  

— Extracting information about others. For example, the attackers will cause a target to think of people he knows named Joe. Then they will ask, “Joe who?” The target tells the attackers Joe’s surname. Afterward, the attackers query the victim about that individual.

— Getting the target to trust them. One victim tells about perceiving a subliminal voice urging him to trust the attackers.

— Causing targets to see holographic images. Most targets who receive the voices also complain that they often see holographic depictions. One target believes that the attackers insert the holographic images by telling the target’s subconscious what he is supposed to be seeing. The target then draws upon his knowledge and experience to embellish and visualize that occurrence, creating the holographic images. In other words, that target believes that the holographic images stem from his own brain.  

— Urging a target to commit suicide. Many targets feel that they are being led to take their own lives. An auditory target who somehow has developed the ability to hear some of the subliminal voices states that he has heard what sounds like a loop-play tape telling him to commit suicide.

Recording the Voices

As far as we know, a method has not been invented that is available to the public that will record the voices that only auditory targets can hear. Some auditory targets have attempted to record the voices but failed to record them in their entirety. However, several auditory targets have reported that they had succeeded in recording certain words and phrases contained in the voices transmitted to them.

The technique used was for the auditory targets to record their surroundings in silence when there were no extraneous noises. Then, the tapes were given to second parties who played the tapes using an audio enhancer of some type. Those persons heard various words and phrases. Probably not every person with technical knowledge could succeed in capturing the voices. The person using that technique must not only have very good hearing but also possess considerable intuitiveness to be able to discern those words and phrases.

What the Voices Tell Us

Auditory targets have neglected for years to analyze the actual voices (V2K) that many of them receive to learn more about the attackers behind those voices. Two different groups of auditory targets studied the voices in 2012 and 2017, respectively, to see whether there were identifiable similar patterns among the attackers. Although the objective of the studies was to examine only what the attackers say in their voices to targets and how they say it, we also hoped that we would get some clues about the nature of the attackers themselves.

A study of this type has inherent weaknesses: (1) The study groups consist of only a small number of targets who receive the voices. (2) There is no standard terminology used in targeting; thus, some participants may have interpreted the questions differently. (3) There is no way to determine whether targets who claim to be targets are true victims, mentally impaired, or perhaps feigning their symptoms to interfere with the study—those persons are often called perpetrators, or perps. (4) The targets’ answers are subjective, based on their own experiences and beliefs. (5) The survey may not ask the right questions.

The 2012 Study

In July-August, 2012, nine auditory targets studied what the attackers say and how they say it. The group hoped that the study would show a pattern in the tactics that the attackers use. To a large extent, the result shows that it did.

Of the nine participants, seven were female and two were male, ranging in age from the thirties to the seventies. Participants represented the South (4), Southwest (3), Mid-West (1), and the Pacific Northwest (1). Seven of the nine targets were Caucasian.  Although the number of the participants was small, the targets were relatively representative of the targeted population in gender, location, age, and race. A similar study using the same questions but with different targets, hopefully in different areas, will be conducted in the future to validate or revise the initial findings.

The lives and backgrounds of the targets who receive the voices are diverse, and those targets share very few commonalities among themselves. That suggests that various groups engage in the attacks, not one single group. Each of those attack groups may identify and attack more than one target and thus will have a cadre of technically trained attackers. Also, each group must be large and powerful enough to provide the manpower and finances to sustain the attacks.

About the Attackers Themselves

The purpose of the study was to study the tactics of the attackers, not the attackers themselves. Nevertheless, the answers of the participants do perhaps tell us something about the attackers. Although we cannot be certain that we are correct due to the deceptiveness of the attackers, here is what the auditory targets’ answers reveal about the attackers.

— In most American cases, the attackers appear to be native-born Americans or at least persons who are either perfectly bi-lingual or whose first language is English. Seven of the participants said that the attackers did not have a noticeable accent. That in itself is not particularly significant, as we know that software programs that can be bought off the shelf allow the users to adopt various accents, including an American accent. However, six participants said that the attackers even use local words and expressions in common usage in their areas.

— Most of the participants also agree that the attackers do not appear to be above average in education and intelligence. Despite the ingenious plan used for the attacks, the actual attackers are probably just plain, ordinary people who one would expect to see on the street every day but who have been trained to use the attack devices.

— All targets state that their attackers use profane language, dirty slang, or curse words. That information and their tactics dealing with degenerate sex disproves the notion that the attackers are religious zealots who are attacking targets for the targets’ beliefs or trying to convert the targets to some form of religion. Indeed, although some radical religious groups would doubtlessly target certain people if they had the means to do so, the actual attackers appear to be sorely lacking in personal religious convictions.

— The attackers do appear to follow some common guidelines set out in perhaps an original master plan of attack. That hints that one or more of the attackers may date back to the development of that plan or were at least trained by one of those earlier individuals. If that is correct, some of the attackers may be in their 60s and even in their 70s or still older.

The attackers appear to follow the same or very similar tactics in carrying out their targeting. We have designated those tactics “general” and “specific.” The following sections deal with those general and specific tactics that the attackers use on auditory targets.

The Attackers’ General Tactics

V2K is a form of neurological assault, which always includes mind reading along with the voices. The voices themselves are complex, for there are audible voices, i.e., the usual V2K, as well as the “inaudible” voices, aimed at the subconscious. The latter are sometimes referred to as “layered” voices, imposed upon the usual V2K and/or underlying the V2K. Unfortunately, very few targets are able to “hear” the “inaudible” voices, which produce far more negative results than the “audible” voices.

Deception runs deep throughout the verbal attacks. Without deception, the voices alone would probably have little effect. The tactics that the attackers use reflect that deception. Everything that the attackers say and do seems to have a purpose. The plan of attack is carefully contrived, and psychology plays a major role in its implementation. The following actions identified in the V2K study demonstrate some general tactics that all or most of the attackers appear to use in their neurological assault.

— Talk in a very low volume that allows targets to hear only snatches of what they say. Eight of the nine targets said “yes.”

—  Command the attackers to go somewhere or not to go somewhere. Eight targets answered “yes.”

—  Accompany their V2K with strange noises that seemingly come from outside, like a dove cooing or a dog barking (when there is no nearby dog). Eight of the nine targets answered “yes.”

—  Attempt to cause sleep deprivation. All nine participants answered “yes.”

—  Pretend to extort money from or blackmail the victims. In eight of the nine cases, the attackers pretended to extort money from the targets.

—  Tell the victims that they are going to hell or to jail. Eight of the targets report that their attackers tell them that they’re going to hell. Of those eight, four targets state that the attackers also said that they were going to jail.

—  Address victims by a code name, nickname, or some other name that the victims do not use. Seven participants say that their attackers use code names, or nicknames, for them.

—  Claim to be or suggest that they are various groups. All but one participant stated that the attackers have suggested that they represent various groups.  

—  Give the victims commands when they know that the victims are going to do that action anyway (washing your hands, brushing your teeth, closing the door, turning out the lights, etc.), All nine targets answered “yes.”

—  Repeat particular numbers to victims. Seven targets answered “yes.”

—  Praise the targets for something that they do or think, a form of “good cop/bad cop.” Seven targets answered that the attackers sometimes praised them; eight targets stated that they played “good cop/bad cop.”

—  Use other voices that victims believe that they are not supposed to hear underlying or superimposed over the usual V2K. Most of the participants sometimes hear those additional voices.

—  Cause the victims to …have accidents, or ruin something that they are doing. All nine participants answered “yes.”

—  Make innuendos about why the targets were selected for targeting. Eight participants said that the attackers made innuendos about the reasons.

—  Give the victims specific instructions about what to do or not to do or what to think and what not to think. All nine participants answered “yes.”

—  Invite the victims to join them. Eight of the participants were asked to join the attackers.

—  Use obvious recordings interspersed in their real-time talking (although those recordings may be in the same voice). All nine participants agreed.

—  Tell victims that they are “hardheaded” or “stubborn.” Eight targets said “yes.”

—  Suggest to victims that if they do a certain act or think in a certain way that their attacks will stop. Seven targets said at one time or another the attackers hinted that if the targets did as the attackers wished, their attacks would cease.

—  Sometimes express anger and frustration. Six targets said “yes.”

—  Talk negatively about particular ethnic, political, or religious groups? All nine participants said that the attackers talk negatively about a particular group.

—  Pretend that they are religious. In eight of the nine cases, the targets were told that they are going to hell.

—  Sometimes hint that they have been assigned to the victims and that the attackers are responsible for them.

—  Attempt to take credit for negative things that happen in victims’ lives.

Eight targets answered “yes.”

Letter below placed on porch of home in time for return visit to friends.  Had taken dogs to along to run on the four acres friend owns.  Attempts to poison them were found outside of a chain link fence during walk on friend’s property.  In letter found on porch seven people I do not know wrote notes of sympathy for the death of a dog.  Being a targeted individual is to have every aspect of security and safety in your life vanish though repeated harassment, intimidation, remote DEW torture and rape, V2K/BCI, and more.

letter on porch

more comments in letter

The Attackers’ Specific Tactics

Almost everything that the attackers say and do appears to be a part of the attack plan and has an objective. Many of those objectives are obvious in analyzing the answers to the questions. Although we have known those objectives for some time, we have not attempted to determine whether they are commonly used by the attackers. Listed below are some tactics employed by the attackers that our study shows are widely employed to accomplish those objectives.

Cause Anxiety in Targets

Instilling anxiety in targets is a main objective of the attackers. In fact, anxiety is one of their major tools in neutralizing the targets. Anxiety is a horrible condition, as those who have experienced it know very well. For those who have not experienced anxiety, it is a fear of unknown origin, a disquiet that the person cannot fathom. The person is filled with dread, especially at night when the whole world seems to close in upon him. He is like a caged wild animal who seeks an escape, but there is no possible escape. He goes to bed with fear, sleeps fitfully, and wakes up with fear. What better condition could the attackers ask for?

