Would the people who signed the letter for Trump below, be diagnosed by the Springfield, Missouri Police Department; Fire Dept’s Captain Pennington; and Springfield, Mo. Police Officers Shipley, Welsh, Lilly, Helmes; and assistant Daugherty as “delusional, ‘mentally ill,’ schizophrenic and paranoid?”  None of the authorities above are medical doctors of psychiatry yet EVERYONE of these ‘authorities’ diagnosed a citizen contacting them for safety home inspections (because of suddenly being ‘electrocuted’ in their own home…) and wanting criminal assaults and break-ins documented as such.  How can those requests be anything less then mentally healthy?  

Listed first, are the names signed to a letter that Ramola D. sent to Donald Trump which addresses the concerns of 100,000’s of targeted individuals in the U.S. today.  Thank you Ramola D. of  ‘The EveryDay Concerned Citizen.”   Thank you to all who signed.   Here are the signatures of advocates for targeted individuals on Ramola D’s letter to Donald Trump… many who are TI’s themselves-

Ramola D, USA, Author, Journalist, Activist

Karen Melton Stewart, USA, NSA Intelligence Analyst, Ret.

Dr. Katherine Horton, Germany, Particle Physicist, Systems Analyst

Ricardo Camilo López, USA, Theoretical Physicist, Math & Science Teacher, Semiotician

Paul Baird, BEc. LLB, Australia, Human Rights Advocate

Eyerly Felder, USA, Human Rights Activist, Foster Parent, Podcast Host and Journalist

Rosanne Marie Schneider, USA, Author of “Surveillance, Torture and Control in the Modern World”  Former Artist, Animal Rescuer, and International Business Owner,  Now Victim

Regis Burke, MSW, USA

Leo E. Garcia, USA

Teresa Bender, R.N., ASN, Harrisburg, PA, USA, Graduated Magna Cum Laude. Phi Theta Kappa member.  Service connected disabled veteran of USAF, 1989-1993.
Honorably discharged. Served during First Gulf War.  Interviewed by news media in West Virginia. Video on YouTube link: “Adult Bullying, West Virginians speak out”. Also participated in Targeted Individual awareness video titled “Targeted Individuals, A Plea for Help”, filmed in NJ in 2014.

Robert I. Walker, USA ,Human Rights Activist, Vietnam Veteran, Christian

Seth Farber, Ph.D., USA, Author, Psychologist

Gregory A Mann, USA, Former Marine, Retired Dept. Of Defense- Combined service 27 years. Whistleblower.

Margaret Zawodniak, RN, BSN, USA

Amy L, USA, Licensed Massage Therapist

Joseph Quevedo, B.S. International Business, USA, Certified Logistics Technician

Mariana Maritato M.S., CCC-SLP, C-PESL, HC, Poland, Herman Winston, USA
US Army Veteran, Ex-Police Officer, Mechanic

Dr. Millicent Black, MACM, MMFT, USA, Refuge From the Storm Church, Columbia, TN, Pastor, Activist, Researcher

Tracy A. Wellons, USA, Biomedical Research Scientist

Kenneth Peartree, USA, Senior Master Sergeant, US Air Force (Ret.)

Virginia Sealey, USA, Louisiana State University graduate, Health and Physical Education.  Commercial Real Estate Broker (Ret.)

Captain Gary W. Kassbaum M.M., Canada, Senior Regional Investigator – Marine, Transportation Safety Board

Alec Devere Rafter, NYU Graduate, B.F.A., USA, Actor, Writer, Musician

Ben Colodzin Ph.D., California, USA, H-SCADA profiler (Human-Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition Systems) for targeted victims

Paul Grigun, USA

Thomas A. Dickey, USA, U.S. Army, Retired

Mr. Robert Vincent Leaf, USA, HVAC Technician, App.

Mike Patrick, USA

Mandi (Deedee) Durrence, USA, Self-Employed, Construction, Farming

Barbara Hyseni, USA, Sergeant in the US Air Force, Christian Ordained Minister

Geri Kemp, BS in Business/Finance, MPA, USA, Certified Business Official, Educational Facilities Planning, School Business Management (Ret.), National Youth Equestrian Program Organizer

Denise S. Pompl, USA

Donna Stanley, USA, Mother, daughter, grandmother, friend, American, Retired Corrections Officer

Lori Tolbert-Carroll, USA

Charmaine Thomas, USA

Guy Potter, USA, 35-year victim

Ms. Maura Sheehan, RN, BSN

Rochelle Jones, USA, Ordained Minister, CA

Juanita Hardnett, GA, USA

Sherri M Guarnieri, USA

Edith Diane Schutza, TX, USA

Michele Kimbrough, USA, Retired, Department of Corrections

Kola Boof, Award-Winning Novelist and Television Writer

Bonnie Hunt, USA, Retired Comm. College Instructor, College Lecturer,
and HS Teacher, MBA, MS, CPA (Inactive)

Jeaneine M. Heaney, USA, Christian

Arlene Johnson BA, MLS, USA
Publisher/Author | http://www.truedemocracy.net

Cathy L. Wright, M.S., CCC-SLP, USA, B.A. in English, B.S. in Communication Sciences and Disorders, M.S. in Communication Disorders.  Speech-Language Pathologist. Whistleblower.

Angela Farrell, USA, BS, Psychology, BSW from West Virginia University.
National Sales Award 2005, 2008. Pharmaceutical representative.  Currently: Yoga , aerobic and Silver Sneaker instructor YMCA. Health and wellness instructor.

Mrs. Sherri A. Marquis, AA Business, BA Legal Studies, MS Mgmt, RI, USA
U.S. Navy Journalist – 12.5 years, honorably discharged with service-connected disability.  Dept.of Defense (Navy, Army, Marine Corps) Contract Specialist/Contracting Officer, GS-13, 8 years, WHISTLEBLOWER Lockheed Martin Enterprise Information Systems (Orlando) and Missiles and Fire Control (Orlando) Intellectual Property Paralegal and Contracting Officer Currently: unemployed, blacklisted, isolated, tortured and psychologically injured

Leila M S Gutowski, RN BS, BSN, VA, USA

Cheryl Weinrich, VA, USA, Former employee of SAIC, Inc., Employed from 2000 to 2010.  Contracted out 2009-’10 as a Document Control Specialist and Courier with the Missile Defense Agency.  Former student at Northern Virginia Community College, Annandale and Alexandria, VA, 1982 to 2000: Travel and Tourism, Psychology and Information Technology.

Lorenzetta Whitfield, USA
Lillian Whitfield, USA
Tanya Whitfield, USA
(Sisters targeted since May 2013)

John Thomas Christiana, USA, BS Degree CSULB; MS Degree, Kaplan Univ, 4.0; Law Student, 2L Everest Summiter | Human Rights Advocate, Targeted Individual Victim | Federal Lawsuit Plaintiff

John Leon Anderson, CT, USA, 13-year victim

Nina Elhawary Duvall, USA, Drug Alcohol Tech | Working with Ms. Massie Munroe on her campaign and book.

