Bought the book ‘Project: Soul Catcher,’ 2010 by Dr. Robert Duncan.  Harvard University and Dartmouth college graduate with an A.B., S.M., M.B.A., and Ph.D., an ex-CIA Engineer, black project scientist.  When he found out innocent U.S. citizens  were being targeted with electromagnetic weapons for experimentation, he became a whistleblower.   He writes that the greatest weapon after the nuke…”is directed energy… The term ‘Non-lethal’ is of course a euphemism for this class of weapons.  Anything done in repetition is lethal.”  Duncan warns, “There is about a 60 year gap between civilian and military technology in this particular weapon.

Duncan believes “Governments find it easier to govern when everyone thinks the same… electromagnetic entrainments helps this agenda.”  Why did our government get involved in mind control?  “The FBI and CIA have kept files on almost every person in the U.S. for decades but this process has become much more automated… computers have become smarter than we are.”  After WWII scientists decided they would rather experiment and refine mind control on Americans than have the Russians do it: “Enslaving the human mind while justifying it that, “if we didn’t, our enemies would” is the mentality,” Duncan writes. 

For targeted individuals he outlines what happens in mind control programs in our government… ” Breaking the human is like breaking a horse… Many are used for torture to keep the body alive while inflicting unimaginable pain.  Our focus here is just jamming the senses and mind.”  He notes, “Having one’s neural circuitry tampered with, is not an experience an average, knowledgeable person would be able to describe in coherent, articulate framework instead of sounding mystical, spiritual or crazy.”  Duncan questions,”Is there a flaw with gathering data from innocent, non-violet people for a weapon to be used on potentially violent enemies?  …If they can do it to the best and brightest, can they do it to anyone?”  One of the methods used in “current mind hacking systems,” has to do with “experimentation with forcing orgasms.”  Duncan writes “Simply because of the context of induced sensations, this pleasure pathway is reduced to a negative emotional response even though the body will go through the same convulsive reactions.”  Duncan goes on to record, “Suicides, car crashes, poisons, heart attacks, cancer induction, or menticidal drugs and viruses have traditionally been the methods to eradicate undesirables but programmed assassins are used for high profile targets.”

Who is being chosen for electromagnetic weapons torture and experimentation?  Some of the programs.. “Usually they choose adults and children who have been sexually or physically abused.”  However, it is those who can ‘think’ that are most desirable.   He believes the bottom line of this experimentation is to control all U.S. citizens eventually with computer programs downloaded by frequencies through microwave, radio-wave, TVs, computers and cellphones.   Eliminating beforehand those citizens who would question government criminal activity:  “Simply by analyzing brain patterns though, it is obvious who uses their brain more than 10%.  These are the people that could threaten the spread of the mind limiting ‘viruses.’  So like with how HIV works, attacking the possible immunity of the species or cultural group first is of greatest importance… Weak minds tend to herd rather than use critical reasoning to go against the grain.”     With time, he believes no one will remember those citizens warning about mind control by the U.S. government: “It can be done to societies because many cultures only have a memory of about 30 years as a collective.  This is why history repeats itself with all its mistakes.”

Duncan writes, “The mind has no firewall and no anti-virus software so the public has been left very vulnerable to these kinds of psychotronic attacks.”  He goes on to record, “In addition, the strains of mind viruses appear to mutate a little during each round of testing on the public through the decades as scripts or programs evolve and improve their effectiveness.”  Which is where the term ‘mass mind’ probably comes from.

Disagree with Dr. Robert Duncan in that… God is a firewall.  Prayer is a firewall.  Belief in something more powerful than man-made evil, is the firewall.  Duncan refers to the human mind, as the ‘soul.’   He writes, “Technology evolves faster than human intelligence and genetics.  Computers will be the brains and humans the mechanical animals controlled by them and integrated with them.  Sounds futuristic, but this is the inevitable conclusion and will happen much faster than (anyone) will believe or realize as it happens.”  Always using computer terminology to explain what goes on he notes,  “Appendages or subsystems don’t consciously know they are being controlled by higher order intelligence.” (Artificial Intelligence, AI.)

During the course of his book, Duncan quotes government employees from his years in the CIA.  One man said citizens working in the agencies to hone mind control programs are… “Those poor young people who get seduced into this industry thinking they are defending their country… many will be terminated simply because they know too much to retire.  Everyone eventually gets betrayed.”  -A former CIA operative.  Regarding how the these agencies began?  Duncan quotes, Mark Phillips, former CIA agent as saying, “The Nazi’s didn’t lose the war, they just had to move.”   (Referring to documented Congressional Records of  ‘Operation Paperclip,’ started July 1945 when 1, 800 Nazi scientists were brought from Germany to the U.S. in exchange for working on programs with NASA and mind control MKULTRA.)

Duncan mentions invisibility suits and weapons briefly and without much fanfare.  A reader might get the impression that he believes this is a subject better left alone.  Is there fear about reporting how these invisibility suits are being used now to target innocent civilians with directed energy weapons and brain computer interface for mind control experimentation?  Are invisibility suited humans working for the U.S. government and large corporations to remain ‘unseen’ as the source of most electromagnetic assaults on targeted individuals, even in Duncan’s book? 

The author mentions the Voice of god weapons at one point explaining that most people attribute it to paranormal experiences.

And finally Duncan writes a paragraph that outlines what every targeted individual realizes eventually.  Once they do, they are left in a quandary.   Duncan includes it all in one big paragraph…   “Physical and no-touch torture are used for many applications.  One of the most prominent uses by the CIA is to probe what that person will do for revenge and then plunging those holes.  This is how they brainstorm creative attacks on the U.S. by torturing innocent people.  By finding all the possible counter attacks by highly motivated, smart, creative individuals, the CIA and DoD have been able to put up defenses against them before they happen even including how the torture victims can find justice.  This also includes plugging information outlets to the public.  Information is very tightly regulated despite first amendment rights.  There are many tactics used for subversive censorship by the CIA.  The thousands of mind hacked projects (-military term for people in mind control programs,) of the Department of Defense have never found a way to make the public fully aware nor understand their plight so that they might get help from their countrymen.  This process of decision tree modeling has ensured that every possible mass information source and more importantly the belief systems themselves have been controlled.  Most importantly they focus on strategic domestic deception for manipulating belief systems of the public and the flow of mass information to the mainstream.”  

One of the ways defensive-brain-data can be ‘plugged’ so targeted individuals no longer want to protect themselves (as noted in paragraph above,) Duncan refers to as ‘Inhibitory Pathway Amplification.‘   Explained as, “Neural circuits have both amplification and inhibitory pathways.  Amplifying inhibitory pathways is the exact opposite of the majority purpose of the mind.   Filtering is the function of inhibitory pathways, and recognition is the purpose of amplification pathways although they work in conjunction.  The basic idea in order to manipulate human perception involves altering these types of pathways.”  Another way to stop defensive protective measures in targeted individuals is with ‘Accelerated Depatterning.’   Duncan explained, “By amplifying all pathways in a host’s brain except for the ones that are to be erased or dampened rely on a basic neurological phenomenon called Long Term Potentiation (LTP.)”  Eventually, “Increasing the speed of brain activity and new pattern presentation, will accelerate the depatterning and memory erasure process.”

All the above from the first 75 pages of Duncan’s book.  Will continue reading and reporting on Robert Duncans, “Project: Soul Catcher,” in future blogs.

Thank you dear God for everything exactly the way it is today. Thank you God for bringing the Network into the light for justice and bringing the Network down to conquer them. I love you dear God. Thank you God for guiding, and protecting family, friends, territories, tools, vehicles, animals, plants and me. So be it. Amen.