Because of anxiety, some targets eventually commit suicide. Others become psychological basket cases and totally discredited by their fear and the bizarre behavior that it creates. Here are some tactics that the attackers use to induce anxiety in targets.

—  Induce dreaming in which they stage frightful scenarios and make the targets the principal actors. Eight of the nine participants said “yes.”

—  Call targets ugly names. All nine participants stated that the attackers call them ugly names.

—  Try to make targets believe that certain foods and drink(s) and medicines in their domicile have been tampered with? Eight participants said “yes.”

—  Comment on and ridicule things that targets write about on the computer. Seven targets said “yes.”

—  Instill phobias in targets’ minds (fear of snakes, spiders, germs, water, etc.). Eight of the nine targets answered “yes.”

—  Bother targets when they are concentrating on a mental task, such as preparing their income tax returns, etc. All nine targets said that the attackers bothered them while they were concentrating on a particular mental task.

—  Suggest that relatives and friends of the victims are also targeted. All nine participants answered “yes.”

—  Berate targets about what the targets write or think about and tell them it’s not true. Eight of the nine targets said “yes.”

—  Cause “glitches” on the victims’ computer when they do not like what the targets are writing. Eight participants said “yes.”

—  Relate to the targets stories about incidents in the targets’ childhoods. All nine participants stated “yes.”

—  Criticize victims for something that they said to somebody or thought about somebody and try to make them feel guilty over it. All nine participants answered “yes.”

—  Employ code words and expressions such as “hospital” and “emergency room” in their V2K to victims. Eight answered “yes.”

—  Lead victims to believe that others are talking about them or making fun of them. Eight targets said “yes.”

—  Talk to victims about dead relatives and people whom they once liked very much but are now out of touch with. Seven targets said “yes.”

—  Make the victims believe that they knew their families long ago. All nine targets report that their attackers pretend to have known the targets’ families in the past.

—  Tell victims that they and their loved ones are going to die. All nine targets answered “yes.”

—  Cause one of the voices to sound similar to the victims’ voices. Seven of the nine targets said that the attackers have used or continue to use a voice similar to their own voices.

—  Threaten to burn down victims’ houses, destroy their possessions, or vandalize their property. Six of the nine targets answered “yes.” Another target said that they used to but now do not.

—  Re-enforce the V2K with holographic images. Eight of the targets experienced holographic images at one point or another in their targeting.

—  Mention places on victims’ bodies that are not visible to other people (a scar, a tattoo, etc.)? Six targets said “yes.”

—  Try to convince the targets that they are crazy. Eight participants answered “yes.”

—  Urge targets to commit suicide. Eight of the nine participants have been or are urged to commit suicide.

—  Make targets believe that a person they know said something ugly about them. Eight participants said “yes.”

—  Pretend that they can see the targets. All nine participants said “yes.”

—  Tell victims that they have a life threatening or a debilitating disease. All participants answered “yes.”

—  Project their voices over objects such as the spewing water when victims shower.

Six of the nine targets said that they hear the voices over the running water.

—  Increase the physical/neurological torture the night before an important event. All nine participants answered “yes.”

—  Sometimes use another language in their voices. Six participants answered “yes,” and five of those said Spanish. One answered that they spoke English but with perhaps a Swedish or Irish accent. Only three of the targets stated that the language used held some significance for them.

—  Employ the V2K continually 24/7, using real-time and recorded voices. Seven of the nine participants hear the voices continually.

—  Use “inaudible,” or “silent,” voices—sometimes referred to as “layered” voices–to make targets forgetful, e.g., of where they put objects, to take their medicine, to make a necessary phone call, to instill doubt about relatives and friends, and to induce anxiety. All nine targets agreed that the attackers use the “silent” voices on them.

—  Blank out the thoughts of targets as well as cause other thoughts to surface in the victims’ minds. All nine targets said “yes.”

—  Attempt to convince targets that they are ugly, fat, that they smell bad, or are otherwise undesirable. All nine participants answered “yes.”

—  Cause victims to hear actual voices talking about them without the victims seeing the speakers or seeing the speakers’ mouths? (Perhaps the speakers’ backs were toward the targets or the targets could see nobody at all.) Eight of the targets said “yes.”

—  Urge targets to eat excessively and eat the wrong kinds of food or perhaps drink too much. All nine targets answered “yes.”

—  Often attempt to make the victims believe that they knew the victims at an earlier age, using statements such as “We went to elementary school with you? Or, “We went to high school with you?” Six answered “yes.”

—  Relate events in victims’ infancy and childhood to make them feel guilt, remorse, anxiety, etc. Eight participants said “yes.”

— Ridicule and make fun of targets during their prayers. Seven targets said that the attackers make fun of their prayers or their praying. Another target said that they sometimes do.

— Repeat the targets’ thoughts to them as the thoughts come to mind. Eight targets said “yes.” One of those said that the attackers did not repeat them directly following the thoughts but did so later.

— Try to make targets think that they are bad and that the attackers are good. Eight targets answered “yes.”

—  Show targets holographic images of Christ and/or other religious figures. Seven targets answered “yes.”

neighbor-in-drive neighbor-is-a-nurse-at-yellow-brick-rental chief.jpg friend.jpg good-friend still works for my former work place

Interrogate the Targets

Although it is easier for the attackers to interrogate the targets at night while they sleep, the attackers also interrogate them when they are awake. The interrogations clearly show the handiwork of psychiatrists and psychologists and the intelligence agencies in devising the plan of attack. The attackers repeat their interrogation questions day after day until they are satisfied with the answers.

Of course, they probably already know the answers to most of the questions, and through mindreading, they complete the information. One of the main objectives in the interrogations is to let the targets know how much the attackers already know about the targets seemingly to frighten them.

—  Question/interrogate the targets. All nine targets said that the attackers questioned/interrogated them.

—  Tell targets that they are “investigators.” Eight targets answered “yes.”

—  Pretend to be local law enforcement or to be working with local law enforcement.

Eight of the nine targets stated that the attackers claimed to be law enforcement or working with law enforcement.

—  Try to convince or suggest to targets that they have committed a crime or a sin. Eight targets answered “yes.”

—  Show the targets photos of people, places, and objects while questioning them. Eight of the nine participants report that the attackers show them photos and question them about the photos.

—  Direct targets’ thoughts to certain people, places, or objects and then question targets about them. Six targets said “yes.”

—  State a number, which causes targets to think back when they or their children were that age or to think something else about that number. Seven targets answered “yes.”

—  State a particular year and then question targets about that year. Six targets answered “yes.”

—  Make targets feel that they have to clarify and articulate carefully their thoughts and even explain them to the attackers? Eight of the participants answered “yes.”

—  Cause targets to visualize in their minds the faces of people whom they think of or who the attackers cause them to think of. Eight of the participants said “yes.”

—  State a particular first name and cause targets to think of all of the people whom they know by that name. Seven participants said “Yes.”

—  Suggest that the targets are not patriotic. Six targets said “yes.”

—  Question targets about their ‘relationship” with a particular individual or group.

Seven of the nine targets reported that the attackers questioned them about “relationships.”

—  Ask targets questions about places they have lived in or visited. Six of the nine participants said “yes.”

Isolate the Targets

— Tell targets ugly and negative things about their friends and relatives. All nine targets said that the attackers said bad things about their friends and relatives.

—  Make targets suspicious of their relatives and neighbors. All nine targets report that the attackers try to make them suspicious of their neighbors.

Induce Dreams

Inducing dreams and staging scenarios are not merely for the attackers’ entertainment. Those dreams and scenarios are undoubtedly intended to induce anxiety, provide additional information about the target’s past (a form of interrogation), and program the target’s thoughts and actions.   

— Induce dreaming in which they present a particular theme. Eight participants answered “yes.”

—  Cause targets to feel anxious, frightened, or upset as a result of the induced dreams. Seven targets said “yes.”

—  Make targets see the other actors in the dreams. Eight targets said that they actually see the other people with whom they are interacting.

Use Physical Effects with Neurological Attacks

—  Inflict a variety of physical torture on targets along with the voices. All nine targets receive physical effects.

—  Started attacking targets with the physical effects before beginning the voices. Seven said “yes.” Of those, the previous physical effects ranged from 5 minutes to 25 years.

—  Cause a ringing in the ears (tinnitus) in targets. Eight of the nine participants report the ear ringing, but one of them said that it occurred about 3.5 years AFTER she started hearing the voices and another one said that it was only “off and on.”

such a good friend letting someone else carry his bags hanging on for dear life friendly neighbor.jpg img_47682

Employ Sexual Themes and Make Sexual Innuendos

—  Use expressions such as “(Name of a person) is crazy about you.” and “(Name of a person) wants you.” Seven targets said that at some point in their targeting or very often the attackers use those same expressions.

—  Start the V2K during or shortly after targets have relations with or break up with a companion. In six cases, the V2K appears to have something to do with a relationship.

—  Attempt to make targets think of (anything taboo) when they are engaged in sexual activity. Seven answered “yes.”

—  Touch and manipulate the targets’ genitals through vibrations. All nine targets stated “yes.”

— Use particular trigger words and expressions or show targets holographic images that them feel a sexual arousal? Seven targets said that they are triggered into sexual feelings.

—  Attempt to connect targets’ sexual thoughts… through their V2K. Seven said “yes.”

— Refer to targets as being gay or try to make them believe that they are gay, that they are sexually attracted to (anything taboo). All nine participants report that the attackers try to make them think they are gay or to think about having sex with (anything taboo).