Mark Mandigo, USA

Muguet Burgos, CCNY, USA, Photographer

Innocentia Merchant, UK

Jessica Charpentier, MA, USA

Charles Pak, USA, Disabled Iraq Veteran 2004-2008, Tortured victim of remote technology 2007-current

Dominic Friscia, USA

Alicia Ogburn, and children, PA, USA

Amy Anderson, CA, Human Rights Activist

Constance Hannah Rose, Pacifica, CA, Artist, Author (The Joy Thieves) Creative Director and Entrepreneur

Edward L. Spencer, MD, Neurology Retired, Researcher, Author

Dianne Renee Chandler, B.B.A. Business Administration, M.S.S. Strategic Studies, U.S. Army War College, M.S. Acquisition and Contract Management LTC , USAR retired Veteran 28 years Service tortured victim since 2012 after filing an EEO complaint Dianne Chandler vs. Secretary of the Army John M. McHugh

Kathleen Haston, BA Psychology, USA

William Brock, Boston, MA, USA

Patrick Cleary, USA, B.S. Communication Arts from Cornell University, 1991.
Disabled teacher, social worker, and activist.

Harold Hubbard, disabled, USA

Marina Ragsdale, USA, Crew member at McDonald’s | Victim

Jeannette Eileen Fess, USA, Former Realtor | Victim

Takele Erko, Ethiopia, BSc. Chemistry | TI for 6 years

Dr. Helen Tsigounis, Australia, Author of “The Red Back Web”: http://docdro.id/dOiUm27, Targeted 20 years.

Caroline Coon, Tiburon, CA, Owner of store “Little Black Dress”

Marina Abramycheva, NY, USA

Agnieszka Kubicka, USA, 26 years old | Student, Restaurant Worker

Tiffany Fusini, BA in Sociology and Gender Studies, Neuro-Behavioral Specialist

Mečislav Chorzempa, Computer Programmer, Czech Republic

Judith Greschus, Detmold-Germany, Acknowledged politically persecuted person of the GDR regime(certificate “C”)

Elke Malone, Germany, 55 years, Educator

Thomas Steinke, USA, Independent Contractor OTR Truck Driver

Andrew Furey, PA, USA

Terrance Bass, USA, Retired Musician and Marketing Professional

Geoffrey Beattie, N.I., UK

Ricki Leggett, USA, Victim for 15 years.

Stanley Heavrin, Louisville, KY, USA

Debra Matheny, Hibbing, Minnesota, USA, Anti Public Corruption Activist, Investigative Blogger, 3 generations of targets. My daughter and granddaughter, murdered.

Mr. Adair Rutherford Buckner, I.

Edgard Rene Romero Cruz, Creative genius, Artist, Mind Slave.

Dagmar Palmerova, Prague, Czech Republic, Degree in Economics

Beth Ruegg, USA, Targeted victim for decades

Paul Lucas, BSBA, Finance and Accounting, USA, Senior Accountant/Analyst for International Corporation

Nathan Entrekin, USA, Graphics/Media Artist, LDS church member

Laura Entrekin, USA, CNA Manager, LDS church member

Mr. Tobin Dresser, Bend, Oregon, USA, Freelance Writer

Andrea McCoy, BA, USA

Patricia Angulo, USA, Intake Clinical Coordinator, Personal Trainer, Aunt, Case Manager

Gülay Daricili (female), Germany, Certified Interpreter and Lecturer

Lisa R. Becker, Milwaukee, WI, BS, Human Environment & Design, graduated with honors in 1989.  Under surveillance since college, tortured with electronic surveillance since 2007.

Toshiko Namiki, Japan

Dolly Guenthner, USA, Whistleblower on the City of Elizabethtown, KY municipality and the KY Retirement System.  Terminated employee from the City of Elizabethtown, after 20+ years

Alan J. Bellina, USA
Amy L. Bellina, USA

Mary Fehr, New Mexico, USA, Retired journeyman CNC machinist, TI 2 years +
Catapulted into surveillance program by Ohio Neighborhood Watch

Darleen Palmeira, Kapaa, Hawaii, Targeted since 2015

Helmut Michael, Germany, I support the memorandum.  As to our personal experience:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oMqWfh7TZhI

Stephen O Neill, Sligo, Ireland, Targeted since 2005

Susan C., USA, Associate Underwriter

Ursula J. Barboza, USA, Juris Doctor (1995), M.A. Library and Information Science (2008)

Heide Klebsattel, Gutach/Germany, Designer, TI since 2010

Benjamin Miller, Jersey City, New Jersey, USA

Robert Stephen Spicer, USA, 1-year aware TI

Michael McKay, B.S./B.A. UC Davis International Relations/Japanese, M.S. SFSU Physics

Linda L. Jensen (Maiden name, Christopherson/first marriage, Vegoe)
Musician, poet, educator of young people, legal and medical secretary, missionary, mother, grandmother, gardener.  Also an author, and activist for the rights of individuals for justice, “life, liberty and pursuit of happiness” in accordance with the Declaration of Independence of the United States of America.

Oskar Svärd, Master’s in Political Science, Sweden

Gabriele Plank, Munich, Germany, 65 years old, Teacher, German Gymnasium

Mr. Christian Pfeifer, Luckenwalde, Germany

James F. Lico, USA, BS, Computer Science, Associate’s Degrees in Biology, Electronic Engineering, Retired Software Support Specialist, Systems Administrator
Targeted since 2010

Donna Wilkinson, USA, Retired

Chloe V. Rose, USA, Service connected 90% disabled Gulf War veteran, USN.
Honorably discharged 1980-1991.

Kathryn Sorensen USA, Retired Financial Management, Recovery Agent

Martina Pearce, Sales Manager

Leonard Loch, Hamburg, Germany.  Merchant, Graduate in Business Administration.
Targeted since 2003.

Kimberly Buckner, USA, Researcher, Whistleblower, Human Rights Advocate

Connie Hicks, USA

Marcus George Hopkins, NM & MN, USA, Ba.Sc. Wildlife Science
Heavily targeted for 6 years by group of technologically advanced, vicious criminals, including a corrupt NSA, FBI and Private Investigator Employee(s)

Steve Granite, USA, General labor, 30-year victim

Bennetta McKenzie, IL, USA, AUTISM MOM – Bachelors in Accounting, MBA, CPA
Targeted 14 years

J. McKenzie, IL, USA, Autistic college student, Mathematics major

Clint McLean, MS, Computer Science (distinction), South Africa

Marie-Luise von Neuberg, Karlsruhe,Germany

Detlef Müller, Minden, Germany, TI for more than 30 years

Paolo Fiora, London, United Kingdom, Director, LESAG, London End Stalking Action Group

Atsuko Miyata, Japan, Mother, wife, homemaker, landlord, Victim for 28+years

Dr. Cherie Larsson, Ph.D, MBA, BA, Florida, USA, Ph.D in industrial Organizational Psychology

Irina Wickholm, Russia. Victim, and Human Rights Activist

Tera Wills, Ph.D, College Professor, USA, Ph.D. in combination of Nuclear Engineering and Radiochemistry, University of Arkansas, (40 years in US/from Iran)
Targeted since 2012

Liuda Balcius, USA/Lithuania, Author, Blind Social Worker, Teacher of the Blind, Humanitarian and Adventurer, Blind victim of reprehensible directed energy weapons and unconscionable chemical poisonings for more than 20 years.
Looking forward someday to a peaceful, private life without pain and torture.