Rape is the first tool of interrogation.   In international law ‘rape’ is defined as genocide.  Rape is used to humiliate subjects of interrogation and torture.   No-touch electromagnetic rape and brain computer interface overturns every boundary a human being erects in their person for safety.  To be able to continually get up and go about business after such assaults is remarkable to say the least.   To have dignity and believe in self after such 24/7 assault is faith… faith in God.

The Network in Springfield, Missouri includes rogue members of the Springfield Police Department in the silencing of  justice for targeted individuals.  The easiest way to silence justice in the U.S.- in Missouri- in Springfield is by illegally declaring ‘persons of interest’ mentally ill, or incarcerating them.   Received a letter last week from the Police Civilian Review Board of the City of Springfield.  On September 5, 2017 at 1:30pm a hearing will be held at the Busch Municipal Building, 840 North Boonville, 2nd floor West Conference Room, concerning the allegations that the SPD discriminated, harassed, intimidated, illegally diagnosed and invaded the privacy of Josephine Grace a resident of Springfield, Missouri when she sought help with ‘electrocution’ in her home in June of 2016 and reported two break-ins and a laser shot to her left eye in 2016-2017.

Josephine Grace has lived and worked in Springfield, Missouri since 1995.   During that  entire time, she has owned a home on Campbell Ave paid bills early; gardened and painted works of art.   She has never been arrested, has never been convicted of a crime.  In her sixty years of life, she has two traffic fines.   Grace has voted in public elections since eighteen years of age.  A responsible United States citizen- Grace volunteered at Shelters, in Peace groups, and petitioned peacefully to put two important issues on ballets so U.S. citizens could vote on them.  Grace  sat on two city committees for a total of three years, appointed first by city residents, and then by the city manager as an ‘environmentalist.’  Grace’s nationally acclaimed art has graced the covers of two magazines, and has been purchased by the University of Missouri at Columbia;  the Little Rock, Arkansas Arts Center; private citizens around the country- including AT&T personnel.

Until 2015 Grace worked twenty years for a large corporation in Springfield, Missouri… it happened she was let go for work injuries that would not heal.  Upon filing June 2012 for medical examination of work injuries to fingers, palms, and elbows- stalking began while still with her company Since June of 2016 targeted with electromagnetic weapons after threatening to go to the ‘press’ for help with the stalking.   Upon mentioning to a Captain Pennington of the Fire Department of Springfield, Missouri in June 2016 feelings of ‘electrocution’ in her home for two weeks… she was illegally diagnosed by Pennington as ‘mentally ill.’  During two five minute phone conversations in the course of days she asked to please have a safety inspection of her home with either a Geiger counter or Electromagnetic Frequency reader- because of what was happening.  Both times Pennington said the department did not have the equipment.   (For authorities in Springfield, Missouri  the word ‘electrocution’ is indicative of ‘mental illness.’   However the only mention of ‘electrocution’ connected with ‘mentally ill’ persons is when those taking anti-psychotic drugs suddenly stop taking their drugs… their symptoms of withdrawal mimic feelings of electrocution.  Grace, has never taken anti-psychotic drugs and in fact is allergic to most synthetic drugs her entire life.

Josephine Grace does not have the internet at home.  It took three months of electromagnetic assault before she understood no help would come from local authorities and fled to a local library to get on the internet to determine what was happening.   Words like “gangstalking” and “electromagnetic weapons,” and  “brain computer interface,” leapt off the page at an international site called

During those first three months of electrocution she attempted to get help from local authorities at City Utilities-  the local EPA and other organizations to determine the source and magnitude of electricity affecting her health adversely.  None supposedly had EMF readers or Geiger counters.  Grace’s dog Roxanne died at the end of the third month, shaking and sick from the high levels of electricity because she refused to leave Grace’s side.

On the fourth attempt after contacting a CU manager, City Utilities workers brought two EMF readers to her home and recorded high levels of electromagnetic frequency, alongside Grace’s own EMF meter.

One CU employee- Russel, spoke of ‘another poor woman in town’ that the electrocution was happening to.   (Failure to report a crime to authorities is a crime in and of itself.)

When a promise by City Utilities to examine and define electromagnetic frequency ranges recorded in Grace’s home was not followed through, Grace turned to the Attorney General of Missouri Joshua Hawley for help.   The Attorney General ‘assisted’ in Grace’s three attempts in writing to get answers concerning the source and high levels of EMF’s in her home from CU.   The only answer forthcoming from Springfield City Utilities lawyer Mr. Black was that 1.9 millliguass readings at 60 Hertz were ‘normal.’  He did not address Grace’s EMF ‘danger’ readings or CU-Chad’s EMF unit readings at 5 and +6 milliguass.   EPA data notes anything over 1.5 milliguass is not ‘safe.’

Some readings from her kitchen last week.  Grace keeps her food in another room wishing to preserve food nutrition without food being ‘cooked’ on kitchen shelves…

Graces’ property, person and animals for twenty years lived peacefully in Springfield, Missouri.  After targeting with DEW’s began in June 2016 her property, person and animals were assaulted in many ways.

When Josephine Grace desired to record home break-ins, or physical assault to person or property that began in 2016 to Springfield, Missouri Police, her concerns were not heard over running commentary made by Police Officers Shipley, Helms, Welsh, Lilly and others saying she is “delusional, mentally ill, schizophrenic, and paranoid.”

Because they said Capt. Pennington reported her to be ‘mentally ill,’ for mentioning feeling ‘electrocuted,’ once in conversation with him asking for a safety inspection of her home.   Therefore they said, the break-ins and other reports were delusional and  paranoid aspects of her ‘mental illness.’  If indeed Grace were mentally ill, the alleged discriminatory, harassing, intimidating behavior by the SPD regarding their refusal to acknowledge and validate physical evidence of assaults to her property, person and animals has definitely kept legal justice from happening for her.   Is this how all ‘mentally ill’ persons in Springfield, Missouri are treated when reporting assaults?

Below are readings from Grace’s front hall three feet from front door;

Four days after filing the IA  an attempt was made by the SPD to have Grace put under a 96 hour hold for psychiatric evaluation through the Area Council on Aging who refused to cooperate.    A week after that attempt- another was made by the SPD with a ‘mental health liaison,’ while two grown men a detective in plain clothes and a uniformed officer hid behind bushes and  privacy fence in her drive.

After two attempts for a 96 hour psychiatric hold and evaluation, as well as SPD’s efforts to have her contact state-run Burrell mental health personnel- Grace carries a legal document stamped by notary; that she is not to be administered drugs of any kind.

The SPD also notified Grace’s relatives in other cities about how ‘Grace needs help’ concerning reporting on break-ins, and one laser assault to her eye, and for contacting the Springfield Fire Department asking for two safety inspections of her home.   All attempts to record assaults have been deemed ‘delusional, paranoid, ‘mentally ill,’ and schizophrenic by Springfield authorities… none of whom are qualified medically to diagnose ‘mental illness.’   Due to this invasion of her privacy involving family and friends, Grace filed an appeal to the Springfield, Missouri Police Civilian Review Board to have her Internal Affairs report reviewed.

There have been two threats made verbally to Grace against family members in other states.  And an attempt on family member in Missouri after contacted by SPD.  (They were riding a bike going about twenty miles an hour when they hit ‘something that wasn’t there.’  The impact threw the rider over the handle bars, and caused the rear of the bike to flip up into the air until it was vertical.   Nothing could be seen in the bike path by rider or walkers near-by.  Sounds like  the ‘hand of god’ weapon or some kind of hit with an electromagnetic/microwave weapon.)  This person knows little if nothing about the assaults happening to me.