End of 2012 Study  

jim-hagale manager-of-safety-and-security-operations-at-the-national-headquarters.jpg 636089333730288679-tcop000071 John Black General Counsel for City Utilities Springfield, Missouri new-neighbors nobody.jpg

The 2017 STUDY

Twenty-two auditory targets volunteered to participate in the second V2K study, 21 Americans and one Canadian whose mother is American born. However, only eleven targets actively took part in the study. The twenty-two intended participants answered twenty questions about themselves and their backgrounds to determine whether they shared any common characteristics. Here are the results.

  1.  The genders of the participants were 15 females and 7 males.
  2. Racially, there were 18 whites, 1 black, 2 Hispanics, 1 Native American, and no Asians.
  3.  The marital status was as follows: 7 single but 1 with a partner, 11 divorced and 1 separated, and 3 married.
  1.  Age-wise, nobody was under 30, and there were eight who ranged between       30 and 50, twelve between 50 and 70, and 2 over 70.
  1.  Six of the participants had at least one parent who was born in another country.
  2.  Five participants were born in other countries.
  1.  No target was adopted or had himself adopted children.
  1.  Four participants were the only child of their parents.
  1.  Three of the participants were left handed; one was ambidextrous but preferred using the right hand.
  1.  Thirteen participants had abused drugs/alcohol (not including occasionally smoking pot) at some time in their lives.
  1.  Educationally, three did not finish high school (1 of those later got a GED), ten       finished high school and attended some college, four obtained BA’s or BS’s, three got master’s degrees, and one became a PhD. One participant did not answer that question.
  1.  In religion, 14 were Christian, 3 were atheists, 3 were agnostics, 1 considered       himself a Muslim/agnostic/Christian mystic, and 1 was ambivalent about religion.
  2.  Politically, thirteen of the participants were not political at all and nine either vote or are somehow involved in the political process.
  1.  Ten of the participants earned less than $20,000 a year; seven, from $20,000 to  $60,000; and five earn over $60,000.
  1.  The careers of the participants naturally varied: two were in sales; two, in       education; two, in real estate; and three were disabled (not determined whether it was related to their targeted). The other participants worked in other undefined areas or were retired.
  1.  Of the 22 participants, four were retired, nine were employed or self-employed, and eight were unemployed or on medical disability or otherwise disabled. One participant did not answer the question.
  1.  No participant had served in the Armed Forces.
  1.  Only five participants had worked on some level of government or with the       government in some capacity.
  1.  Seventeen of the 22 participants had reported their targeting to the authorities.
  1.  Thirteen of the 22 participants had undergone medical procedures of one kind or another before discovering their targeting, four had never had any type of surgery, and two had surgery after discovering that they were targeted. The answers of other participants were not clear.

Of the twenty-two intended participants in the second V2K study, only eleven actually answered the questions. They were supposed to answer 250 questions, sent to them in sets of from 10 to 20 questions. Unfortunately, one of the 11 participants did not answer Set 5 and 4 participants did not respond to Set 6. Therefore, the study had to conclude at the fifth set of questions with the answers of only 10 participants. That means that participants answered only about 60 questions, or only about a fourth of the intended questions.

Each set of questions and the answers to those questions are seen following. The reader can judge for himself whether the study reveals any meaningful information about the voices and the attackers.


  1. In what year did you first start hearing the V2K?  

1981, 1990, 1995, 1996, 2006, 2010 (2), 2011, 2012, one answer was indefinite but it suggested that the voices began years ago, probably in the 1990s.

[In this sampling of targets who receive the voices, one can see that the earliest date at which the attackers were able to project their voices was 1981. Five participants got the voices in a 17-year period from 1981 to 1998. Five of the targets started getting the voices over only a 6-year period in the 2000s. Thus, it appears that the number of targets increase in the 2000s and increase significantly since 2010. This suggests that as the method becomes more sophisticated, a proliferation of targeting occurs. It may also suggest that the ease of identifying and targeting victims has improved and that the attackers trained to handle victims have increased in number.] 

  1. In what state or country did you first hear the voices?  

Illinois, Massachusetts (2), Virginia, California, South Carolina, Colorado, Tennessee, New York (2) 

[Six of the locations were in populous western, central, and eastern states. Two of them were in the South. One of them was in the Rocky Mountains. This indicates that targeting occurs all over the United States, perhaps more so in heavily populated areas.] 

  1. Where were you when you first heard the V2K?

Eight participants were in their domicile. One was in a car. And another one was at his work place.

[This indicates that the voices can be projected to any location. The location where the voices begin seems to depend on the timing decided by the particular attackers. In my experience, the attackers choose a time when the targets are most emotionally vulnerable and when the situation is the quietest, which may explain the eight cases when the voices were first heard in the targets’ domiciles.] 

  1. Do you recall what the attackers first said to you?  

[The answers were, of course, mixed. However, all of the attackers’ statements were obviously designed to be unsettling, perplexing, and frightful to the targets.] 

  1. How many voices did you at first hear?

[Six participants heard two or more voices. Four participants heard only one voice. Thus, this question is probably not really relevant.] 

  1. Were they male voices or female voices?

Five participants heard only male voices. Four heard a mixture of males and females. One heard only a female voice.

[Thus, we can see that unless the attackers are purposely changing their voices, which they are able to do, male attackers predominate.] 

  1. Did the voices have a particular accent? (If so, please explain.)

Only three participants noted a particular accent. One stated that it was a west coast accent, one a NY accent, and another one, a mid-west one.

[Unless the attackers were purposely disguising their voices, this indicates that the attackers were probably located in the same areas in which the targets heard the voices. However, that still does not indicate what devices/methods the attackers were using.]

  1. Did the attackers use the same voices every day?

One participant answered that he was unsure. Another participant said that the attackers stated that they were using new voice-sampling software. One said that at first they used the same voices but later started to “garble” the voices. One participants answered “no.” One participant stated that at first they were those of family members and then later, strangers. Another participant said that the voices changed from time to time. Only one participant answered definitely “yes.” One said “not at first.” Still another participant said “sometimes.”

[Thus, this question is probably not meaningful, as we know that the attackers can clone voices of others or otherwise disguise their voices.]

  1. Are the voices you hear today the same ones that you first heard?

Five participants stated “yes.” One said “no.” One said “sometimes.” One participant wasn’t sure. Another participant stated that the voices stopped when he went on meds. One participant did not answer that question.

[Again, this question is obviously not relevant, as the attackers can change their voices using off-the-shelf computer programs. Whether or not the attackers change their voices seems to depend on the particular attackers.]

  1. Do you receive the voices only occasionally, during the day, during the night, or continually. (Please explain.)

[Nine participants state that their voices are continuous. Another participant says that he no longer gets the voices. Therefore, once the voices begin, it appears that the objective of the attackers is to inundate the targets with voices continuously.]


  1. Do your attackers pretend to be religious? 

Six participants stated “yes.” One said that they did at first but quit after they could not convince him of it. One stated that they mocked religion. Another participant said that the attackers called it a “spiritual awakening” and that he hated blacks and Jews. Only one said “no.”

[It is obvious that the attackers do usually pretend to the targets that they are religious. Most people have some religious leanings. Thus, this is a vulnerable area for targets.]  

  1. If so, what religion do they claim to represent?

Four participants said Christian, but one of those four stated that they also sometimes suggested that they were al Qaeda (Moslem). One said that they are “anti-religion.” Another one said that they were a “Christian coalition” and they sometimes mentioned that they were vegans. A 7th participant answered “all religions,” including Satanism. An 8th participant said that the attackers were “spiritual” but claimed no particular religion. A 9th participant said that they purported to be the opposite of what he believed. A 10th participant had answered “no” concerning the attackers’ use of religion.

[As in Question 1, the attackers attempt to confuse and mislead targets concerning religion and the identity of the attackers. They may either be trying to blame a particular religion or religion in general for the attacks or trying to persuade the targets to accept their version of religion.  Attacking one’s beliefs is a way to frustrate targets, cause them anxiety, and damage their self-worth, therefore aiding in isolating them. It may also suggest that the attackers may be left to their own choices about what to claim about religious beliefs.] 

  1. In their talking, do the attackers pretend to identify with a particular political party, civic group, or other organization?

The answers vary. Two participants answered “no.” Two stated “Republican.” One stated that they claimed that they were white supremacists. Another one said that they did not specify a particular party or group but wanted him to know that they were politically knowledgeable. Another participant said they were ignorant of politics and did not even know the governor of the state. One participant said that they claimed to be part of a government program and that they had amnesty. A 9th participant stated that they mostly pretend to be very right wing and lean toward harsh conservative viewpoints. A 10th participant said that they often changed their views but wanted him to believe that they were knowledgeable of politics.

  1. Do the attackers tell you or suggest that you are going to hell or to jail?

All ten participants say that they have been told that they are going either to jail or to hell. 

[Those threats are made to cause targets to think that they are targeted because they did something wrong. This makes the attackers appear justified in assaulting the victims. The threats attempt to induce anxiety in targets. Part of their program appears to be to frighten targets about their future, instill fear, and keep them in a state of waiting for something bad to happen to them because they deserve it.]

  1. Do the attackers have a particular code name for you?

Four participants answered “no.” Four answered “yes,” of whom two of them did not elaborate on the names. Two participants said that the attackers called them by their first names.

[Whether or not to use a special code name for targets appears to be a decision of the particular attack group.]

  1. Have the attackers told you or suggested to you who they are?

Only two participants answered “no.” Eight participants stated “yes.”

[Once again, the attackers obviously seek to confuse the targets concerning their identity. This is purposeful. If all of the attackers admitted that they represented a single group, it would allow victims to focus their efforts to identity them.]    

  1. If so, what did they tell or suggest to you?

Only two participants said that their attackers gave them no clues or suggestions about who they were. Three participants stated that the attackers were family members/friends/neighbors/former classmates, in other words, people whom they knew. Two said that the attackers suggested that they represented the government. One participant said that they “were for hire.” A 9th participant said “They have tried to dissuade me from remembering their names from the very beginning.” The 10th answer was not clear. 