Catherine (Kate) Ryan, R.N. Retired, Former Representative in Consumer Electronics
Activist/Whistleblower of an Extraordinary Rendition site in Italy, inappropriate planned disposal of PCBs through insert in bathroom tiles.
SOA Watch/Supporter, Runs Support Group for TIs in New England

Slawomir Wiktor, MA (Magister) Philosophy, Poland, TI for 7 years, Activist with Polish TI association, STOPZET

Zofia Filipiak, Poland, President, Polish TI Association STOPZET

Brandon Armstrong, USA, Truck Driver. Targeted American.

Danuta Gajewska,Poland, Teacher

Gretta Fahey, Newbrook, Claremorris, Ireland, A Targeted Individual for fourteen years.

Mrs. Hadia Fehlauer, Leimen, Germany, 62 years old, Housewife and former Translator

Mr. Frank Hennrich, Walldorf, Germany, 54 years old, dipl.-Cosmology Physicist, IT-product Owner

Mrs. Angelika Nowatzki, Großaitingen, Germany, 66 years old, Housewife

Mr. Stefan Prechtel, Crailsheim, Germany, Lori Budd, ME, USA, Accountant
Targeted since 2005

Shelly Hoyle,WA,USA

Jane Kiesel, USA

Debra Poulsen, USA

Carmen de los Santos, USA, Information Technology Technician Internal Revenue Service

Dr. Matthew Aaron, USA, Neurobiologist, Geneticist, Science Journalist

Debra Anda, Minneapolis, Minnesota, Generational victim of COINTELPRO
Mother Murdered 1970’s, Life of chaos, peace In Christ Jesus

Below is Ramola D’s letter to Mr. Trump from The Everyday Concerned Citizen.  You can send an email  to ramolad@hushmail.com if you wish to sign.

in my home

Date: 25 January 2017

To President Donald J. Trump

Dear Mr. President,

We unite in asking you to act to terminate immediately the ongoing covert programs of Electronic Warfare and COINTELPRO-based domestic terrorism that are currently being run by the US Intelligence agencies, US Military, US Homeland Security, and their contractors in the name of Electronic “Surveillance” and National Security against the American population.

As you enter this office for the first week, it is possible the Deep State and unelected shadow government that apparently hovers behind all those elected to the government of the United States will present these covert programs to you as normative Intelligence and surveillance activity necessary for the preservation of National Security.

As Intelligence analysts, human rights activists, advocates, whistleblowers, writers, scientists, victims, and highly productive and accomplished members of society with varied science, arts, and humanities backgrounds in critical thinking, systems analysis, engineering, education, healthcare, law, and Intelligence, we are here to inform you otherwise: These are NOT normative Intelligence and Surveillance activities. Using the deadly weapons of Electronic Warfare, these are organized Terror programs, committing the most horrific crimes and human rights violations, causing grievous bodily harm to countless numbers of innocent citizens.

Surveiling and assaulting neither terrorists nor spies but the best and brightest, most productive, and most accomplished Americans, as well as whistle-blowers and activists, these programs seriously destabilize our civil society, are at risk of irreversibly degenerating the economic output of our country, and have already become our most shameful export abroad.

Situation On the Ground in Continental USA

Thanks to the trillions of dollars poured annually into Covert Operations funding, the carte blanche given to Intelligence and Military agencies, both pre- and post-911, and the convenience of classification and concealment of all manner of dubious activities as necessary for National Security, fraud, waste, and corruption at the highest levels of Government is now endemic. Corrupt factions in Intelligence agencies and in Military departments are now openly committing war crimes and crimes against humanity in acts of direct enmity against the American people.

In the name of the War on Terror, a superior trafficking operation has been unleashed by the US Military, Department of Homeland Security, and the CIA on American citizens:
Current military and Intelligence directives (5240.1R, the NDAA, EO 12333, and the CIA’s AR 2-2) together permit the US military to detain citizens indefinitely, and to use those Americans “under surveillance” for experimentation purposes. This is used for an outright, public enslavement and torture of a large fraction of the US population.

The creation of Joint Targeting operations, Fusion Centers, Regional Information and Sharing Systems (RISS) programs with privatized Intelligence centers, as well as “Community Policing” and “Neighborhood Watch” initiatives have permitted a network of immoral and depraved operatives from Law Enforcement, the Intelligence agencies, and the military, using the guise of “national security” to conduct financially rewarding no-holds-barred human testing for the pharma, surveillance, and weapons industries, as well as to live out their personal sadism and depravity. It is a telling characteristic that the victims of these crimes are 70-80% women. The sex ratio is indicative of sexual violence and war crimes.

Meanwhile, an ever increasing army of civilian, quasi “Law Enforcement” personnel, sometimes taken from the dregs of society, is being trained, round the clock and used in set-up 24/7 operations, on those innocent Americans being targeted.

In the name of the War on Terror, and masquerading as necessary Electronic Surveillance, condoned and orchestrated by US Homeland Security and the US Department of Justice, the most deadly weapons of Electronic Warfare are being routinely used on civilians under so-called surveillance inside their own homes including:
directed-energy and microwave weapons,
infrasonic and ultrasonic weapons,
military radar weapons,
infections with biological or synthetic self-replicating nanotechnology agents (“smart dust”) that aid the readout of brain activity.
These are military weapons of war, designed to incapacitate, degrade, and destroy human organs, nerves, bodies, and brains; they are further being used inhumanely, in non-stop, 24/7 scenarios of attack.

In addition, CIA/DIA/DARPA/NSA agents also run covert interrogation exercises, mind control operations, and behavior modification programs (extensions of MK ULTRA and the original Nazi death-camp experiments) on their brains.

A vast apparatus of sophisticated stealth Electronic Warfare and Signals Intelligence equipment carried on planes, drones, helicopters, satellites, cell towers, ground-vehicles—and involving the complicity of all Intelligence agencies, such as the NRO, NGSA, and Federal agencies such as the FAA and NASA is being used for this purpose.

Those being hit with Electronic Warfare weapons are also being subjected daily to COINTELPRO actions or “Zersetzung”—organized stalking, crowding, mobbing, obstructing, brighting, flashing, noise harassment carried out by the FBI’s Infragard, as well as US Neighborhood Watch groups.

These are joint US Military and Intelligence programs of domestic torture, hidden under cover of biometric surveillance, physical surveillance, and electronic surveillance by a cynical and corrupt Homeland Security/Department of Justice mechanism, which has permitted the use of cover-story labels to conceal the use of violence on American citizens.

In the name of the War on Terror, in 2017, American neighborhoods and communities have been transformed from calm, peaceful, and neighborly communities into predator vs. prey, i.e. divided holdouts of covert spying, snitching, Electronic Warfare, smear campaigns, and studied COINTELPRO attacks on neighbors, planned and coordinated through federal government-sponsored intelligence, information and command centers at the national and local levels, such as the Regional Information Sharing System (RISS), the U.S. Department of Justice, and the network of Fusion Centers.
At core of these attacks are the innocent Americans being wrongfully targeted and defamed as extremists, terrorists, spies, enemy combatants: often the most upright in communities, people of conscience and community spirit, integrity and accomplishment, entrepreneurship and creativity, innocence and impeccable character, people targeted not for their potential for criminality but for their innate power as attractors and disseminators of positive community influence.

The coterie of criminals from inside the FBI/DHS/CIA/NSA and local Law Enforcement and RISS centers involved in these programs openly lie in neighborhoods to name these innocents terrorists or spies, open investigations on innocents, start slander and defamation campaigns on innocents, and then corral whole communities into helping them surveil, spy, sabotage, and slander them, under threat of high fines and jail time.