Below is the tiny hall in the middle of Grace’s home, surrounded by rooms where she sleeps on a cot due to the lower readings recorded there.

tiny hall in middle of house where sleep on cot lowest readings

One has to ask, why the Police and Fire Department personnel want to keep the ‘electrocution’ of a law abiding citizen in Springfield, Missouri silenced?  One also has to ask why the blog she began writing in October of 2016 for posterity on (as a way to record 24/7 assaults) has been hacked repeatedly.   The deletion of transcripts of Springfield, Missouri Police officers, among other factual and recorded evidence on her blog site further magnifies the need for justice.  Freedom of speech and freedom of press are being denied a law abiding citizen.

Thank you dear God for everything exactly the way it is today. Thank you God for bringing the Network into the light for justice and bringing the Network down to conquer them. I love you dear God. Thank you God for guiding, and protecting family, friends, territories, tools, vehicles, animals, plants and me. So be it. Amen.

It amazes, how gangstalkers end up feeling like they own a targeted individual that they are assigned too.   They can prod TI’s awake at night; cause them to burn, shake, sizzle, and twitch;  rape them; cause any manner of physical phenomenon to happen with the flick of a switch; the location-set of a Smart phone; and by manipulating data in a computer.  They become attached to their ‘persons of interest,’ their ‘charges,’ like the guards in a prison who watch and distribute punishment as they see fit.  Everything is above board of course- sanctioned by big-business and government… so it must be OK to assault, listen to, and watch someone 24/7.  When will our nation’s people, when will our authorities wake up?  And if those awake are not saying anything… what is happening to their souls?

The Springfield, Missouri Library system brought in two books on loan for me to read.    “Targeted Individuals, Mind Control and Directed Energy Weapons,” published 2015 by Phiem Nguyen and subtitled, “Untouched Torture, Mishape Human body, Nano Psychotronics Weapons,” reported in a blog last week.  In her book is a journal, and hundreds of photos.  The other book on loan, was written by T.I. Paladin, “Advice for the Targeted Individual and Gang Stalking Victim.”

The last half of her book Paladin notes what a targeted individual can do to protect themselves.  She believes targeted individuals are in “ unseen, spiritual war going on all around us, and (T.I.s) you are on the front lines.”  She writes, “If you are under attack, it is very important that you do not become angry, hopeless or afraid.  Keep your wits about you, use your reason, and stay strong.  You may not believe in the Bible, but it may be helpful to heed the words of Jesus when he said, we “…have the power to trample snakes and scorpions…” meaning we have more power than the demonic, if we will only acknowledge and use it.”    She believes “...demons feed off pain, fear, anger and greed.

Paladin writes, “…take back your power.”   By focusing, using self-control, and having a sense of purpose.  She records that if you are ‘calm, aware and having inner strength’, you are centered… and have the ability to: “Disconnect all buttons.”   she said, there is a “… play book for demons who do the same baits over and over and over…”  and Paladin encourages not respondingShe notes demons existing inside the bodies of gang stalkers and others in the Network mainly target people using electromagnetic weapons and stalking- who are of  ‘great spirit of love, compassion and charity- who lead by example.’   These good people are threats to the powers that be.

Paladin worked 25 years for social services in counties around San Francisco, California.  She believes most of the experimentation going on that includes the use of electromagnetic weapons and brain computer interface is being conducted with a new world order in mind.  A subjugated world-public is an unquestioning public.

Paladin’s story begins after she bought an electromagnetic frequency reader,  and recorded dangerous levels where she worked overnight in a public building.  She noted the dangerous readings stopped 4′ from the ceiling.   The high frequencies started at seven in the morning and were turned off at eleven at night.   The morning after this discovery two ‘mental’ patients on her floor, walked up to her the minute she left her office.   They showed her their ‘implants’ under skin in front of their ears, and then said she was now in trouble for knowing the dangerous levels of electromagnetic frequencies at work.   Soon after targeting with electromagnetic weapons began at her home.  Paladin also noted many female ‘mental’ patients were overweight.   After one heavy patient showed her a toilet bowl full of blood- stating that her baby was taken from her, Paladin wondered if their weight covered pregnancies?   And how often were they pregnant?  The author believes babies of these women were born to be psychic soldiers trained by the U.S. government- or became victims of pedophilia or ‘human sacrifice’ for the elite festivities in Sonoma County, California (Monte Rio) where ‘Bohemian Grove’ is located.

Paladin reports that 1947 was a year that changed the fate of the world.   In the United States a UFO crashed in Roswell, New Mexico.   A business man and private pilot Kenneth Arnold saw “… a formation of very bright objects…” in the sky on June 24th, 1947- which he believed were UFO’s.  (The press at the time reported he probably just saw nine flying pelicans.)   Paladin reports that  “Operation Paperclip” (recorded in Congressional reports,) started in 1947 when 1,800 Nazi scientists were resettled in the United States providing they work for the government on enterprises like MK Ultra, and top secret projects including psychological and neuroscience research.  One Nazi scientist- Wernher von Braun worked at NASA inventing the Saturn V rocket for the U.S.


Went to the Brentwood library in Springfield, Missouri where in 2016 was sprayed by the man sitting at a computer next to me who coughed after he sprayed.  He left right away.   Then I began to cough…  whatever biological agent he sprayed produced a devastating illness in hours– could not breathe by the time  got home.  Last year was bedridden two weeks, almost dying from this lung disorder.    Four days ago went to same library, and a woman sat next to me.  She sneezed, I said ‘God Bless you”…  The woman immediately left.  Then I sneezed.  By 9pm quit library, (took these pictures once home)  throat had begun to constrict, turn yellow, exhibit sores and puss sacks.

By 11pm had fainted twice, literally falling to the ground like a puppet.  By midnight throat was almost closed which would have caused suffocation. (Have only fainted one other time in my life.)   Worked hard to continually drink warm liquids to open throat, and stayed up praying all night to stay alive.  (Just like last winter, had no nasal drip or cold, no issue beforehand- but bizarre symptoms came on within hours of being sprayed.)

Spent the last two days after this latest assault bedridden.   Got up late Thursday to buy some herbal remedies- came to library…   used Library Center computer #32, then signed out. Watched as a man ran up promptly, and took a disc from the CD ROM attached to #32 computer I had just been using!   He leaned over and whispered to a dark haired, white woman with glasses beforehand.   She got up, closing her personal computer and left.  He followed.  I really can’t make this stuff up.  Thank God for cameras.  Today spent the day in bed, then at 3pm, went out to buy yet more herbal remedies and stopped by library.

Much hacking continues on  my blog site when I work.   All this ‘play’ and ‘games’ constantly requires understanding on my part, that for all basic purposes gang stalkers attempt to ‘own’ every aspect of a targeted individuals life by degrading it, changing it, assaulting it.   But they can’t no matter how hard they try own me- because I am God’s.   And after they are done with me,  Archangel Michael is waiting.

Thank you dear God for everything exactly the way it is today. Thank you God for bringing the Network into the light for justice and bringing the Network down to conquer them. I love you dear God. Thank you God for guiding, and protecting family, friends, territories, tools, vehicles, animals, plants and me.  So be it.  Amen.