[It is a well-known fact to most targets that their attackers attempt to turn them against family members, friends, and others. It is also known that the attackers can clone actual voices and use those voices as if they were their own. The attackers know that the best way to alienate and thus isolate targets is by making them believe that neighbors, family members, friends, etc. are behind their attacks.]

  1. Have the attackers’ ever projected their voices to you through the TV, radio, or other device?

Only one participant stated “no.” The other nine participants heard the V2K through various devices and means.

[The attackers obviously have the capability of projecting sound through familiar instruments/devices, including running water in a shower. They have the capability of directing the sound to almost any location either close to targets or at a distance. That, of course, is designed to awe and frighten targets and make them believe that the attackers are very powerful.]

[It is obvious that the attackers have the capability to blanking out memory, thus making targets forget to do ordinary things.] 

  1. Do the voices sometimes tell you that they are “responsible” for you or that they have been assigned to you?

Five participants answered “yes.” Two participants answered “no.” One said that they used to do so. Two answers were not clear.

[This tactic appears designed to place the blame for targeting on the victims.]   


  1. Do you hear the voices both day and night?

Nine participants get the voices both day and night. A 10th participant answered that he receives his usually only very early in the morning around one o’clock. One target says that he no longer receives the voice.

  1. If the answer is both, are the voices clearer in the daytime or the nighttime?

Four participants stated that the voices are about the same always. One participant stated that the voices are clearest at his work place (daytime). One participant said that the voices range from “normal” to barely audible. One participant said that it seemed to be clearer about the time he wakes in the morning. An 8th participant stated that he usually gets the voices only very early in the morning. A 9th participant said that the voices are more audible at night. One participant failed to answer the question.

[The volume and clarity of the voices may depend on the targets’ environment.]

  1. Is there anything that seems to affect the clarity and volume of the voices?

Two participants stated “no.” One participant stated “the wind” increases the clarity and volume. Another participant stated “electric motors and other appliances.” Another participant answered that “noise-cancelling” ear sets dimmed the volume. One participant said that being deep underground (a cave) affected both the clarity and the volume (not audible). A 6th participant said that the way he “listened” affected the clarity and volume of the voices. The other 4 answers were unclear, which probably means that the question was not phrased correctly.

[It is probably only natural that the clarity and volume would vary in different ways among victims. Victims may not be consciously aware of some of the ways that affect the clarity and volume of the voices unless they keep detailed journals of their attacks.]

  1. Do the voices criticize you when you go about your daily tasks or are doing something that requires some deeper thought?

Nine participants answered “yes.” A 10th participant said “no.”

[Trying to make victims feel like failures or feel unworthy is a psychological ploy of the attackers. The attackers know that constant criticism is an effective means of psychological torture.]

  1. Do the voices threaten to do harm to you?

All 10 participants answered “yes.”

[Threatening harm is a psychological facet of the attack system, as it heightens anxiety in victims and causes victims to believe that death, accidents, etc. loom over them.]

  1. Do the voices threaten to do harm to family members and/or friends?

Nine participants answered “yes.” A 10th participant said “just me.”

[Threats to do harm to victims’ family members and friends are often more harmful to victims than threats against the victims themselves, for the victims feel that somehow they are responsible for those threats. This lends to inducing anxiety in victims, which is one of the main objectives of the attackers. If family members and friends know about the targeting, it can also strain relations between them and the target.]

  1. Do you talk back to or dialog with your attackers through the V2K?

Eight participants answered “yes.” One said “not often.” A 10th participant said that he tried not to (however, it appears that the participant’s thoughts went out to the attackers).

[Oftentimes target involuntarily communicate with the attackers. For example, the attackers often interrogate us through the voices. When they ask questions, the victims cannot help thinking the answers. That, of course, strongly suggests that the attackers do indeed read our thoughts.]

  1. Do you believe that the attackers can read your thoughts?

Eight participants were sure that they could. Two participants thought that perhaps the attackers first planted the thoughts and then acted as though they understood them.

[If a victim communicates by mental telepathy with the attackers (without using his voice), by definition the attackers are listening to his thoughts. Moreover, various patents prove that the attackers can read targets’ minds by remote. It may also be true that the attackers do indeed plants certain ideas and then proceed to pull those ideas from the targets minds. However, even if the latter is true, it also strongly suggests that the attackers can read thoughts.]

  1. Is there somebody or several people whom you know that the attackers often talk about?

Nine participants said “yes.” Only one stated “no.”

[This is very intentional on the part of the attackers, for they want the target to be aware that they know those people. Planting negative thoughts about friends and relatives and causing targets to be fearful for those friends and relatives are part of the attack scheme.]  

  1. What do the attackers say about that person or those people?

Nine participants gave varying answers. One participant had answered “no.”

[All nine answers make it clear that the attackers want to create stress and anxiety in the victims.]


  1. Do you feel that the V2K attackers sometimes blank out your thoughts?

Seven participants answered definitely “yes.” Three participants answered differently, but all three answers point to attackers being able to blank out thoughts.

[Blanking out thoughts appears to be a part of the attackers’ modus operandi. It is a way to convince targets to depend on the attackers, for after blanking out the thoughts, the attackers supply the answers.] 

  1. Do you feel that the attackers sometimes cause certain thoughts to surface in your mind or tell you what to say?

Nine participants said “yes.” One said that they attempt to.

[It is clear that the attackers attempt to influence targets’ thought through planting negative ideas. This is a main facet of mind control.] 

  1. Do you also receive physical torture along with the voices of the attackers?

Nine participants stated definitely “yes.” A 10th participant said “no,” but that he had been hit with directed energy weapons several times.

[It is clear that the attackers augment with voices with painful effects or vice versa. Obviously physical torture is a part of the plan to accompany the voices. The voices are much more effective when they are received along with the physical and neurological symptoms.]

  1. If the answer is yes, please describe those physical effects.                            Severe pain, shooting bone pain, kidney failure, facial paralysis, coma, malnutrition, nausea, vomiting, severe headaches, mutilation through virtual rape, cervical cancer, electronic harassment, ear pain, severely burning limbs or scalp, simulated sexual molestation, muscular spasms, severe cramps, severe joint pains in legs, arms and hands, choking spells, chest pains, teeth cracking, eardrum bleeding, painful vibrations, lower back pain, pings, electronic rape, burning, blistering, squeezing, stinging, being pushed,  body heating, induced dreaming, complete takeover of all body systems (nervous, endocrine, hormonal, brain),  pain infliction, temperature control, involuntary muscle movement, inability to breathe through my nose, electrical shocks, neurological takeover, burning, itching, sneezing, nose bleeding, bowel or urine incontinence, artificially regulated heart rate and blood pressure, skin and hair imbalances, visual disturbances, tremors, obnoxious odor coming from body, forced crying, excessive swallowing, nasal discharge, pain in the head, blurred vision, imbalance while walking, ankle and feet pain, face and back pains (causing it to be very stiff and painful), severe attacks on head, face burning, loss of eye to hand coordination, and attacks on shoulder (the top of it very painful).  face, when I brush my teeth they make me lose my eye to hand coordination, they attack my left shoulder, the top of it making it hurt, muscle spasms, stinging, itching, burning, severe headaches, pains in lower back, and the back of the neck, skin tension, attacks on teeth, sexual assault, pains in the groin and pelvic and pubic areas, sleep deprivation, bruising, scratches, and pain to feet and legs.

[It is clear that the attackers have at their disposal an arsenal of physical effects that they can cause. The attackers appear to be free to choose from their arsenal of weaponry what physical and neurological effects to use on targets to achieve their aims.] 

  1. Do the voices tell you and try to convince you that you are crazy?

Six participants answered “yes.” Only one participant stated “no.” An 8th participant said that they used to but now only rarely suggest it. A 9th participant said “sometimes.” The 10th participant answered the question in a different manner, making it difficult to determine his answer. 

[The attackers obviously want the targets to think that they are crazy and they do everything they can to manipulate the targets to appear to be crazy to make them undergo “psychiatric evaluations.” That undermines a target’s credibility so that nobody, including law enforcement, believes them.] 

  1. Do the attackers use any code words/expressions or “trigger” words/expressions?

Eight participants realized that their attackers used “trigger” words and expressions on them. One participant said “no, everything is repetitive.” Another participant said that he couldn’t think of any but was sure that the attackers used them.  

[The attackers will almost invariably use certain “trigger” words and expressions for targets, words and expressions that affect the targets’ emotions in one way or another. Those triggers will be as varied as the targets and will be meaningful for those individual targets.]

  1. Do the attackers use obvious recordings along with their real time talking?

Seven participants answered “yes.” Two others received a form of recordings. One answered flatly “no.”

[Recordings appear to be a labor saving device used by the attackers. Those recordings and perhaps artificial intelligence help in filling in gaps between real-time talking. The use of recordings appears to be a regular part of the attack plan. Its use probably depends on the number of attackers in the group assigned to particular targets.] 

  1. Along with the V2K, do the attackers sometimes manipulate your sexual organs?

In eight cases, the attackers tamper with targets’ sexual organs. Two participants answered “no.”

[The attackers appear to tamper with targets’ sexual organs perhaps to annoy the targets, to humiliate them with unwanted sensations, to achieve sleep deprivation, to instill in them a feeling of helplessness, or perhaps to program them into associating sex with other persons mentioned in their V2K.] 

  1. Do the attackers attempt to connect you sexually with (anything taboo) through their V2K?

Eight participants answered “yes.” Two answered “no.”

[The attackers in most cases appear to use sex to instill guilt as one of their attack methods. Associating targets’ sexual thoughts with (anything taboo) frustrates targets and heightens anxiety in them. Because of the psychological sex association, targets often become (isolated).] 