By these means, whole lives are destroyed: employment is sabotaged, lies are circulated, and families are torn apart.

Neighbors become collaborators and complicit when they let Electronic Weapons operators freely enter their neighborhoods and homes, using their driveways and properties to install antennas and conduct tracking operations.

Collaborators are paid handsomely and bribed with home renovations, new cars, and tickets to luxury holidays and ball games. They are also trained in the operation of certain equipment, including cell phones to direct pulsed radiation attacks, which they now turn on their innocent neighbor.

This rewards and entrenches corrupt behavior in a manner that will utterly splinter and disintegrate our society for decades to come. Worst of all, this system of routine horrific abuses has developed a life of its own whereby ever more vindictive acts are committed and the perpetrators on the ground take free licence to do whatever they like at the expense of economically productive members in our society. Their excesses include electronic rape.

Psychiatry has been roped in as political tool to subjugate those reporting these programs by naming them delusional, a verdict that Law Enforcement and CIA-controlled media then run with.
It must be stressed that the national silence on this issue as well as the distortions of reportage we see in mainstream-media mention of “Targeted Individuals” who report abusive surveillance programs is directly related to the vampiric control of major media that the CIA exerts, and their deliberate promotion of deception in coverage, in order to keep these violent, mutilatory programs of Electronic Weapon use on citizens clandestine and concealed.

Corruption at the levels of Law Enforcement and the Department of Justice, and the use of weaponized psychiatry combined with indiscriminate smears and slander of the victims has prevented the situation from being remedied.

A Public Scandal Of International Proportions

This has now become a proliferating and self-perpetuating industry of premeditated, systematic mutilation of some of the most productive members of our society.

By getting rid of people of conscience and integrity, whistleblowers, and activists in communities—through these extreme means of public torture and humiliation—it appears that the covert operators in Intelligence and military agencies running these programs seek more and more to create docile, deceitful, and pliable populations, people who will believe the official lie, people who will turn on their own friends and neighbors, people who will assist in stoning the innocent to death.

The extent and sadism of these deliberate bodily and brain assaults—which essentially involve the use of military weapons of war on peaceful, non-combatant, unarmed civilians, peacefully residing in their own country–amount to crimes against humanity being perpetrated against the American people.

And sadly, these Nazi death-camp programs of torture have become USA’s most prominent export along with our bombs, missiles, and drones.

To the disgrace of all Law-Enforcement, victims have been pleading for support publicly on social media for years. By now, the situation has gone beyond a disgrace and has become a public scandal of international proportions that is threatening the stability of our societies. Without a doubt, this problem is destroying the best and brightest in our nation and will inevitably affect the economic and creative capabilities of the US. This already sets us back in the race with other nations and seriously exposes the US to the danger of a hostile takeover.

Silent Holocaust Taking Place Inside the US

Please see attached here:

1) The Executive Summary: Neuropsychological and Electronic No-Touch Torture Report (Based on “The Torture Memos” and the Senate Intelligence Committee’s Declassified “Torture Report”) By Robert Duncan, A.B., S.M., M.B.A., Ph.D.

2) NSA whistleblower Karen Stewart’s succinct summation of what has happened to America today:

Under former President Bush and now continued under President Obama, what apparently started decades ago as illegal and clandestine programs of experiments on human subjects, such as the CIA’s MK ULTRA, has resulted in the proliferation of Defense Contractors such as Lockheed Martin, Raytheon, General Dynamics, and others, making secret agreements with Federal agencies such as DOD, DIA, NSA, DHS, etc., to allow them and related laboratories and universities to expand inhumane experimentation programs such as illegal experiments for Directed Energy Weapons on unwitting and non-consenting American citizens.

The scam goes like this, random people, or people who are dissidents or whistleblowers are purposely mislabeled as “terrorists” and put on an Enemies List, which is then turned over to Defense Contractors to target under perverted interpretations of NDAA and PAA.

This allows them to engage the Military and Law Enforcement in either the active harassment and torture of individuals illegally targeted for fraudulent cause, or it gives the Defense Contractors carte blanche to commit criminal assault upon innocent citizens while demanding (unconstitutionally) that Police stand down and do nothing to help their victims.

Please read the full statement here.

Please Act Now To Stop These Crimes Against Humanity in the USA and Worldwide

To stop these crimes against humanity we, the undersigned, request that you immediately:

Stop all of these surveillance, testing, and experimentation programs.
Stop and revoke all mandates permitting the US military to test weapons on citizens.
Repeal and revoke all civil and military directives which permit non-consensual experimentation on Americans.
Call out the National Guard to confiscate all portable EMF-weapons and radar/sonic/scalar surveillance devices, and haul off to prison anyone – including Feds, law enforcement, etc., found with them as they violate many many sections of 18 USC in regard to weapons of mass destruction.
Freeze all programs of surveillance being run by any and every agency in the DOJ and Homeland Security apparatus.
Force the open publication of the list of names of all people who have been targeted with organized stalking, EMF and neuroweapons by agencies at the federal, state, and local level for the past thirty years.
Compel disclosure of the medical parameters of these classified, covert, special access surveillance and torture programs from all Universities and research institutions, all Defense and Intelligence contractors, departments, and agencies.
Compel disclosure to each victim of his/her file containing what experiments have been conducted, what has been injected or implanted, what nanotechnology has been administered, and provide immediate, fully-compensated medical help in scanning/implant removal, radiation-damage treatment, & taking other medical/health measures against the long-term consequences of these crimes.
Fully re-imburse to victims all medical costs and family funeral expenses sustained during the course of these torture programs, and plan to provide continuous compensation for all victims’ health expenses until death.
Cut funding for all surveillance programs currently being run on named American citizens.
Cut all covert operations funding for any and every agency, in particular the CIA.
Compel mainstream media to fully and openly detail these programs of torture on citizens.
Root out all personnel employed in these programs, starting from the top.
Set in motion a Congressional investigation, to fully uncover and disclose details of these programs.
Dismantle all agencies and military groups whose record shows shameless participation in these crimes against humanity.
Work closely with your counterparts and with agencies abroad to ensure the same results of restoration of human rights and freedoms, worldwide.
These crimes against humanity need to be stopped if the United States of America wants to retain its national resilience and keep the goodwill of its partners worldwide.

You have an opportunity today to set right many historic wrongs. Much is made of America’s history of slavery. Yet this reality on the ground today shows us, that with the stealth weapons of Electronic Warfare and Neurowarfare, slavery has entered a new phase.

You have said:

“There should be no fear — we are protected, and we will always be protected.

We will be protected by the great men and women of our military and law enforcement and, most importantly, we are protected by God.

…We will make America safe again.”

–President Donald J. Trump, Inauguration Day Address, 1/20/2017

But there are NO laws on the books today in the USA—land of the free and home of the brave—to prevent non-consensual experimentation on humans. Americans today are enslaved and are exporting this medieval travesty into every corner of the world.

Your children and grandchildren are just as much at risk as ours.

Please act today to put an end to these horrific, shameful crimes against humanity which are tearing apart our society.

Sincerely… Ramola D. (and signatures above.)