“The CIA makes the Mafia look like a Sunday school class.”  Ted L. Gunderson worked as special agent in the FBI 1951-1960.    Promoted FBI supervisor in Washington, D. C. in charge of organized crime till 1970.  At the time Gunderson retired in 1979 he retired oversaw a budget of  $22 million.  After working three decades in the FBI, Ted became an international security consultant for individuals, corporations and governments.  He was based in Santa Monica, California.   Died of complications from cancer, exacerbated by purple coloring under skin on his fingertips which is indicative of arsenic poisoning at age 82.   Gunderson exposed facts on ‘911’ plans devised and carried out by U.S. and Britain.

In a deposition supporting a targeted individual Mr. Keith Labella V. Federal Bureau of Investigation in the United State Eastern District Court of New York March 16, 2012- Mr. Gunderson swears on April 26, 2011…  “I have read the Complaint in the current action… regarding “gang stalking”, “gang stalking groups” and “gang stalking methods” reasonably describes an ongoing, active, covert nationwide program that is in effect today, and, based on my investigations and experience, has been operational since at least the early 1980’s.  Since the 1980’s gang stalking has increased in scope, intensity and sophistication by adapting to new communications and surveillance technology.  These programs are using the code-names Echelon Program, Carnivore System, and Tempest Systems.  The Echelon Program is administered by the N.S.A. out of Fort Meade, Maryland, and can download any computer system without being traced or otherwise known to the owner.  Tempest Systems can decipher what is on any computer screen up to a quarter mile away.  These programs are negatively impacting thousands of Americans and severely abusing their civil rights on a daily basis.”

Gunderson continues, “Based on my investigative work, which includes intelligence form sources such as active and former members of the Intelligence Services, (Including the F.B.I., the C.I.A., the N.S.A. and Military Intelligence,) information from informants active in criminal enterprises, and, victim testimonies, I have come to the conclusion that thousands of victims have been targeted by an illegal government rogue criminal enterprise that is active 24 hours a day within the U.S.  This conspiracy is far too active to be controlled…  I have documentation and know that throughout the U.S., operating 24/7, there is a Central Command, located within the U.S., with multiple satellite offices, whose administrators can instantly initiate surveillance, phone taps and harassment against any individual in the country.  They have the technology, financing and manpower to dispense illegal surveillance and harassment against anyone at any time, day or night.  I have files on numerous cases of active, programmatic, illegal government harassment currently being conducted against thousands of Americans.  This makes the FBI’s former COIONTELPRO program, which I worked on, including in a supervisory capacity, look like a Sunday school program by comparison.”

“…a sophisticated network of rogue operatives… FBI… CIA… other key government positions… seek personal power and wealth and considers themselves above the law and the Constitution… carrying out… activities with organized crime, the cult movement in America including Satanic cults, other commercial and political interests, and even misguided civic organizations and neighborhood groups.  This illegal surveillance and harassment program is being called gang stalking and organized stalking by the victims targeted by it.   Individuals targeted by this program have been subjected to illegal and unconstitutional phone taps, illegal re-routing of business and private phone calls for purposes of harassment, illegal audio”bugging”, surreptitious entry into home, office and vehicle, visual surveillance in the home conducted by illegal placement of miniature remote, wireless cameras (often accessible via internet), illegal internet spyware, illegal GPS tracking (often through their own mobile phones), regular fixed and mobile surveillance, mail misdirection, mail theft and tampering, financial and employment sabotage, slander campaigns and community ostracizing, internet disinformation and smear campaigns, poisoning, assaults and murder, illegal set-ups on drug charges and other felony charges, amongst other civil rights abuses.”

Gunderson continues, “…wealthy, powerful members of ciminal syndicates, multi-millionaires and corporate elite are using the government gang stalking program to harass enemies.  They can get a targeted individual harassed for the rest of that individual’s life (individual cases of gang stalking lasting for over a decade are common.)”  He does not mention electromagnetic weapons torture and rape or brain computer interface, but this particular deposition may only have been for gang stalking.

What is fascinating is that everything Mr. Ted Gunderson swore was true and happening to ‘targeted individuals’ above… I have experienced.    Might add, that with all people who uncover crimes- K. Thor Jensen wrote March 3, 2017 on that “Ted Gunderson made a fine career with the FBI and, upon retirement, dropped in to a dark world of madness.”   Hey Jenson, sounds like the Springfield, Missouri Police Officers, and Captain Pennington of the Springfield Fire Department… if you label people who stand up for themselves and the truth as “mad, delusional, schizophrenic, ‘mentally ill,’ or paranoid… THEN BECAUSE OF THEIR SUPPOSED INSANITY- WHATEVER THEY SAY ISN’T TRUE REGARDING THE CRIMES OF A NATION, OR WORK PLACE.

Amy Lee Anderson is a TI…  she wrote ‘Innocent Bay Area Woman Targeted by CIA,’  on  Believes US citizen’s brain waves are spied upon through the ingestion of “radioactive magnetic nano dust particles and chemtrails” in our air and food,  making GPS, and RFID tracking easy.   Anderson writes RFIDs (chips with antenna capable of recording up to 2,000 bytes of data,) read a  “… human’s body functions at a subconscious stand point…”    From experience she writes that the CIA assigns their people to target a  “...human subjects solar anatomy system,”   to create authenticated illness within their bodies.

From another author  Kevin Burnor- (also a TI) wrote the article ‘Christotherapist Targeted Who Tried To Do Good.’   Burnor was targeted after coming to the aid of someone and bringing forth an issue authorities did not want public.  He was forced into a “… mental ward by police…” when he called 911 to report prowlers around his home.    He was given drugs that caused him to suffer a stroke.  He has lost his family, home, career, health and privacy/freedom, (as most targeted individuals do.)   The legal, medical and social services he contacted never helped.   Defamed in his community – yet guilty of no crime, Burnor knows, (as all TI’s do,) that he is not a “…national security risk,”  but rather an experimental-subject of ‘research’ by the U.S. government.

A good friend of mine said a person can find anything on the internet to add validity to any idea.   However targeting with electromagnetic weapons to torture, rape and brain computer interface (BCI) a ‘person of interest,’ occurs to the rich and poor, black, white, yellow, red or brown… no matter what nationality, culture, religion, sex, sexual identity…  or IQ.  This supposed phenomenon is evident across the entire spectrum of human life, in all nations globally.  Those persons brave enough to report the covert, no touch, invisible, criminal assaults to authorities are all ‘handled’ the same around the world- in the United States, (and Missouri,) they are labeled as mentally ill, and, or incarcerated.   As a result the validity of their reports is destroyed.

In church today they read Mathew 11:15-  Jesus said, “This is why I speak to them in parables: Though seeing, they do not see; though hearing, they do not hear or understand.”  God bless us everyone.   God can offer love to those torturing, raping and brain computer interfacing.  Will work with Archangel Michael.  All persons in authority, from police, free press, government, military, places of worship, utility companies, the wealthy and their corporations… who know and do nothing to help targeted individuals will be known by Archangel Michael.  God sees everything. 

I’m sure God has a special judgement for those desecrating, and ‘soft-killing’ persons worshiping in the houses of God the One, by any name

Thank you dear God for everything exactly the way it is today. Thank you God for bringing the Network into the light for justice and bringing the Network down to conquer them. I love you dear God. Thank you God. So be it. Amen.

Angels of God our guardians dear, to whom God’s love entrusts us here… ever this day be at our sides to light and guard, to rule, guide and protect.  Amen.