  1. Can you hear the voices when you are conversing with others, watching TV, on the phone, or otherwise distracted?

Eight participants said that they could still hear the attackers’ voices while talking with other people, watching TV, etc. One stated “no, not usually.” A 10th participant did not answer that question.

[This indicates that the voices are continuous, which also suggests that they do indeed use recordings during the V2K that continue regardless of what the targets are doing.]  


  1.  Have the attackers ever spoken to you in other languages?

Seven participants answered “no.” Only three answered “yes.”

[Most Americans are monolingual. Thus, in general, the attackers use only the language known to the targets. In all three cases of participants who answered “yes,” other languages were probably meaningful to them for various reasons. The use of other languages aid the attackers in hiding their true identities. It is highly likely that the languages used are recorded and that the attackers themselves do not know those languages.]

  1.  If so, does that language or those languages have any particular significance in your life?

Please see the answers to Number 1.

  1.  Do the attackers ever ask you about your “relationship” with a particular individual or group?

Six participants answered “no.” Several said that they answered “no” because the attackers already knew about those relationships. Four answered “yes.”

[Much of V2K appears to involve interrogation and interrogation techniques. There are patented devices and methods that compel the victims to answer questions truthfully. This suggests that targets are objects of various types of experimentation.]

  1.  Have you experienced a ringing in the ears (tinnitus) ever since you first heard the voices?

Nine participants answered “yes.” A 10th participant heard sounds that he tried to explain:  “Yes, I hear noises from it [but it] is not from tinnitus.  I am attacked with a DEW and the directed energy ‘washes’ down the sides of my head.”

[Tinnitus occurs in almost all cases where targets hear voices. It is not yet known whether the tinnitus is caused intentionally by the attackers only to annoy the victims or whether it is an effect of the device used on the targets. More study of tinnitus should be conducted to determine the cause.]

  1.  Do the voices ever seem to come from the shower head or the spewing water when you shower?

Seven participants answered “yes.” One said that at first they did but no longer do so. Two answered “no.”

[That the voices seem to come over the water when showering strongly suggests the attackers’ use of remote directed sound. As in the case of tinnitus, it is still not known whether this is intentional on the part of the attackers or simply a pervasive effect of the method or device for projecting the voices.]

  1. Do you attackers especially bother you the night before an important event (a job interview, departure for a trip, etc.)?

Nine participants answered “yes.” Only one answered “no.”

[Sleep deprivation is a major tactic used by the attackers. The objective is to affect the alacrity of the victims the following day, cause them to oversleep the next morning for their appointments or in carrying out their plans, and  induce anxiety.]

  1. Do you sometimes wake at night with the attackers showing you photos of people, places, or objects and interrogating you about them?

Seven participants answered “yes.” Two participants answered that they were shown pictures, holograms, etc. but were not necessarily questioned about them. One participant answered “no.”

[It is clear that the attackers have the capability to project images into a target’s mind just as they have the capability of projecting the voices to his head.]

  1.  Do the attackers pretend that their intention is to extort money from you or blackmail you and yet do not follow up on it in their actions?

Four participants said that the attackers had indeed stolen money from them or caused them to lose money in one way or another. Only two participants answered “no.” One participant said that they threatened identity theft and talked about extorting money from others. One participant answered “not really” but they practiced workplace mobbing and blacklisted him. Another participant said that from the beginning it was about money and extortion but later they offered him money to join them. One answer could not be interpreted.

[If the attackers do indeed steal money from targets, I suspect that the main reason is to fool targets into thinking that is their purpose.]

  1.  Do the attackers ever ask you about places where you have lived or visited?

Three participants answered “no.” Four stated “yes.” Three participants stated that the attackers told them, not asked them, for they already knew about those places.

[That the attackers already know those places suggest that they know the targets, have researched the lives of the targets, and have mined the thoughts of the targets. I suspect that in the case where targets are asked about those places, the attackers are attempting to force them to tell them to tell the truth or seeing whether the targets are lying.]

  1.  Have the attackers ever told you or suggested to you why you were selected for targeting?

Eight participants were told various reasons why they were selected. Only two participants stated that they had never been offered an explanation.

[The attackers appear to attempt to delude the victims about why they were selected for targeting. The attackers are not likely truthful in any case, for if they were, the victims would know where to concentrate their research about the identities of the attackers.]

  1.  Do the attackers use local words and expression in common usage in your area?

Six participants answered “yes.” One participant said “sometimes.” Only two stated “no.” One participant did not answer the question.

[Regardless of who or what organization might be behind victims’ targeting, they appear to select attackers who either live in the same area of the victims or who know the area and the vernacular well.]

Do the attackers ever tell you something specific to do or not to do?

Nine participants answered “yes.” Only one stated “no.”

[The answers suggest that the attackers either practice a form of “behavior modification” or wish to exercise control over targets. In both cases, in my opinion, it hints of experimentation.]

  1.  Do the attackers ever suggest to you that you have a disease, a pain, or a condition?

Eight participants answered “yes.” One participant stated “no.” A 10th participant said that he did have several diseases but that the attackers tried to convince him that he was only lazy.

[Attackers often use the power of suggestion to make targets believe that they have certain ailments. There is even evidence that the attackers can actually cause those ailments through the continual power of suggestion, usually through inaudible voices to the subconscious that the targets do not hear.]

  1.  Have the attackers ever asked you or suggested to you that you join them?

Six participants stated “no.” Four persons answered “yes.”

[Occasionally the attackers will deceive targets into believing that the attackers want targets to join them. In my opinion, that is total deception. If that were true, somebody would probably contact the targets directly in some manner without first torturing them.]    

  1.  Do the attackers ever urge you to commit suicide?

Eight participants answered “yes.” One participant answered that they had in the past but not lately. Only one person stated “no.”

[The attackers’ attempt to make targets commit suicide is very commonplace, for suicide is a sure way to neutralize the targets. Their urging targets to do so may also be part of an experiment in subliminal suggestion. Constant sleep deprivation, social isolation, and continual physical and neurological torture do cause some targets to end their lives.]    

  1.  Do the attackers ever tell you something that people say or think about you?

Eight participant stated “yes.” Only one said “no.” A 10th participant said that they only repeated topics of conversations that he had had with others that day.

[One of the aims of the attackers is to isolate targets socially. Telling targets lies (or perhaps even truths) about what people say about them strains targets’ relations with those people, thus lending to isolation.]

[Attackers try hard to cause problems for targets and get them jailed or sent for “psychiatric evaluation.” Once they are either jailed or mentally evaluated, they are no longer credible.]

  1.  Do the attackers pretend that they can see you?

Nine participants answered “yes.” A 10th participant said “not anymore, but I know they can see my exact location somehow and probably my thermal image.”

[There are various inventions that allow people to view others by remote. All of the participants seem to be convinced that their attackers can actually see them or at least be able to locate them anywhere.]

  1.  Do the attackers ever pretend to be concerned for your safety, for example, telling you not to overwork in the heat, that you have a low tire on your car, or warning you not to go upon a ladder?

Six participants answered yes for various reasons. Three said “no.” A 10th participant stated “kind of.”

[The attackers try to gain the confidence of targets to exercise control over them. One way to do so is to pretend to give helpful advice. It is simply a ploy and is not at all sincere.]

Do the attackers ever mention places on your body that are not readily visible to other people, e. g., a hidden tattoo, a scar, or a birthmark?   

Five participants answered “yes.” Four answered “no.” Another participant did not answer the question.

[The attackers want targets to believe that the attackers know even the most intimate details about them. This makes targets feel vulnerable and violated, thus contributing to anxiety.]

End of 2017 Study  Thank you TI study!

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The 2018 Survey

Eleanor White, an auditory target who receives only occasional V2K, conducted a survey of auditory targets in the summer of 2018. Eighteen auditory targets completed the survey. Their answers are calculated in percentages. That survey follows.

Please check ONLY ONE of the following two choices: 

0%   My voice to skull transmissions are only ONE WAY, from the attackers to me.  

100% My voice to skull transmissions are TWO WAY, and the attackers can also receive my voice. 

Please check ONLY ONE of the following two choices: 

61% My voice to skull transmissions are continuous, 24/7 or nearly so.   

39% My voice to skull transmissions are sporadic. 

These choices apply to what I HEAR FROM the attackers: 

83% I hear plainly audible voices within my skull. 

17% I hear plainly audible voices within other body parts. 

72% I receive odd sounds, beeps, tones, clicks, buzzes within my skull intermittently. 

50% I receive a nearly constant tone within my skull that seems artificial (not natural tinnitus). 

11% I receive odd sounds, beeps, tones, clicks, buzzes within other body parts.  

78% I receive essentially silent “injected thoughts.” 

78% My attackers give me commands by voice to skull. 

78% My attackers insult me by voice to skull. 

72% My attackers threaten me by voice to skull. 

56% My attackers urge me to harm myself or others by voice to skull. 

72% My attackers lecture me on alleged personal faults by voice to skull. 

50% My attackers disparage family and associates by voice to skull.  

39% My attackers send voices that sound exactly like family or associates by voice to skull.  

22% My attackers send a voice that sounds like my own voice by voice to skull.  

50% My attackers send voices that appear to be unintentional (“open mic”)  conversations among the attackers themselves by voice to skull.  

* Physical sensations other than sound are outside the scope of this survey. Attacker-caused sounds that originate away from the skull or body are also outside the scope of this survey.  

These choices apply to what the attackers RECEIVE FROM ME:  

78% My attackers say things that show that they hear what I am thinking.  

72% My attackers say things that show that they see what I am seeing.  

67% My attackers say things that show that they sense what I am feeling.  

78% My attackers say things that show that they see what I am physically doing.  