Ramola D. author of the letter above and of  ‘The EveryDay Concerned Citizen’ writes that the free press and human rights groups, “… still refuse to touch this explosive story  clearly for reason of CIA and NSA control…” and due to “…the  apparent fear of being targeted themselves.”   Ramola D. has always been a person to stand up for what is right, she is a targeted individual herself.

Thank you dear God for everything exactly the way it is today. Thank you God for bringing the Network into the light for justice and bringing the Network down to conquer them.  I love you dear God. Thank you God for guiding, and protecting your own.  Archangel Michael at our sides.  So be it.  Amen.

This is the true life story in 1949 in Cottage City, Maryland of the 13 year old boy that the movie ‘The Exorcist” was made from: Multiple exorcists- Catholic priests were sent to work on the boy but could not remove the demon.  That summer the boy was taught how to use a Ouija board by his Aunt.  She died immediately thereafter and odd occurrences began happening in the boy’s home.  Furniture moved on it’s own.  The boy’s body was beaten and bruised and flung about by an unseen force.  (The boy had been given the bed of the Aunt as an inheritance.)   The first priest Father Albert Hughes met the boy at his home in February 1949.  During that first visit Father Hughes chair (with him in it,) was lifted off the floor and pushed against a wall.  Father Hughes immediately said in Latin, “What is your name?”  The boy responded, “I am legions.”

The boy was moved to a Washington D.C. hospital run by Jesuit brothers who oversaw his health while exorcism occurred.    Due to extreme violence, nurses had to restrain the boy for his own sake.  Still one night the boy got a hand free and ripped a spring from under the hospital bed to slice Father Hughes arm from his wrist to his elbow.  The boy was returned home while Father Hughes healed.  One night the name “St. Louis,” branded itself into the boys chest.  So that very night his parents moved to St. Louis, Missouri to stay with relatives.  There they found Father William Bowdern, a senior priest from St. Louis Diocese who had spent time in the Army before becoming a priest.  Bowdern kept diaries of the next six weeks published in book form, ‘Possessed: The True Story of an Exorcism,’ by Thomas B. Allen.  Several priests and a young seminarian held the boy down while rituals were performed.  They moved the boy to a hospital in St. Louis run by monks where they decided to baptize the boy into Catholicism.  Which resulted in horrible violence for days.  In the middle of one display, a loud, clear voice spoke from the boy… “SATAN, SATAN!     I AM SAINT MICHAEL, AND I COMMAND YOU, SATAN AND THE OTHER EVIL SPIRITS, TO LEAVE THE BODY NOW.”  The boy said later that Archangel Michael came to him at his bedside and told him to repeat the word, “Dominus,” three times.  The word is defined as ‘Lord Master.’   The boy said after he repeated this  “Dominus,” three times, Satan fled.   This ‘boy’ later worked for NASA.  To this day, his identity is secret.

HAARP #2  desertron collider

Above is one picture of HAARP, on left and on right one of the abandoned-Desertron collider.  How much tax money did our government waste on that monstrosity?  On October 21, 1993, Congress officially killed the project, leaving behind more than an empty tunnel underground in Texas- over $2.4 billion was spent.

Since 2012 began being stalked and intimidated by cowards.  A year of being targeted with electromagnetic weapons torture, rape and brain computer interface…  it has come to my attention that many of the people involved in the Network and on earth today have demons inside them, or are demons themselves.   Which could be why they all appear to have a grey line around their bodies.  It may seem bad form to mix high-tech covert weapons, the Network, artificial intelligence, demons and Satan all in the same blog, but unfortunately they are available today on slightly different frequencies.  And may actually be on the same electric frequency. When God created the world there were barriers in place between earth and the ‘other side.’  That is why humans called it ‘the other side.’   Just like the ozone today is physically worn, thinned or non-existent in places from being effected by physical pollutants…  so too the physical energy earth is composed of, is being bombarded by HAARP,  mega colliders, microwave and radio wave towers, computers, cell phones, iPads and the like.   Scientists who invented these devices worry that HAARP could alter the earth’s magnetic pulse, colliders could create black holes, microwaves cause cancer.  However it is the unthinkable scientists do not ask about–  are all these man-made frequencies effecting the God-made energy of earth?  If man-made electrical frequencies are thinning the border that existed between the ‘other side’ and physicality, are doors now open today allowing demons through?  In the Bible it records in Ephesians 2:2 that Satan is also called, “… prince of the power of the air.”

Christopher Macklin’s book ‘Dissolving the Enigma of Divine Healing,’ is full of fantastic prayers that can be used by targeted individuals.   Some work to stop electromagnetic frequencies and the machines that create them.  In the beginning of the book Macklin writes about how as a small child he was set upon by demons while he lay alone at night in his bed.  He stopped talking to his parents because they became too worried about these visitors.   As a wealthy adult- it took Macklin loosing his job, family, home and Bentleys before he began to meditate daily gaining divine information that helped him understand what the psychic attacks and divine aid in his childhood meant.  Now Macklin gets phone calls from people around the world seeking his help with psychic and physical health issues.  Most illness Macklin believes is caused by entities residing inside human bodies.   Once removed… healing takes place with the help of prayer.

In the Bible Jesus ordered a demon out of a man in a synagogue in Capernaum in Luke 4:31-37…  removed a ‘Legion’ of demons from two men in Gerasenes, Matthew 8:28-34…   drove a demon out of a mute person and restored their speech. Luke 11:14-26…   demanded a spirit leave a boy and it did.  Then disciples asked why they could not remove the demon?  And Jesus said, “This kind can only come out through prayer,” Mark 9:14-29…  A woman travels far to ask Jesus to remove a demon from her daughter who is back home.  Seeing her faith Jesus said “Let it be done for you as you wish.”  The demon left,  Matthew 15:21-28…    Jesus drove seven demons from Mary Magdalene, Luke 8:2…   Jesus gave his twelve disciples authority to drive demons out of people to cure every disease and every illness… Mark 6:7. 

Jesus was able to see spirits.  Christopher Macklin can see spirits.   Many individuals alive today can see spirits.  Are there any psychiatrists and psychologists practicing today that know when ‘patients’ see spirits and are psychic?   Are there any psychiatrists and psychologists who know that when ‘patients’ feel physical electricity running through their bodies it is because they are being targeted with electromagnetic weapons?  Each psychiatrist and psychologist diagnosing an individual erroneously  for the gifts God gave them, or because they are TI’s will have to answer to God one day after their natural deaths.  Everyone has to die one day and face God.   Wouldn’t want to be those people in positions of authority who have to face God at the end of their natural lives.  Authorities who have no credentials to diagnose but do so- and greatly harm innocent people who are victims of violent crimes.

Here is a prayer that helps stop demonic attack.  St. Michael the Archangel, defend us in battle.   Be our defense against the wickedness and snares of the Devil. May God rebuke Satan, we humbly pray, and do thou, O Prince of the heavenly hosts, by the power of God, thrust into hell Lucifer,  and all the evil spirits, who prowl about the world seeking the ruin of souls.  We thank you Archangel Michael guardian of souls, we love you Oh Glorious Commander of heavenly hosts.  Amen..  

Thank you dear God for everything exactly the way it is today. Thank you God for bringing the Network into the light for justice and bringing the Network down to conquer them. I love you dear God. Thank you God for guiding, and protecting family, friends, territories, tools, vehicles, animals, plants and me. So be it. Amen.