Above photos you see first Firefox and then Google Chrome ‘forbidding’ me to even reach the sign in (log in) to the site on Library Center computers in Springfield, Missouri.  Had to move to another computer while leaving the ‘forbidden’ computer up and running, before being able to access    Can Google Search being hacked?   The  Springfield, Missouri Library computers ‘crashed’ same week the Springfield Police Department computers did.   Are these systems now accessible to rogue public authorities?   Asked one of the many kind, (and in my opinion) great librarians in Springfield, Missouir if concerns above were valid… or if these were normal computer ‘glitches’-  he said if all this happened within minutes of logging onto a computer; it deserved note.

Going back through blogs removing pictures for more space ran across the day I submitted a report to the Springfield, Missouri Police Civilian Review Board.   Have never heard from them.  The Civilian Review Board report is a way to highlight Chief Paul Williams conclusion of ‘miscellaneous’  regarding Internal Affairs report submitted to him.  It contained evidence of discrimination, harassment, intimidation and invasion of privacy- by five Springfield, Mo. Police Officers.

The transcript of the five minutes of four attempts to submit a Civilian Review Board report at the Springfield Police Headquarters was deleted from the blog.  A transcript was deleted from a blog… how can all this hacking be going on in a WordPress. com site?  The transcript recorded the reception officer either not remembering to date receipt of large envelope, or putting the wrong date on the report- making the package past the 45 days repeal

Dr. Katherine Albrecht, holds a master’s degree in Instructional Technology from Harvard.  She has co-authored with Liz McIntyne 2006 books, ‘Spychips,’ and ‘The Spychip Threat.‘   She is an RFID expert who believes every object in the U.S. will be tagged with RFID chips soon.   Albrecht calls this the ‘internet of things,’ where every object can be monitored and tracked from it’s production, to sale, to inside backpacks, and human bodies.   She notes that IBM created and patented a ‘person tracking unit,’ which is a reader device able to be placed in doorways, tiles, inside shopping malls, public restrooms, theaters and the like.  IBM also has won a contract to create national ID cards for England.  China has used similar devices in their ‘surveillance cities’ where everything from people, to buildings, to objects are monitored 24/7 by the government.  China has been known to buy over a billion RFID chips in one year to use in such projects.  In the United States RFID chips are now being put in driver’s licenses.  Just this year Missouri began sending license information out of their DMV sites (even though they have always had the equipment to make licenses on site immediately,) and drivers licenses are then mailed to Missouri homes in a week.    Are RFID chips in Missouri licenses now?

European physicist and ex-Cern scientist Dr. Katherine Horton believes that a global extermination program using directed energy weapons is committing silent genocide and is happening here in the United States and around the globe.  She wants all authorities in the United States to aid those citizens being assaulted 24/7 with electromagnetic weapons.  And assaulted with…”Neurowarfare–satellites, covert repeaters, covert microwave transmitters, covert transducers, covert antenna systems, portable directed-energy weapons, ultrasonics, infrasonics, lasers, masers, X-rays, in conjunction with covert implants, nanotechnology, and virus-filled aerosols–being used in cowardly, stealth fashion by our “Intelligence” agencies, our “Security” agencies, our local “Law Enforcement,” and Departments of “Defense…” as well as the wealthy and their corporations employing the Network to gang stalk and target innocent people.  Ramola D. of ‘The EveryDay Concerned Citizen‘ addressed Dr. Horton’s concerns February 22, 2017.

Thank you dear God for everything exactly the way it is today. Thank you God for bringing the Network into the light for justice and bringing the Network down to conquer them. I love you dear God. Thank you God for guiding, and protecting family, friends, territories, tools, vehicles, animals, plants and me. So be it. Amen.

Angels of God our guardians dear to whom God’s love entrusts us here… ever this day be at our sides to light and guard, to rule, guide and protect us.  Amen.


Today saw an ‘AT&T man at the corner of Portland and Campbell in Springfield, Missouri.  Ladder taken off van with Oklahoma license plates.    At the same corner where vacant house 1561 S. Campbell Ave in Springfield, Missouri has gangstalkers targeting for years with electromagnetic weapons, next door Ladder leaning against front of vacant house above.

Approached the man working in utility box #414, stopping four feet from him saying ‘hello’ with a smile.  Was in the street five feet from back of his van.  Oddly, in broad day light, immediately he shut the utility doors on the front and the back of box #414.  And he shut them so fast wires still hanging out.

From four feet away, in a friendly manner asked, if that was his ladder up against the front of 1561 So. Campbell?  He turned red-faced and said, ‘No. Why?’  Explained, “It’s a vacant house broken into a lot.”  He began quickly removing two orange cones from street.  Still standing in the middle of Portland,  asked kindly if he liked his job?  He looked at me funny and answered, “Sometimes.”   From the look on his face would not want to be around when he enjoyed his job.   Quickly got in van and drove away.   Leaving ladder up against house.  Above photos show second floor storm window pushed down for breaking and entering.  Both storm windows up and evident as walked past on way to work for 15 of the twenty years employed just blocks away.

Below you can see wires hanging out of utility box #414 today at Portland and Campbell in Springfield, Missouri.  Also below are pictures of new trash under the bushes against front porch of 1561 So. Campbell Ave. where gangstalkers target two south bedrooms with electromagnetic frequencies.   (Where attempts to meditate and attempts to paint stopped by electrocution many times.)  Bushes hide assaulters.



After speaking with ‘AT&T man’, and noting trash under bushes on vacant home where gangstalkers target at night… walked around outside of #1561 vacant house– and my home- since I had camera in hand. Found on the south side of home facing 1561 S. Campbell Ave., galvanized steel well at one basement window laid back in yet third attempt to break into home, the screen on that window completely gone now.  Y

A year ago, breaking and entering at the basement windows evidence recorded in photos Springfield Mo. Police Department did not want to see June 2017 when they diagnosed delusion as the reason I wanted to document two attempts in the past  year with them.   When checking fence line weeks ago,  screens and steel-well, undisturbed.

Today did not call the Springfield, Missouri Police Department regarding either the ladder against vacant home with it’s second floor storm window opened- or my basement windows attempted to be broken into.    Photo of vacant house #1561 back gate broken open with their lock still attached.


On the way to the library at 6pm took picture of ladder still against outside of vacant home with storm window still open on second floor.   Back home at 9pm from the library- ladder was gone.  Wires still sticking out of utility box though.  Storm window still open.



Always marvel how half the citizens of our country (that money expert Catherine Austin Fitts’ talks about in her Solari Report using ‘invisible weapons’) are part of a covert organization spending over half U.S. tax dollars to experiment, harass, intimidate, assault, rape and ‘soft-kill’ ‘persons of interest.’   Covert work wanted by corporations, and governments security personnel, and spy agencies.    Over half our tax dollars used to buy invisible weapons… when schools, health care and public services cannot find enough money.   Truth is more bizarre than any fiction.

Thank you dear God for everything exactly the way it is today.  Thank you God for bringing the Network into the light for justice and bringing the Network down to conquer them.  I love you dear God.  Thank you God for guiding, and protecting family, friends, territories, tools, vehicles, animals, plants and me.  So be it.  Amen.

Angels of God our guardians dear to whom God’s love entrust us here, ever this day be at our sides to light and guard, to rule, guide and protect… Amen.


Below are photos of what I call spirit umbilicus that are attached to God.  Author Phiem Nguyen has taken hundreds of such photos that are printed in her 2015 book, “Targeted Individuals, Mind Control and Directed Energy Weapons.”  (Directly below on the left is a photo with umbilical draped in front of a chair in Nguyen’s home.  This photo is on the front cover of her book, which I read.)   The photo on right is from my family pictures.   I have about a hundred photos spanning from the 1950’s with umbilicals in them printed on Kodak film -to  digital cameras of 2017.)

front of book photo of umbiliicals by Phiem Nguyen     image10

Many readers of her books and author Phiem Nguyen believe that these umbilicus are actually ‘Nano invisible forces,’ and are dangerous creations of man.  It is my belief that while Phiem Nguyen is undergoing horrible 24/7 torture, her ancestor spirits and her own umbilicus to God are evident- and very near her– helping to protect her from even greater harm. 