72% My attackers set up harassment scenarios showing they know what I had  planned.  

Countermeasures against the Voices:  

28% I have a successful countermeasure against voice to skull.  

0% My countermeasure is totally successful.  

17% My countermeasure is partially successful.  

0% My countermeasure success is permanent.  

17% My countermeasure success is temporary.  

End of 2018 Survey 

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A Possible User Manual  

Similarities in the tactics used by the attackers suggest that they all made use of a type of user manual in performing the assaults on their victims or were trained by someone who had had access to the manual. Such a manual, to the knowledge of current targets, has not been explicitly published unless it has been so highly classified that it has not yet been leaked. The assault activities of the manual do not easily subscribe to chronological order or sequences. Some of the activities follow upon others, and some of them occur concurrently with one of more other activities.

Based on known government programs using similar methods, such as MKUltra and COINTELPRO, the plan of attack shows that the development of the manual probably received input from the medical community, particularly psychiatrists and psychologists, from the intelligence community, from law enforcement, from various categories of scientists, from research institutions, and from other entities. The attack plan appears to require the following steps: (1) Identify the targets and research their backgrounds. (2) Determine what form of targeting can best neutralize the targets. (3) Select the appropriate attackers for the targets. (4) Execute the attacks. 

After the first three steps have been achieved, the attackers begin their operations in executing the plan. Activities of the plan include (1) isolating the targets from relatives, friends, and the community, (2) causing the targets to act in such a manner that they appear mentally unstable, (3) encouraging targets to commit suicide. (4) causing targets to react to their targeting in ways that get them incarcerated or committed to mental institutions. (5) damaging targets’ credibility so that nobody will believe their complaints. (6) making their lives unbearable. (7) and many other activities whose purpose is to neutralize the targets.

It seems safe to assume that of the hundreds of persons involved in developing the manual, some participants had their own agendas. Thus, various other groups over the ensuing decades probably gained access to the content of the manual and to the devices, methods, and knowledge for carrying out the targeting effects. Studies of V2K have found ample reason to believe that targeting is not carried out by a single organization but probably by several or perhaps many organizations.  

The Possible Perpetrators or Attackers

Although we cannot state with absolute certainty what organizations today might have the desire and the capability to use V2K as a weapon, we can narrow down the possibilities by examining several logical requirements for its wide usage. The entity will probably have (1) substantial financial resources to produce or procure equipment used for that operation and also to maintain and distribute it, (2) a principal headquarters and considerable infrastructure for its operations, (3) well equipped  research facilities, (4) a large cadre of operator personnel at its disposal, (4) the means or the authority to command a high degree of secrecy concerning its usage, and (4) highly secret training facilities, probably in more than one city or area.

Remote-delivered electronic assault, including the V2K, is probably expensive. Thus, we have to ask ourselves, “Why go to the time, trouble, and expense of attacking someone using that means? Reasoning leads us to two principal reasons: (1) To exact revenge upon and punish their perceived enemies. Those enemies might be whistleblowers, political, civil rights, and environmental activists, in some cases perhaps individuals for personal reasons, and others. (2) To conduct illegal experiments on targets chosen either deliberately or at random.

It is a widely known fact that US Government entities have engaged in illegal experimentation on American targets on American soil for many years. Wikipedia states that those experiments included “exposure of people to many chemical and biological weapons (including infection of people with deadly or debilitating diseases), human radiation experiments, injection of people with toxic and radioactive chemicals, surgical experiments like KX-338, interrogation and torture experiments, tests involving mind-altering substances, and a wide variety of others.”

Possible Experiments Concerning the Voices 

In as much as animals do not have the power of speech or the ability to understand most of human speech, experiments dealing with the remote-delivered voices must necessarily be carried out on humans. We have not been able to discover any common human characteristics that the attackers seek in experimental auditory targets. Indeed, victims may simply be opportunity targets selected at random, and some of them may be targets chosen primarily for punitive reasons.

Remotely delivered voices transmitted to auditory targets who are the only ones to hear those voices are obviously tools for mind control, the expected result of neurological warfare. Many results of those transmissions are probably no longer experimental but are long proven to be effective. The following examples represent some of the possibly proven and ongoing experiments that we believe the attackers have conducted in perfecting mind control techniques. 

We believe that the following experiments probably seek to determine whether auditory targets:

(1) can be driven to insanity by the voices.

(2) can be made to commit illegal acts, including murder.

(3) can be made to be disloyal to their governments and engage in sabotage and espionage. 

(4) can be persuaded to commit suicide. 

(5) will respond to certain embedded codes and hypnotic triggers. 

(6) will subscribe to a particular doctrine or a belief due to propaganda carried by the subliminal voices. 

(7) can be made to relocate or travel to places designated by the attackers. 

(8) can be taught the capability of hearing inaudible voices and sounds. 

(9) can be taught to solve difficult situations and puzzles. 

(10) can be made to stop some particular activity. 

(11) contrarily, can be made to engage in some particular activity. 

(12) can be persuaded to identify sexually with the opposite gender or the same gender. 

(13) might be made to hate a particular group or cease to hate a particular group of people. 

(14) can be made to endure the most excruciating torture. 

(15) can be made to inform on friends, family members, and others who are committing crimes or treason. 

(16) can be made to memorize certain codes and other information without realizing it. 

(17) and can be made to respond to many other mind control effects.

Neurological warfare is real. The US and other countries have zealously pursued neurological warfare for decades as the next frontier in subjugation methods. The research conducted in those efforts is without a doubt far ahead of mainstream scientific and public knowledge. We believe that illicit human experimentation will continue and will probably increase in the numbers of victims used in the experiments. 

Institutions and Neurological Experimentation 

Many universities and institutions carry out neurological experimentation on their own for various reasons, and others perform the experimentation under contracts with the US Government for specific uses. For example, eighty institutions participated in the government’s MKUltra mind control program in the 1950s and 1960s. Most of the universities involved in the program claim that they were not aware that their contributions would be used for neurological warfare.

Government agencies alone cannot conduct all of the necessary experimentation; thus, they must depend on individual inventors, research institutions, public and private laboratories, universities, public entities, and sometimes big businesses for providing research for the objectives sought. Those sources naturally welcome the large grants given them for those experimental studies.

We can only surmise that the institutions’ neurological studies include areas related to V2K. Many institutions engage in studies concerning schizophrenia. As auditory targets are normally considered schizophrenic, those institutions must necessarily be aware of the voices and may very well be studying certain aspects of the voices. Whether some of the institutions actually employ the devices and methods used in transmitting the voices had not yet been answered.

A few of the institutions that perform research on schizophrenia follow.  

— Stanford

— National Institute of Health (NIH)

— Harvard University

— National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke

— National Institute of Mental Health

— Barrow Neurological Institute

— Mischer Neuroscience Institute

— Johns Hopkins University

— Yale School of Medicine

— Lawson Health Research Institute

— Stanley Medical Research Institute 

Guidelines for Experimentation 

The US Government and some states, as well as various institutions and organizations have in recent years spelled out certain guidelines for ethics in conducting experiments.

The Department of Health and Human Services is mandated with determining the guidelines for human experimentation in the United States. Those guidelines may be seen in the department’s official web site. Although the policy is meticulously laid out, there are provisions that might exempt particular experiments.

For example, Article 46.101 (c) states that “Department or agency heads retain final judgement [sic] as to whether a particular activity is covered by this policy.” In Section (i) “. . . department or agency heads may waive the applicability of some or all of the provisions of this policy to specific research activities or classes of research activities otherwise covered by this policy.” Thus, that leaves ample room for allowing illicit experiments on auditory and other targets.

The American Psychological Association (APA) also outlines elaborately its rules of ethics in conducting research. According to Deborah Smith’s January 2003 article “Five Principles for Research Ethics”–she actually lists seven–concerning the American Psychological Association Science Directorate, the APA requires researchers to advise research participants as quoted below.

The purpose of the research, expected duration and procedures.

  • Participants’ rights to decline to participate and to withdraw from the research once it has started, as well as the anticipated consequences of doing so.
  • Reasonably foreseeable factors that may influence their willingness to participate, such as potential risks, discomfort or adverse effects.
  • Any prospective research benefits.
  • Limits of confidentiality, such as data coding, disposal, sharing and archiving, and when confidentiality must be broken.
  • Incentives for participation.
  • Who participants can contact with questions.

Based on the nature of their targeting, many auditory targets and other targets insist that they are subjects for experimental programs. In no case concerning auditory targets and other targets has the person willingly and knowingly volunteered for an experiment. Experiments that involve neurological warfare require the participation of human subjects. In some cases, the results are obviously more revealing if the subjects do not know that they are experimental subjects. 

Remote Neural Monitoring (RNM) 

The origin of this term is unknown. Many targets, including some auditory targets, believe that they receive remote neural monitoring (RNM), an attack that includes many of the physical and neurological effects of targeting, including the voices. That hints that those targets who use the term remote neural monitoring to describe their targeting blame all of their effects on delivery by a single attack device and perhaps even by one single attack group. If such a method as RNM exists, its devices and methods are unknown and the program is currently classified technology. 

RNM advocates thus appear to combine what we in this study differentiate as physical effects and neurological, or psychological effects. Here are some capabilities of the attackers attributed to RNM: (1) Tracking the victim. (2) Reading the victim’s mind. (3) Striking the victim with all types of physical effects. (4) Seeing through the victim’s eyes. (5) Hearing what the victim hears. (6) Projecting voices into the victim’s head. (7) Tampering with appliances and devices in the victim’s domicile. (8) Causing tinnitus in the victim’s head. (9) Injecting commands into the victim’s mind. (10) Conducting organized stalking against the victim. (11) And other capabilities.   