In the past month over thirty  targetedartistpoet  blogs have been removed by someone without a trace from this site.   I personally deleted five blogs that were duplicated attempting to save space by taking out pictures from older blogs.  Which is why I had noticed the number of actual blogs drastically reduced!    Perhaps my site was just cleaned up by the powers that be?  Cleaned up in advance so ‘CIVILIANS’ viewing it, would never know the truth how targeted individuals are treated by police in Springfield, Missouri?

This friend is always around me  Missouri license PNO-LIF


During this month, three ‘old, white men,’  following for one year now into libraries, all began printing multiple copies before leaving the library.  Never did that before.  Were they printing copies of blogs they hacked and changed or deleting from site?

If you doubt what I am saying- can give you three audio recorded attempts to submit a Springfield, Missouri Police Civilian/Citizen Review Board appeals  yesterday at SPD headquarters at 4pm.  Let me know.

And as of January of this year- God send blessings to TARGETED ARTIST -PART 1 on ‘Free Download and Streaming… archive.org,’ which is not me, and has nothing to do with this blog site- God bless the woman on video below who is not me.

not me  not me either

Written by Ramola D, from The EveryDay Concerned Citizen- Railroaded by French Intelligence and State Psychiatry.’  “In April 2017, Frederic Laroche sent informative letters to French government members covering the realities of extrajudicial targeting with EMF/Neuro -weapons in France.

He enclosed supportive information from Dr. Katherine Horton, ex-CERN physicist and founder of the Joint Investigation Team, an international team of experts exploring the wrongful use of DEWs and military neurotech on civilians worldwide.

Shortly after, in May 2017, he was wrongfully detained by local police in Grenoble, France on the basis of a trumped-up charges… He was then remanded by order of the town Mayor, judge, and Prefet (the Police Commissioner) to a local psychiatric institution where he was forcibly dosed with very high quantities of an anti-psychotic, which caused him to experience intensive back, spine, and neck paralysis, inability to breathe, and near-comatose blankness of mind… His continued stay at this facility was curtailed only on the assessment of the attending psychiatrist, who has “let him go” on the condition that he return every month until September for a mega-dose of another anti-psychotic, intended to sustain his physiology for the period of a whole month at a time. This drug, he reports, muddies his concentration and focus, blanks his initiative, degrades his cognitive processes, dampens his mood, and renders him inactive.

The reason for this drug? To quell his “delusions,” according to the either-ignorant or -complicit psychiatrist, who wishes, apparently, to convince Frederic that electromagnetic weapons and French Intelligence chicanery do not exist—an unfortunate delusion she perhaps is trapped in, that is, if she is not overtly colluding with French Intelligence herself.”  Thank you Ramola D.  Her story from TechnoCrime Fighters Forum Episode 16.

In SPD headquarters spoke to a receptionist who has been with the SPD for a long time- a woman with initials S.P. at the window.    She  had no idea where a Civilian/Citizens Review Board report should go.    Showed her internet information claiming the Review Board address was the same at SPD headquarters.

After making three phone calls, S.P. talked with someone over the phone at SPD who told her to send me across the street to the City Clerk’s office to submit my report for the Police Civilian/Citizen Review Board .   The woman with initials S.P. said, “That is where you take Civilian Review reports to the City Clerks office.”  I left the SPD worried about the time.  Grabbed the Internal Affairs decision written by Officer Tony Vienhage (a supervisor of inspections and Internal Affairs Unit) out of my car, to see if he mentioned where to turn the report in.  Turned and headed back into the SPD with a smile on my face.

Once back inside the SPD a man named Robert Manier had taken the woman’s place to assist me at the window.  It took him a long time to log into his computer.  Not only was Manier there- but suddenly four other persons were in the small space behind the protective glass showing great interest in me.

Gave Manier,  Vienhage’s letter and asked if I could turn the Springfield, Mo. Police Civilian Review Board report into Vienhage for safe keeping?  The package enclosing the report clearly labeled for Civilian Review Board –  so I assumed Vienhage would not open the package.   Manier called around and agreed we could do that.  Asked Manier kindly for a receipt for my report in sealed envelope.  He handed me a receipt without the date on it.  Had already let Manier know that I believed Friday- to be the last day to file my report.  I stood at the SPD window on that Friday.  He forgot to put the date on the receipt.  I asked patiently again for a date to be put on receipt.  Though receptionist Manier sat in front of computer he wrote July 22, 2017 (a day later) on the receipt and signed the same date on the package he retrieved from me at the door. I asked him if it wasn’t the 21st?  He said, “no.”

Once outside, looked at my cell phone which had the date, 7-21-2017 on it.  Was my cell phone wrong?  Called a friend who agreed it was the 21st.  Bravely went back inside the SPD for the third time smile on my face.   Everyone was gone from reception area but one woman!  Slowly Manier came back out to the window.

Gave the receipt back to him and asked kindly for a new one with the correct date 7-21-2017 on it.  He wrote a new receipt and slid it out to me.  There was no date on it.  I slid the receipt back to Manier (who said he forgot to put the date on it…) and asked a fourth time in ten minutes kindly and with a smile on my face- that he put that days date on it.  Also asked he change the date on the package he took.  Thanking him profusely.  On the new receipt Manier put that the report was going to Internal Affairs, not the Police Civilian/Citizen Review Board.  Only noticed this once back home.

Then I wondered if all the ‘mistakes’ and ‘lack of knowledge’ by SPD senior reception staff was done purposely to get a reaction out of me or, to delay submission of the report beyond the time it could be accepted?   Could the sealed report package be opened before it reached the Review Board?  Since there was no mention on 2″ by 2″ paper receipt of the report’s number of pages, or documents enclosed- wondered if something could be ‘mistakenly‘ removed from packet?

Enclosed was a cover letter two pages long.  A document labeled, ‘Submitted to the Police Civilian Review Board,’ ten pages long- that included Representative Jim Guest’s letter, and Vienhage’s letter.  A document about the Attorney General and physical evidence photos, thirteen pages long.  A document containing Michigan law against electromagnetic weapons is four pages long.   Officer Helmes transcript 13  pages long.  Transcript of Daugherty, and Lilly and Welch, 12 pages long.

Thank you God for everything exactly the way it is today.  I love you God, so be it.  Amen.


Today as I worked on the computer was hacked so bad- the number of sites that were published has decreased in the last hour by about thirty.   Two librarians had to help me get back into wordpress.com as it would literally disappear.    When I attempted to sign back in #403 FORBIDDEN page would come up on Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Internet Explorer.  Anyone on a computer sitting next to another persons computer can hack into it.  The people doing this have not lives of their own. But listen in, watch and record other’s lives.  They will answer to God, as we all do.

In the United States in Michigan there are laws as of January 1, 2004 to sentence a perpetrator owning or trading directed energy weapons by non-government entities as the same criminal act of owning or trading weapons of mass destruction.  Enclosed is the State of Michigan law against DEW’s and BCI: (directed energy weapons and brain computer interface.)   In past blog law is presented.