To me, these photos show spiritual connection to God.   Targeted individuals (even those who are psychic) think differently regarding the phenomenon they witness  during tortures, rape and experiments with directed energy weapons and brain computer interface.

Very glad to know that other people can photograph these spirits too.  To me, these cords are literally worm holes leading straight to the Great Spirit.   They are the ‘tunnel’ that all humans speak of from their ‘near death’ experiences.   At the end of the ‘tunnel’ usually divine beings review their life, and some souls meet or see God.  In the frequency called ‘death’ those traveling the tunnel say their ‘bodies’ are solid as they are in earth dimension.  Just think… these umbilicus transport us to different dimensions and worlds.  As the ancients said, humans have the universe inside them.  At one point author Phiem Nguyen wonders why ‘Monks’ with their special understanding of martial arts and meditation cannot solve the issues going on here on earth.

Those of us on the front-lines of the battle between good and evil- (regarding human brain computer interface, and electromagnetic torture experimentation by artificial intelligence) endure with one goal in mind to evade the eventual control of us and all of human energy, life, brain and soul…  because our power comes from God the One by Any Name: NOT THE MACHINE or the beings that want our power.   Hope you noted that dog Tioga has a spirit cord to God- that can be seen emerging from his mouth.

Vietnamese author Phiem Nguyen writes in broken English.  And in her 2015 book, “Targeted Individuals, Mind Control and Directed Energy Weapons,”  one photo shows spots under her eyebrow and under her right eye on her flesh that appeared over night after targeting with directed energy weapons, February 29, 2012.

In her book “Targeted Individuals, Mind Control and Directed Energy Weapons.”  Phiem Nguyen’s diary of December 4, 2011…  records being woken twice in the morning.  She couldn’t get out of bed until after 9am. – so exhausted from targeting with directed energy weapons to genital, rectum and lower abdomen the entire night before.   That morning in the shower, Nguyen notes the skin on her stomach looks wrinkled as if sagging from giving birth the night before.   Phiem writes that she has been worked on for years by people torturing with DEW’s, nano particles and implants that are instrumental in her “…high tech rape and abuse…” while being “…humiliated everyday…”

Phiem Nguyen sent two ‘before targeting’ and ‘after targeting’  photos of herself to in a letter to Arlene Johnson, of The Journal of History Fall 2011.  The difference between what can happen to a person’s appearance in an extremely short period of time from literally being cooked alive… is extremely visible.  As is evident with me after one year of targeting.

Scientists attempting to ‘level peg’ with God have created HAARP and giant colliders to tamper with and distort frequencies till some collapse, and create worm holes opening portals here on earth.   Scientists have experimented with humanity’s very existence in modern times accompanied by dangerous machines- only saying (as they turned them on for the first time…) that it would be unfortunate if what they were doing literally imploded or exploded the earth from they energy created.

D.H.Lawrence was born in 1885. He wrote, ” The essential American soul is hard, isolate, stoic, and a killer. It has never yet melted…”   Perhaps the American ‘soul’ never belonged to God.  Is that why our forefathers put, ‘In God We Trust’ on money instead?

Thank you dear God for everything exactly the way it is today.  Thank you God for bringing the Network into the light for justice and bringing the Network down to conquer them.  I love you dear God.  Thank you God for guiding, and protecting family, friends, territories, tools, vehicles, animals, plants and me.  So be it.  Amen.


Karen Stewart spent 28 years in the NSA Maryland, as an intelligence analyst and foreign language specialist.  Her intelligence reports were credited by her supervisors for saving thousands of lives.  When she reported NSA management wrong-doing… she was suddenly, secretly falsely accused of something that put her on a ‘terrorist’ list, and slated her for ‘harassment and death.’   Stewart is targeted with electromagnetic weapons now.

What is Infragard?  From the Infragard site itself:  “InfraGard is a partnership between the FBI and members of the private sector. The InfraGard program provides a vehicle for seamless public-private collaboration with government that expedites the timely exchange of information and promotes mutual learning opportunities relevant to the protection of Critical Infrastructure.”   

Karen Stewart is so courageous.  She wrote a letter to Infragard members and she put her name in her letter.  It began,  “Dear fake patriots.  This is a message from your victims, the thousands upon thousands of innocent, law-abiding victims randomly and maliciously put on your harassment list, your assassination list, the outrageously fake and contrived Terrorist Watch List, the Core Death List that is all about killing good Americans…  I am K. M. Stewart, a retired (NSA) intelligence analyst…”    However the FBI immediately sent a letter following Stewart’s to the same members noting…  Attention InfraGard member,  You have received a new broadcast message.  On 4/24/17, multiple InfraGard members reported receiving a disturbing email from an unknown individual. It appears this individual used the InfraGard public facing site to obtain contact information for InfraGard Coordinators and IMA Leadership. As you are aware, the FBI and by default, the InfraGard Program receive email such as this on a routine basis. At this time, we are not aware of any direct threats made against any specific individuals. If you and/or your IMA leadership would like their contact information removed from the InfraGard public facing site, please send an email to Infra fra Gard Content @ leo. gov.

She puts in her letter to the members of Infragard:  “Here is a sample of the Constitution if you have never bothered to look at it:

4th Amendment – the right to due process, to know who accuses you of what, so that you may defend yourself especially against blatant lies by criminals. The right to be safe in your own home, etc.

8th Amendment – No cruel and unusual punishment allowed, even if someone is convicted of a crime (much lessBEFORE.)

And laws regarding the Constitution:

18 US Code 241

Conspiracy to deprive of Constitutional Rights (such as due process, the right to KNOW what you have been accused of and by whom so that THEY can be held accountable as well).

My personal favorite is 18 US Code 241

Conspiracy to deprive of Constitutional Rights under color of law, i.e., protection from criminally corrupt law enforcement abusing their positions and perverting the law to benefit themselves or protect themselves from criminal prosecution.

18 US Code 2441 – War Crimes, using weapons of war by military, law enforcement or civilians on unarmed, non-combatants, among other crimes.″

All the above from, Ramola D.’s-  TheEveryDayConcernedCitizen of August 5, 2017.  Where  Karen Stewart’s letter was published.   D. writes concerning what is known about Infragard…  “More tellingly, from the ACLU’s 2004 report by Jay Stanley,   The Surveillance-Industrial Complex: How the American Government is Conscripting Businesses and Individuals in the Construction of a Surveillance Society:  “The program has more than 10,000 members organized into 79 local chapters; the list of participating companies is kept secret…”  (That was back in 2004… think of all the ‘local chapters’ today.)

Ramola D. reports about Infragard,  “This operation is quite akin to the Stasi operations run in East Germany and involves  normal citizens being pulled into snitching, surveilling, and persecuting their neighbors—who are being glibly and wrongfully named “terrorists,” “extremists,” “enemies of the State,” and “unpatriotic.” The terms in which these operations have been experienced, observed, and reported online include “gangstalking,” “organized stalking,” “counter-Intelligence stalking,” and “electronic harassment.”