Mind Reading and V2K 

In all three of the V2K studies, most of the auditory targets are convinced that their attackers can read their minds. Whenever the attackers can hear a person’s thoughts, even slightly ahead of the completion of those thoughts, and then reply to a person’s specific thoughts, it means that they have the capability to mind read. Call that process “telepathic translations” or whatever, but it is the very definition of mindreading.  

Although scientists have worked for decades on mapping the brain, the public is led to believe that their efforts are far from complete. Millions of brain cells and nerves remain to be identified and studied for their functions. Nevertheless, scientists have apparently been successful in discovering the functions of many of the brain’s locations. Knowing those functions, scientists have learned to utilize them for both helpful and harmful purposes.

Some of the harmful functions used on targets include the ability to use the brain for inserting holographic images in people’s minds, inducing dreams and manipulating them, seeing what the target sees, create scenarios portraying the past experiences of the target, and other functions. Most targets believe that it is obvious that scientists have learned to delve into the thoughts of people’s brains and read those thoughts. Indeed, if the attackers comment on the auditory targets’ thoughts, it is only logical that the attackers somehow know what those targets are thinking. That means that the attackers can read the minds with one or more of the devices at their disposal.   

Skeptics believe that mind reading is impossible. That idea has been largely refuted by the increasing number of patents relating to that topic. The BBC on May 7, 2015 discussed the recent dramatic increases in patents related to “reading brainwaves.” It stated that in the US from 2000 to 2009 fewer than 400 patents concerning neuro-technology were filed. However, in 2010 that number doubled, and in 2014 alone 1,600 similar patents were submitted to the Patent Office. Keep in mind that European countries are also issuing similar patents.

As in the case of inventions concerning the voices, out of the many inventions, at least a few have undoubtedly been successfully demonstrated. Many of the patents refer to the use of EEG signals in the process of mind reading.

The Science Daily reported on February 22, 2018 that neuroscientists at the University of Toronto Scarborough have developed a method to use mind reading algorithms with EEG data to view images of what people see. One of the scientists involved in the experiment stated, “What’s really exciting is that we’re not reconstructing squares and triangles but actual images of a person’s face, and that involves a lot of fine-grained visual detail.”

Targets have often questioned whether the attackers hear their thoughts using headphones or whether they read the thoughts from a monitor. The statement by the Toronto scientist above states that scientists can see the faces, which means that they would be seen on a screen or a monitor. Chandra Steele in a June 19, 2015 article in PCMag also writes that, “Scientists have made some startling breakthroughs in reproducing our thoughts on a screen and delving into what motivates us to do the things we do.”

However, many other questions concerning mind reading still remain to be answered. For example, we do not yet know the various devices used in the process of mind reading nor how they make the initial contact with the subjects. We also do not know whether the device that gives attackers the capability of reading minds is the same device used to transmit the voices.

Despite those unanswered questions, according to statements of longtime auditory targets, their attackers have had a finely tuned, highly accurate mind reading device for at least two decades. Mindreading and V2K go hand in hand in accomplishing mind control. Most targets are acutely aware that the US Government and those of other countries discover neurological breakthroughs many years before that knowledge becomes public.

Conclusions –This study makes the case that two activities of targeting disbelieved by most of the public and ridiculed in the media and by law enforcement not only take place but also are proliferating at an alarming degree: (1) the transmission of voices by remote to auditory targets, who are the only ones to hear those voices, and (2) the reading of minds by remote methods. It also shows that the attackers use similar tactics in employing the voices.” – Thank you to the Auditory Targets: A study of Synthetic Telepathy, or V2K, An Aspect of Electronic Targeting (October, 2018)” 

curled leaf Curled leaf

Thank you sweet God for everything exactly the way it is today.  Thank you dear God for bringing the Network Collective into the light for justice and bringing the Network Collective down God to conquer them.  Thank you dear God for protecting, loving and guiding family, friends, territories, tools, vehicles, our animals, plants and me.  I love you God.  I thank you God. So be it.  It is so.  Amen.

Psychiatrists CIA Funding

Autumn has arrived  God’s beauty.

Chapter 10 of Dr. Colin A. Ross’s 2006, “The CIA Doctors: Human Rights Violations By American Psychiatrists” is devoted entirely to Dr. Louis Jolyon West who received TOP SECRET clearance from the CIA as a contractor on MKULTRA.  West’s expertise was in dissociation, mind control, and hypnosis. Achieved through environmental manipulation and production of trance-like states.  This well known psychiatrist used involuntary subjects under BLUEBIRD, ARTICHOKE and MKULTRA. He took pride in creating amnesia, new identities and dissociated states in the Manchurian Candidate program.

Dr. Colin Ross writes that psychic abilities were desired in involuntary subjects, “ESP research was conducted at UCLA’s Neuropsychiatric Institute by CIA consultant, DR. Thelma Moss while Dr. West was the Director.   The CIA funded paranormal research through STARGATE and MKULTRA.”   Dr. Moss authored “…43 publications from 1961 to 1973, many of which are on ESP and the paranormal.

dog's umbilibcal prsence of spirit in front of woman Some targeted individuals have the ability to take photos of psychic phenomenon.

Psychiatrist Dr. Ross writes that Dr. West worked for CIA’s MKULTRA in“... an interlocking network of academic relationships, grants, conferences and military appointments,”  for four decades.  A letter dated February 29, 1956 from Dr. West to Sidney Gottlieb notes he is also working for the US Air Force and was in touch with the US Surgeon General.

Chapter 11 is entitled, “Dr. Marin Orne.”  Orne, a leading expert and writer on twentieth century hypnosis, its cues and triggering phenomena- receiving the Distinguished Scientific Award from the American Psychological Association in 1986.  Ross- “Dr. Orne was also interested in hallucinations, brainwashing, psychotherapy and dissociation…” had TOP SECRET clearance and was funded by the CIA through MKULTRA. Orne and West are the two psychiatrists, “... professionally active into the late 1990’s who,” were “documented CIA mind control contractor(s)…  Both men are therefore central to the history of psychiatric participation in mind control experimentation.”

Chapter 12 of “The CIA Doctors,” entitled “Dr. Ewen Cameron,” documents one of the most infamous CIA, MKULTRA psychiatrists.    –In July 28, 1985 the Washington Post did an article on Cameron: “25 years of Nightmares,” by David Remnick.  

The Washington Post journalist Remnick noted:  Cameron was funded by the CIA, and  famous for doing mind-control experiments on 53 people… including Harvey Weinstein’s father, Louis. The experimentation was done at McGill University in Montreal, Canada… that is taxpayer funding out of country for mind-control.  Cameron diagnosed Nazi Rudolf Hess for the Nuremberg Trials, and declared Hess sane. In the article, Remnick writes, Harvey Weinstein was suing the CIA for damages for his father’s altered life, Joseph Rauh Jr. is representing nine people in the case. “We hanged Nazis for doing the sort of things Cameron did,” says Rauh.”

salamander David Remnick wrote for the Washington Post: “The experiments of 1957-1961 were done on patients, mostly women, who entered the Allan Institute voluntarily, usually at the recommendation of a private physician.”  “Cameron was part of an international committee of psychiatrists and social scientists… published numerous articles… Cameron began the Allan Memorial Institute in 1943 with the help of a grant from the Rockefeller Foundation.”

Dr. Colin Ross writes, “Dr. Cameron was eulogized in obituaries in the Canadian Psychiatric Association Journal, the Canadian Medical Association Journal, the American Journal of Psychiatry, and Recent Advances in Biological Psychiatry.  Dr. Cameron received… the Montreal Mental Hygiene Institute Award, given to “a scientist who has made an outstanding contribution to the mental health of the Canadian people.”

Ross- “... the Canadian government has established a fund that compensates victims of unethical experiments by Dr. Cameron at the Allan Memorial Institute; compensation of $100,000.00 can be activated by documented victims by calling a toll-free number provided by the Canadian government.”

Chapter 13 entitled, “Johns Hopkins University” notes, “The current Chairman of the Department of psychiatry at Johns Hopkins is Dr. Paul McHugh, who was born in Lawrence, Massachusetts on May 21, 1931.  He received his M.D. from Harvard Medical School in 1956 (research at Harvard was funded through MKULTRA Subprojects 84 and 92.)”

Ross- “Dr. McHugh and other FMSF Advisory Board members scoff at clinical multiple personality disorder… If clinical multiple personality is  buried and forgotten, then the Manchurian Candidate Programs will be safe from public scrutiny. I would like to know whether Dr. McHugh himself, or other members of his Department of Psychiatry at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine, are CIA or military mind control contractors.”

Dr. Ross author of “The CIA Doctors,” names many psychiatrists, scientists and physicians.  Some famous, others unknown, many infamous psychiatrists, chemists and physicians throughout his book and is sure to clarify the reason for writing his book-  by writing repeatedly that… U.S. mind-control programs could not have been successful if doctors had not broken the Hippocratic Oath.

Chapter 14 is full of doctors who break the Hippocratic Oath.  By the chapter’s end, Ross writes, “The analysis of other doctors in the mind control network presented in this chapter is illustrative, and far from exhaustive.  Contractors on CIA and military mind control research included leading psychiatrists and psychologists, Past Presidents and Awardees of the American Psychiatric Association, editors and associate editors of leading professional journals, Chairman of academic Departments of Psychiatry, and their colleagues and coauthors.”

Ross makes a special note of CIA’s H.H. Estabrooks as being, “...the only mind control doctor who has publicly acknowledged the creation of Manchurian Candidates.”  Estabrooks was a Harvard University graduate, a Rhodes Scholar and did work for the CIA, FBI and military intelligence in hypnosis, building Manchurian Candidates.

In the latter part of “The CIA Doctors,” psychiatrist and author Dr. Colin Ross selects case histories of mind-control subjects for each remaining chapter.