The letter from October 10, 2011 written by then Missouri State Representative Jim Guest in support of a targeted individual like myself- who was a constituent.  The case went before a judge and the ruling was in favor of the TI, (whose former employer used illegal electromagnetic weapons to intimidate and harm) was court-ordered to cease and desist retributive electromagnetic assaults.  This letter by a Missouri government official as legal documentation is the only one of its kind in the U.S. to date.  It is impressive that these covert acts of violence with electromagnetic weapons have been occurring in Missouri for some time now.  If TI’s were shot with bullets instead of electromagnetic frequencies people would be falling all over themselves to support and protect us.  Unfortunately, very little physical evidence can be gathered when a person is targeted with electromagnetic frequencies, even though electrocution is felt by the victim 24/7.  In past blog letter presented.

Targeting with directed energy weapons as a form of retribution by former employers is common today across the United States.  Retribution against those who stand up for themselves or are whistle-blowers.   TI’s requesting help from local police and fire departments should be treated with the same respect by authories when evidence of physical assaults to property, animals and persons are documented by TI’s-  as citizens who are not electromagnetically targeted.  

I don’t own a computer on the internet.  Starting June 2016, after three months of feelings of being electrocuted in my own home I went to the library to research what was happening to me.  Found out tag names like TI or targeted individual.  Found BiggerThanSnowden.com where doctors, lawyers, physicists, former NSA and CIA scientists were having the same thing happen to them. 

My first interaction with Springfield, Missouri Police Department was when in May 2016 reported the screens on my basement windows were torn and pulled back, and the steel utility well removed.  An SPD Officer Walker and Anderson came to take the report.  Only spoke with Walker who was professional and kind.  He kept asking why someone would try to break into my home.  I didn’t know.   Incident #SPD160501017345.   This report was not opened for investigation after requesting a copy.

Weeks after high electrical charges started occurring in my home, I made a request over the phone to Fire Department Captain Pennington for a safety inspection of my home with Geiger counter and Electromagnetic Frequency Reader (EMF,) was denied on the grounds that the Fire Department did not have such equipment in the year 2016…  Wonder if this should be a concern for the protection and safety of the entire city of Springfield?  A couple days later, called again to ask for a safety inspection of my home.  When I was denied again, suggested the local TV stations might be interested.  Instantly a car appeared in my drive.  The man who arrived claimed to be a Fire Department official, asking my symptoms.  Told him honestly that everywhere in my home felt electrocuted, which had never happened before in the twenty years living there.  The man in the drive said he would make phone calls to try to see who had an EMF reader.  Instead he called the Springfield, Missouri Police Department.  Officer Bernet walked into my yard with his hand on stun gun…    How can the SPD treat a person who they have not spoken too as a criminal?    Even psychiatrists cannot diagnose mental illness legally from two five minute phone calls in which someone asks for a safety inspection in their home.  How is it that Capt. Pennington diagnosed me as ‘mentally ill’ when he is not a psychiatrist?  Enclosed is Attorney General Joshua Hawley’s letter of assistance helping me work with City Utilities of Springfield, Missouri to figure out what constant EMF unit readings in the danger zone meant and where the electricity was coming from, (letter on past blog.)

The SPD officers responding to Pennington’s call were Officers Shipley and Bernet.  Shipley’s incident report was based solely on my mental health.  How can the city of Springfield be protected by a police force not educated about electromagnetic weapons in 2016, when they are sold on the open market and bought by most security workers and criminals?  How can the SPD not know about the Michigan law acknowledging these weapons?  Or is it only indicative of Shipley’s desire to exonerate herself and her partner’s behavior?   Bernet asked for my symptoms, when I told him, he laughed in my face.  When mentioning Bernet’s hand on stun gun to Shipley, he moved behind her.  I asked for their badge numbers.   She pretended to write them down, but upon viewing the paper after they left, nothing was listed.  If I were mentally ill, how could the SPD treat a mentally ill person with such disdain?  In incident 7-27-2016, #160727030685 Shipley mentions I talked about a ‘club.’  I had told her not even the EPA wanted to assist me unless a whole row of houses were effected.  Shipley’s desire to prove I was mentally ill was not supported by the Area Council on Aging she called. This report was not opened for investigation after requesting a copy.  To my knowledge at least three of the reports were requested to be made by me for documentation purposes.

On 10-11-2016 called SPD to report being shot in the corner of my left eye with a laser gun.  Up on roof spreading a tarp with a friend, looked over at home directly north and in second floor window saw a silhouette.  (Minutes earlier had seen a man run from his truck into the backdoor of the house while I was up on roof.)    Felt incredible jolt to eye while looking at second floor window silhouette.  By the time got down from roof and looked in mirror the white of eye totally blood red.  Officers Broadway and Hoedel responded.  They were quite personable and professional.  Wanted me to go to a doctor but practice natural healing and declined their offer to call ambulance.  Let officers know had taken a picture of the license plate of truck man existed who ran into the house.  They suggested bringing photo by station after copying it from my camera.  Never got around to doing that unfortunately.  Week earlier had gone to library computers and found exact symptoms of what was happening to me on BiggerThanSnowden.com.  So decided to ask the kind officers standing in my home, what would happen if electromagnetic weapons were ever to be used by criminals.  One of them responded with surety that they were only for military purposes and not for civilian use.  At that point we ended our conversation amicably.   A photo of truck license are in earlier blog belonging to man who ran out of it and into neighbor’s home minutes before shooting occurred.  Report opened for investigation (five months later,) after requesting copy of incident #SPD161011048743.

On 10-12-2016 there is a report by an Officer Nash #SPD161013042996.  This report was opened (five months later) upon my request to have it copied.  Cannot comment on this issue without knowledge of what it is about.

Called SPD on 5-10-2017 after coming home from a month visit with friends to find padlock on front door broken into.  Officer Helmes came into my home and we spoke for twenty seven minutes while I recorded out conversation.  Helmes let me know I was ‘imagining’ the breaking and entering.  Called me paranoid or having paranoia, 17 times, stating emphatically I needed mental ‘help’ 27 times.  He asked me repeatedly to sign into his iPad to contact a state run Burrell mental health profession.  The transcript is included in past blog, and can provide the recording to anyone wanting it, which speaks for itself.  Officer Welsh was not present in my home though his name is on the report.   Did Officer Helmes discriminate against all mentally ill persons in Springfield, Missouri by discounting any idea that my front door had been compromised?  If I were mentally ill, would Helmes be guilty of discrimination for not providing service and protection that is available to all Springfield residents from their law enforcement agents when reporting a crime- regardless of mental health status?  As it stands is Officer Helmes guilty of defamation, harassment and slander for repeatedly badgering me and having to be assisted off my property by myself because he did not leave when asked?  Actually had to walk away from him, as he kept yelling publicly in my drive to get ‘help.’  This is one of the reports ‘opened’ immediately after I requested a copy of it.  In incident report #170510020130, Helmes and Welsh labeled me as ‘mentally ill.’ 

Is the SPD currently investigating these reports just to prove I am mentally ill to be exonerated from their questionable, and illegal behavior?   Are they asking for evidence from the very persons committing the crimes?   Have not been contacted once since these reports were opened for investigation after I requested them copied.  Why is the SPD calling out-of-state family members, and asking for personal and private information regarding my life?  This is invasion of privacy on top of everything else has caused irreparable harm.  Have not nor have I ever committed a crime.  Why am I being treated as a criminal?

As a victim of a year of criminal assaults to property, animals and person… seeking to document crimes when physical evidence available… I am further victimized by the SPD because of their lack of knowledge of current events?   Is the current investigation insuring my concerns are dropped and never brought into the light of day by intimidating me with possibility of 96 hour mental evaluation hold? 