Karen Stewart wrote in her letter to Infragard,  “The use of a human being’s body without their consent is called “Human Trafficking…”  And, “When someone claims that the Fusion Center/Infragard organized thuggery, 24/7 stalking harassment thinly veiled as surveillance, “is legal,” ask them to explain to you the standing Supreme Court decisionMarbury v. Madison, which declares that ANY LAW passed that is UNCONSTITUTIONAL, is VOID….”   Also… “The FBI historically was caught engaging in such illegal, and criminal activity against Civil Rights leaders and Women’s Rights leaders in the mid-20th Century (1950’s/1960’s) simply because FBI Director Herbert Hoover was a racist and a chauvinist.   Remember, a country of laws guarantees that the law enforcement entities must themselves abide by the law.   In no Democracy are they or any public officials above the law, only in a dictatorship.”

(Interestingly, it has been determined that about 70% of  the hundreds of thousands of people targeted with electromagnetic weapons and brain computer interface- are single, older women.  Guess those experimenting on people with electromagnetic weapons know  that single, older women are less believed; and not listened too… more than any other member of our society except children.)

Would love to paint now, but when sit to paint, I am viciously targeted… the same goes with exercise.   In the past week electromagnetic targeting exclusive to heart, head and genitalia.  (When a male friend asked he was told it would be as if a stun gun were attached to his penis for days on end.)  Viciously raped Saturday 8-5-2017.  Hard to believe?  Read below.

Physicist Dr. Catherine Horton’s site is about the past five years of targeting by MI5;  “My home was broken into twice.  My computers were hacked.  My website was sabotaged and my email service taken offline…  My hip and knee were permanently damaged in physical attacks.  I was sexually denigrated and humiliated repeatedly.  I received several death threats.  I survived an assassination attempt.”   In her, MENU under ‘Life-Signs from the War Zone,’ a chart reveals physical, mental and sexual assaults including entries from- Karen Stewart as well.  Stewart retired after 28 years NSA bottom right photo;  with Ramola D.  TheEveryDayConcernedCitizen bottom left; and Doctor of Theology- Millicent Black pictured bottom left.  These women are but four of the hundreds of thousands in the U.S. and millions around the world being targeted with electromagnetic weapons and brain computer interface.

dr-millicent-black  karen-stewart-retired-nsa

Today is the full moon, have always held full and new moon ceremonies for decades to pray to the Great Spirit.  Am a medicine woman.  Today, as in every ceremony will say…

Thank you dear God for everything exactly the way it is today.  Thank you God for bringing the Network into the light for justice and bringing the Network down to conquer them.  I love you dear God.  Thank you God for guiding, and protecting family, friends, territories, tools, vehicles, animals, plants and me.  So be it.  Amen. 

Angels of God our guardians dear to whom God’s love entrusts family, friends, our territories, tools, vehicles, animals, plants and me here… ever this day be at our side to light and guard, to rule and guide.  Amen.”


Green is the color of love from the trees.  Bushes.  Plants and heart.  Green is the essence of intelligence and awareness.  Each cell transmuting the sun into love.  Breathable love.  Energy.  Cherished-shade love.  Edible love.  Thank you green for all you give.  For the brilliance of your life.  Kindness of your soul.  Green leaf love.If you are not an asset, you are a liability.  When you can no longer be controlled you are a liability.    Been thinking about what is going on and reading what TI’s write- the words that come out of people’s brains onto pages…  After a year of being shocked (literally) at the state of affairs in the United States and around the Earth, have accepted and realize that we are living in the system now.  It is all in place for years and there is nothing we can do about it, on the outside.  Too many people  work for the Network.

Catherine Austin Fitts of The Solari Report– (one of the greatest money-minds in the nation) believes two societies are alive and well dividing tax monies in the United States.  Austin Fitts writes that the covert society uses U.S. tax dollars to produce their ‘invisible weapons.’

Someone wrote:   That for civil war to break out in any Nation (to stop the criminal-societies in place today using electromagnetic weapons and brain computer interface to experiment and subjugate people-) the good-half of a nation’s population would have to be awake to fight back.  They are not awake.    Anyone fighting back ‘outside’ themselves, or ‘on the streets,’ to stop the criminal-societies would have to use the same illegal and criminal methods used by the Network.   For law enforcement or judicial intervention to occur there would have to be laws against targeting and DEW’s  for justice to take place.   Only Michigan has these laws today.  Not to mention the money, and time needed for any of the above.  Most targeted individuals do not want to hurt people.  Most targeted individuals are not criminals, have never broken the law and do not want to do anything illegal.  Unlike their oppressors.

Those of you defending yourselves from electromagnetic frequencies in your own homes, are in the minority within our ‘societies.’   (‘Our societies‘ being the ones not wanting to take away free-will from humanity.)  Byron Katie says that “Defense is the first act of war.”  Well… defense for all intensive purposes is an act that initiates a plan for survival.  Staying alive.   TI’s can get tired of defending themselves against authorities refusing to acknowledge electromagnetic weapons exist and are being used to experiment on good people.   People who are tortured and in pain become gutted, until they only exist in present time, survival their primary goal.

Targeted Individuals now aware of what is happening have the ability to stop what is taking place and help others.  It would only take a leap within their own brains.  It only requires that a targeted individual KNOW WITHOUT A DOUBT they are constantly connected to the system or Network that is soft-killing and experimenting on them.  For someone to assault a TI with electromagnetic weapons their body’s electromagnetic pulse has to be located and downloaded into a computer system.  This assures when they are ‘targeted,’ they are the only person to receive the electromagnetic pulse meant to harm, even if they are on a crowded city street, or in a packed stadium.  Once a TI is located- they are locked into an energetic part of a huge computer network.

Think of the possibilities a targeted individual has during that time!  TI’s are physically a part of the system assaulting them.  What does that mean?  That means TI’s can use the very energy aiming to destroy and experiment on them- against those perpetrating the crime.  Most TI’s don’t want to hurt anyone who is harming them.  Most are good, good people wondering why ‘this is happening’ to them.  Sending the energy back to the source is the most non-aggressive act of stopping assault that there is.  Personally believe, most TI’s have never broken a law nor do they ever want to.  By sending the electromagnetic pulse aimed at them back to it’s source, a TI is reversing an illegal act. If they were to get good at this reversal of energy they could start sending the energy into a black hole or something, if they do not want to effect the people harming them.    To harm the computers used to assault them would be a good thing.  Shut the computers down.

Sounds incredulous and like science fiction?  Or does it sound like ‘New Age’ stuff?    Human brains are being hacked, mapped and downloaded into computers.  Think about Einstein who said, “Imagination is greater than knowledge.”   So the next time you are being assaulted with electromagnetic weapons, close your eyes and  ‘see, imagine, visualize,’ the stream of electric frequency coming your way.  Locate where you are in pain from the assault.  Make the  energy assault that you ‘see’ in your mind a color and then visualize this assault turning around to head straight back to it’s own stream in reverse, heading back to the source.   When you do this keep words like, ‘download, hack, reverse, computer and source’ in your mind.   What you want to do is to get the assaulting energy to work for you.   A TI must admit that the system in place- can be changed or stopped from inside.   Inside a computer and a human brain.  TARGETED INDIVIDUALS ARE ON THE INSIDE.   Change your mind about just how connected you  are and proceed from there.  Practice believing and ‘seeing’ it so.  It will take focus and will.