Dr. Colin Ross’s 2006 “The CIA Doctors: Human Rights Violations by American Psychiatrists” is as important a book as Paul Brodeur’s 1977 “The Zapping of America: Microwaves, Their Deadly Risk, and the Coverup,”  because both reveal documented cases, and facts regarding the cover up by U.S. wealthy: their military/ medical agencies, institutions, and CIA funded-doctors.   No expert anywhere can refute any part of either book. -Thank you Dr. Colin Ross for the “The CIA Doctors.”

such a good friend letting someone else carry his bags friend on job friendly new Jones on Campbell

license 2GC-660.png back of mega truck no license Do these trucks belong to same man?

FEAR is part of the wealthy’s mythical ‘one world order.’    Fear is the opposite of faith.   God is faithful, there is nothing that the One God by Any Name cannot do.  A person cannot know God, and know fear.   That is impossible.

in my home   A salute to anyone smiling a toothy grimace at any security camera anywhere; but most especially when they are being targeted right then and there with directed energy weapons… because all the SECURITY in the world cannot see DEWs locked onto TIs in public institutions, churches, parks or elsewhere.

When a people are afraid of the right to freedom of expression, have they lost their right to that freedom?   Look below at all the pictures from 11-4 2018 at just one local store’s SECURITY.

Walmart security One store’s security car on So. Campbell Ave. in Springfield, MO.

Walmart on Campbell Springfield MO not shown facial recognition cameras over each door  Ten cameras visible at this one entrance, not including those directly over entrance doors with government facial recognition software.

more video security not photographed on Campbell Walmart in Springfield MO  Springfield MO police 1601 arrived by the time finished shopping at Campbell Walmart in Springfield MO  Three more cameras over a giant store sign at same location.  Did not count the cameras or take pictures of those over the second  entrance or garden entrance.   Springfield, MO police evident during this photo session and shopping expedition that lasted ten minutes.  Below more on same parking lot:

Second Air Force LIVE EYE device at Walmart on Campbell in Springfield MO  Air Force LIVE EYE at Walmart Campbell Ave Springfield MO  In the parking lot of same So. Campbell Ave. Springfield, MO store there are two Air Force ‘Live Eye’ poles with two cameras atop each that have government facial recognition software, and other surveillance devices on them.   These stores are all government subsidized, and they use military style surveillance systems.   This store’s ‘security’ is the forerunner of things to come in a few years all over America.   Security companies main goal today is to watch and acquire data on ALL citizens… not just criminals.

mushroom with leaf God’s creation covering up for the winter.

Thank you sweet God for everything exactly the way it is today.  Thank you dear God for bringing the Network Collective into the light for justice and bringing the Network Collective down God to conquer them.  Thank you dear God for protecting, loving and guiding family, friends, territories, tools, vehicles, our animals, plants and me.  I love you God.  I thank you God. So be it.  It is so.  Amen.

The Police and Walmart

God's beauty

Public servants, who are paid by U.S. tax payers, appeared in a Springfield, MO public building.  One dressed in full attack mode.

second friend joins in with bright gold badge strapped to thigh  good friend  member of the 'Rapid Response Team'

The close-up photo in the middle does not show the public servant’s two large guns, one in each shoulder holster on either side of his khaki bullet proof vest.  The other ‘public servant’ was not as radically attired but had a bright, shiny gold badge strapped to one thigh, and weapons/devices strapped to his other thigh.  They were with the Rapid Response Team.   A targeted individual had entered the building two minutes earlier.

download (1)  two Air Force bumper stickers on car.jpg  Photographed this car bumper-sticker next to a US Air Force bumper-sticker on a car present, when targeted all night.  Could not find any Royal Gate information on internet.  But found the bat.  Bats are used in U.S. Air Force to denote ‘night, or stealth” fighters.

drives car for friends friend friendly2 friend3 nobody from-5-3-friend friend

quite the fellow 5-18-2017 friend new Jones on Campbell chief friend on 7-26-2018 neighbor-is-a-nurse-at-yellow-brick-rental

In the U.S. Air Navy the bat insignia is on their EP-3E Aries II World Watchers aircraft that carry electronic surveillance and electronic warfare capability:

VQ1-Bacardibat  In the US Naval Institute website January 31, 2018 a Lockhead EP-3E Aries II aircraft was ‘buzzed‘ by Russian SU-27 fighter to within five feet in the air over the Black Sea.  From the Navy Air Systems Command website the EP-3E Aries II:  the Airborne Reconnaissance Integrated Electronic System II, ” The EP-3E ARIES II was recently upgraded from SIGINT to Multi-Intelligence.”

friend of a friend friend-out-and-about such a good friend

neighbor-in-drive Stephenie Urich on the job good-friend still works for my former work place gangstalker1

From Dayton Daily News of Jan. 29, 2018 by Barrie Barber, ‘We’re Not Moving Fast Enough,’ Air Force leader says…”  From Wright patterson Air Force Base:  “Air Force researchers have in recent years focused top priorities on… autonomy in machines like drones, and directed-energy weapons, but AFRL Chief Technology Officer Morley O. Stone said the goal is to go beyond that.”  (The Air Force wants to test their products in US streets across the nation using law enforcement officers to collect the data.)  The AFRL,  Air Force Research Laboratory study was ordered by the Air Force’s top leaders: Secretary of the Air Force Heather Wilson and Chief of Staff Gen. David Goldfein from headquarters at Wright-Patterson…  “One technology showing future potential is in the emerging area of quantum sciences, Stone said…  Advances in quantum sciences, which for example studies how matter interacts at the atomic level, could led to more secure encryption of communications “impervious to eavesdropping” and more advanced sensors, he said.”    AFRL devices are now tested by US Police.

sdut-ap-photou.s.-patent-and-trade-20160824 Sting Ray device

From the San Diego Union-Tribune of May 21, 2015 -“8 ways police can spy on crime and you” by Lyndsay Winkley, contract reporter.    The Stingray…  is usually mounted in a law enforcement vehicle. Coupled with an antenna, police can use the Stingray to determine where a mobile phone is in real time. Phones also stream data to the device, including the phone and identification numbers, which can be used to get past call and text data and any dialed numbers. The technology was initially developed for military and spy agencies….  Law enforcement agencies, including local ones, have been extremely secretive about whether and how they use Stingray technology.  A civil-rights group is suing the San Diego Police Department for its refusal to turn over information about the device. Police in other parts of the country have admitted using the technology without a warrant, which advocacy organizations argue is a violation of the Fourth Amendment. Civil groups are also concerned that many cellphones, not just the cellphone being targeted, connect to the device, and want to know what safeguards are in place to protect information gathered from innocent citizens.”

Winkley writes, “ A cellphone tower dump is when a law enforcement agency requests information sent from cellphones to a cellphone tower during a given period. Cellphone towers, equipped with antennas and electrical equipment, enable GPS and allow phones to make calls and send texts. Phones are constantly searching for a tower to connect to, and they send over information even when they aren’t in use. That data, saved by phone companies for months or years, can include location information, call history, sent texts, even search terms typed into phone browsers. Law enforcement agencies can request cellphone companies to fork over some of that information to further an investigation…   a lot of innocent people’s data are swept up in the process. Privacy advocates want a clearer understanding of where that data goes, how long it’s stored and who has access to it. Also, investigators don’t always need a warrant to initiate a cellphone tower dump, which a number of organizations object to. Additionally, the Supreme Court has ruled that some information…  like numbers dialed, is not protected by the Fourth Amendment.

Winkley documents,Facial recognition software analyzes aspects of a person’s face – the space between someone’s eyes or how long a person’s nose is – and creates a template. That template is then compared to a database of photographs, which could include images from surveillance video or mug shots, to identify a person. Recently, the FBI launched the Next Generation Identification system, which will house more than 50 million photographs that law enforcement can access to verify someone’s identity.   Several organizations argue facial recognition software simply doesn’t work. The system can be fooled by facial hair, weight loss, aging – even a big smile.  The Electronic Frontier Foundation has sued the government for more information about the FBI’s system and argued the software “is among the most alarming new developments, because Americans cannot easily take precautions against the covert, remote, and mass capture of their images.”  (Walmart and the US Government have installed facial recognition software in all of Walmart store’s surveillance camera systems.)  -Thank you San Diego Union-Tribune of May 21, 2015 -“8 ways police can spy on crime and you” by Lyndsay Winkley.

my country My country’s flag.

From the Dayton Daily News “Fairborn first in nation to test Air Force tech for police,” Jan. 18, 2018 by Barrie Barber, Staff writer: GlobalFlyte, a self-described transformative technology firm, developed the integrated management system from both Air Force research and the commercial market to use communications, and also mapping and smart phone technology in the city’s dispatch center, according to the company.”  Roger Mann, is CEO of GlobalFlyte.  “Police, firefighters, medics and public works employees could all make use of the technology, according to Timothy A. Shaw, president and CEO of GlobalFlyte in Riverside…  As part of the tool, GlobalFlyte created a smart phone app, called “Minute Man.” Users, such as first responders, can locate where personnel and critical structures are… in live video of what’s happening, Shaw said…  A video camera, called “Live Eye,” is mounted on a pole or tethered to a drone as part of the system.”  (Walmart now uses the “Live Eye” on a pole in their parking lot on Campbell Ave. in Springfield, MO.)    -Thank you Dayton Daily News “Fairborn first in nation to test Air Force tech for police, fire: Jan. 18, 2018 by Barrie Barber.

readings-in-hall danger levels of magnetic radiation.jpg  In my home.

Thank you sweet God for everything exactly the way it is today.  Thank you dear God for bringing the Network Collective into the light for justice and bringing the Network Collective down God to conquer them.  Thank you dear God for protecting, loving and guiding family, friends, territories, tools, vehicles, our animals, plants and me.  I love you God.  I thank you God. So be it.  It is so.  Amen.