One last thing.  When targeted, most TI’s tend to contract physically, because pain and fear makes it easy to want to shrink out of sight.  When you send the system’s energy back to the weapon source, and the computers… TI’s need to expand.  This act of intent to ‘shine,’ will keep you strong while sending the Network’s energy back.  If you believe in God, the One by any name… use God’s name and God’s angels to assist in this act of free will.  They will only be to happy to shoulder most of this creative work.  Also by breathing out while pushing back it helps multiply energy.  Just know that what you are doing is as real as the electromagnetic weapons  and computers  they assault you with.   Just know that what you are doing is as real as the weapons and computers they use.  Just know that what you are doing is as real as the weapons and computers shutting down.   This will take much practice, like any skill, so do not give up!   Your life force is stronger and it is divine, which makes you more powerful than artificial intelligence.

For me, perseverance is possible only with God.  The scientists who invented these electromagnetic weapons and artificial intelligence must not believe in God.   The people carrying Bibles as props also target innocent people with electromagnetic weapons.   They must not believe they will ever be held accountable to God for what they do.   The day after a blog posted with Bible verses about Jesus removing demons from sick people who became well:  The man in bottom right photo came with Bible in hand to sit next to me, and instantly electromagnetic energy  bombarded the area I sat in.  He did nothing but sit and look down.  He left ten minutes later with his black bag… so did the excessive energy.   Since the Bible was carried as a prop, this man needs to attend the church I go to and contact the rogue members of their security team.  The photo above of the man in the orange shirt is who was found standing for some time in front of home when electromagnetic energy kept bombarding the front porch.  Finally walked to him and asked, “How are you doing?”  He left immediately there after.

Targeted individuals need to find scientists and electricians who can devise  head bands everyone can afford, to be worn against the scalp to change electromagnetic frequency of ‘persons of interest-‘ so they cannot be located by those wishing to do harm.   It would be great if this head gear deflected frequencies already firing at them.  Nice also to have eye wear invented for the targeted public to be able to record and ‘see’ invisibility suited Network employees.  This accessory would undo the ‘refraction’ of light taking place at the surface of cloaking devices.  There is no science fiction, only science reality today…  The military has such helmets and eye-wear that can detect invisibility suits.  Targeted individuals need them too.

Yesterday was threatened to stop writing in this blog.  There is murder by accident, murder by suicide and murder by natural causes… heart attack, aneurysm, and stroke.  The cruelty encountered from the people assaulting non-stop at home, in libraries, and elsewhere is unconscionable.  This is the fourth threat against myself and family received.  God, Mother Mary, the Holy Spirit, Archangel Michael and all the angels, and saints know the names of every person in the Network top to bottom.  It is in their hands.

A psychological assault happened the last time I visited a library.  A white man and woman entered the Grisham meeting room 8-3-2017, by a glass door less than a foot away from where I sat.   The man had black hair and white T-shirt with jeans, and the woman wore black pants patterned with 3″ white skulls.  They stared at me going in.  Two children- one five year old and another about two.

Immediately after the Grisham door closed the mother prompted the five year old to yell at the stop of his lungs, ‘bitch, bitch, bitch…’ over and over and over.   After ten minutes of this- got up, turned off computer, and looked into the room.  Smiled and waved through the glass at the white man in his late twenties, who laughed back.  (The mother and her two children were pressed into a corner of the tiny 8′ X 8′ room hiding-)   went to finish my blog at another library.   The gang stalkers I’ve run across always use their children to accost their targets mentally.  And indeed thought about the child yelling ‘bitch,’ a day later.   What will that little boy grow up to be with a mother like that?  How insidious that all gang stalker’s children follow into the hell their parents are employed in.  And are never able to leave.

Free will is God’s greatest gift.

Looking back over my site, many blogs have been altered.  Facts deleted and changed.  Much research went into these blogs.  Electrocuted, literally sizzle at home this past week so bad constantly shake and feel sick to my stomach most of the time.

Thank you dear God for everything exactly the way it is today. Thank you God for bringing the Network into the light for justice and bringing the Network down to conquer them. I love you dear God. Thank you God for always guiding, and protecting.  So be it. Amen.

Below are pictures of plasma strikes on the galvanized steel sheets of metal at home. It is evident the impact on metal starts in round, small hit and mushrooms out.  The  initial, large impact on metal bounced, leaving two smaller strikes on metal.


Below are plasma spray from initial strike that caused drops of burning plasma to leave streaks on galvanized steel sheets.


When the plasma strike hit the metal sheet (5′ long by 2.5′ wide) the impact felt like a strong person slamming their fist as hard as they could- on top of the metal sheets.   Last Sunday two lesser ‘hits’ occurred on an aluminum sheet (3′ by 3′) which does show the same ‘staining’ results as on the galvanized steel metal sheet.   The zinc oxide coating on the galvanized steel metal sheet was burned off by whatever hit it. The galvanized steel hit with plasma weapons definitely shows effects of assault.  Below is a picture of a ‘plasma ring’ from a University of Missouri laboratory as it travels in mid air to hit a piece of metal in a laboratory… with great force.

plasma weapon

In 1995 United Nations Protocol on Blinding Laser Weapons banned such devices for use on the battlefield.  Because they would blind the target.  The U.S. gave its consent to prohibit such weapons on January 21, 2009.

However the Air Force Research laboratory developed The Dazzler.  It is a ‘personnel halting and stimulation response rifle’ or (PHASR) developed for the U.S. Department of Defense.  The Dazzler pictured below is a directed-energy weapon.  It emits infrared and invisible light or visible light, that causes no long term damage to eyes and operates on a laser diode (red) or a diode-pumped solid-state laser (green,) beam.  It is labeled as non-military product that is available today for law enforcement and security.  Another dazzler below, the ‘Glare Mout’ uses directed radiation for temporary flash blindness.  Available for law enforcement and security. Because effects are ‘non-lethal’ and ‘temporary’ these weapons fall outside the U.N. protocol.


TechRadar is an online publication owned by Future pic, the sixth-largest publisher in the United Kingdom.  They review tech products that are for sale.  In May of 2009 Mark Harris of techradar wrote, “US cops and military to get laser guns…” that would work up to a mile and a half away from the target to ‘temporarily blind’ people.   Harris writes,  “The laser weapons are intended for use in subduing terrorists, anti-piracy actions and by all branches of the military.   Dazer Laser also suggests, more worryingly, that they be used by security guards “in lieu of providing a lethal force weapon” or in police actions where “bystanders may be ‘dazed’ with full recovery”.   

The pulsed energy projectile (PEP) is also a non-lethal weapon made by the U.S. military that emits invisible laser pulse which upon hitting its target creates exploding plasma.  This produces a pressure wave which felt like a fist slamming into the metal.  When there is no metal to protect a human the electromagnetic radiation causes great pain to nerve cells and can knock the target off their feet. (This device was created first as a lethal weapon called, ‘pulsed impulsive kill  laser.’) The first of these devices weighed 500 pounds to be carted around on a vehicle, today they are much smaller.

In 1997 at a TECOM Technology Symposium it was decided “…the potential of injury and death severely limits human tests,” on non-lethal weapons.  Regardless the Naval Research Laboratory, DARPA, Air Force Research Laboratory and the Pentagon continue working on hand-held directed-energy weapons.

Directed Energy Weapons cause neurophysiological disorders, and unnecessary suffering though classified as non-lethal- may be in violation of U.S. laws against torture and U.N. Geneva Convention laws.   According to the military the effects of non-lethal directed energy weapons are, difficulty breathing, disorientation, nausea, pain, and seizures, among others.   Electromagnetic energy weapons can also be used in conjunction with brain computer interface to rape and interrogate ‘targets.’


Thank you God for everything exactly the way it is today.  Thank you dear God for bringing the Network into the light for justice and bringing the Network down to conquer them.