After Helmes told me the officers who came to my home all thought my request for reports were paranoid… I decided to pay ten dollars for copies of the five reports he mentioned from the past year.   At the time of payment a kind woman behind glass at the reception desk in SPD headquarters with the initials S.P informed me that because none of the reports were third party litigation and none of them ‘open’ and under investigation they should be ready for pick up before the usual five days it usually took to copy.  She asked why I wanted the copies and told her it was to submit them in an IA report.  Did my honesty backfire on me?  When I didn’t receive a call to pick up copies, contacted the SPD by phone and a kind operator actually left her post to find my request for copies on top, so she said, “They should be ready by tomorrow.”  When ‘tomorrow’ came and went, days later I physically went to the SPD headquarters to pick up the copies, only to be told that my request was ‘on top’ of the first come, first serve pile of reports to be copied.  Noted the discrepancy to the kind woman- and she replied that sometimes it took a week to copy one report.  She said at the latest copies would be ready within 7-10 days.  Days later went back hoping to get the copies only to be told that three of the five reports were now ‘open’ for investigation after five months!  The person assisting me said at the latest the copies could be ready in 30 days.  Very next day got up courage to return and request the two copies of reports not under investigation which had been denied me.  It took about an hour to receive them, get clarification of person’s names involved (but not noted in the two copies,) and additional information a nice man-‘Matt’ found on SPD computers.

Weeks earlier after paying for copies of incident reports contacted 911’s record keeper by phone requesting copies of any 911 calls made from my residence or phones in past year.  Helmes had referred to these calls negatively…  The record keeper, was extremely kind saying it would not be a problem for him to e-mail me, all 911 calls made from my residence and phone in the last year.  Gave him my email address.  There would be a wait time of a couple weeks. Week later the SPD computer ‘crashed.’  Contacted the 911 record keeper, and kind as ever, he assured me copies of 911 calls would be e-mailed soon as he could work out all the changes in the 911 computer system caused by SPD’s computer reprogramming.  To this date have never received an e-mail from 911’s record department, even though my request was made before any incident reports were opened for investigation.

It must be noted that an extreme number of accidents occur at the corner of Campbell and Portland where I live, which were always called in before I ran out to help injured peopleTwo of which were four-car-accidents in the fall of 2016 only a day apart.  Also it must be noted that the home south of me which has been empty since October 2016 is used as a way station for criminals.  People playing paint ball, dumping furniture, parking in the drive-way all hours of the night and day playing loud music, shining lights in my windows, and once that I know of,  sexual intercourse in an open doored-truck at midday.  The home was also entered repeatedly by a former renter who supposedly gave back their keys to the owner.   The locks were changed.  A real estate agent from REMAX asked me specifically to get the license plate numbers of the vehicles coming and going.  She also asked me to call police when anyone on property.  Which I did.  (Physical evidence from criminal activity at vacant home, has never been requested and when offered refused to be seen by SPD in ‘investigation.’)  Spoke with the agent, asking that a padlock be put on the property’s back gate to stop these things from happening.  She was never able to do this.  Because my bedroom is next to the driveway am awakened constantly by activity going on at the empty house.  Former owner stopped paying the mortgage and property now in possession of a bank.  Real estate agent is no longer involved in selling the property as of a month ago.  Criminal behavior from this house may be linked to assaults happening on my property, to animals and self.) Why were the 911 calls deemed ‘paranoia’ by Officer Helmes? 

Four days after filing the FIRST Internal Affairs report ever filed in sixty years of life it affected me greatly that two uniformed SPD officers suddenly appeared yelling my name at my back gate until I heard them, and quickly got up from planting seeds to ask them why they were at my home?  Officers Welsh and Lilly let me know that it was because, I “needed help.”  They were “concerned” and wanted me to log into their i-Pad to contact a counselor at the state’s Burrell Clinic for mental health evaluation.  Suppose I should have run them off my property, but consented to speak to them if conversation recorded and they agreed.  Why were they there?  Welsh said I was exhibiting signs at the Police station of paranoia and mental illness.  He said “it is schizophrenic” to say I am being electrocuted.  I agreed that it was the first time  had ever mentioned this phenomenon to the police since speaking with Capt. Pennington.  Told Welsh and Lilly that since the electromagnetic frequencies recorded in home were dangerous- the Missouri Attorney General Joshua Hawley had assisted helping find answers from the Springfield City Utilities.   Welsh and Lilly said they did not want to see the paperwork of the Missouri Attorney General’s assistance or any other physical evidence supporting break-ins, or laser shot to eye.  A second time they asked me to log into their iPad for mental health assistance.  After refusing their third offer to sign in, asked if they were licensed psychologists or psychiatrists to be able to diagnose me?  For they said I was “paranoid, exhibiting symptoms of schizophrenia, and mental illness.”   They answered that they were ‘crisis intervention team’ members.  I told them there was no crisis, except the one they were creating.  Welsh said clearly upset- he would ‘hotline’ my ‘behavior’ to the Area Council on Aging, and left.  My behavior?   I paid for copies.    Turned in an IA report.  Was in my backyard enjoying flowers.   I was astounded.   Was Welsh and Lilly’s behavior intimidating, harassing, and discriminatory?

Days later I heard voices in the drive and went out to see a man and woman talking.  I asked if they needed help?  The man who looked like a body builder in white T-shirt immediately hid behind my privacy fence!  The woman approached and said she was a liaison for the SPD in mental health capacity.  I wanted to send her away immediately but invited her to my front porch to talk, as long as conversation could be recorded.  She accepted.  Transcript of the recording is enclosed in past blog. In short, Melissa Daugherty let me know I could never call 911 again and to stop filing Internal Affairs’ reports.  Then she corrected herself with 911 and said unless in emergencywhich is the only time I ever called.  Was she denying me access to police protection?  She said I exhibited signs of ‘delusion’ thinking my home broken into, and eye shot with a laser gun.  She questioned my not going to a doctor.  This SPD liaison did not want to see any physical evidence of breaking and entering, or photos of license numbers, or the Attorney Generals’ paperwork of assistance.   She did not offer a card of credentials. Was she just another crisis intervention team member creating another crisisDaugherty was not with the Area Council on Aging… so Officers Welsh and Lilly’s effort to ’hotline’ me into a 96 hour hold for mental evaluation was turned down?  This was the second time the Area Council on Aging turned the SPD down to evaluate me, because there was no evidence to support their claims.  Again, is this ‘investigation’ of months old reports conducted to exonerate five officers discriminatory behavior by having me declared as ‘mentally ill’ by a mental health professional?

My questions are…

Shipley, Bernet, Welsh, Lilly and Helmes have reported me as mentally ill because of Captain Pennintons’s assessment of my electrocution.  Electrocution legally documented in correspondence and photos between City Utilities and myself.   The high levels of electromagnetic frequency recorded in my home this past year is a crime being ignored in Springfield, Missouri and labeled as ‘mental illness,’ how can this be corrected?  The fact that these five officers actually believe I am mentally ill, makes their actions to my reporting of breaking and entering on my property and an assault to my person… discriminatory.    Are persons who are ‘mentally ill’ in Springfield, Missouri not being served and protected by these five officers?   The ‘mentally ill’ deserve the same respect and public services as the mentally ‘well.’   Why is the SPD not up to date on the use of electromagnetic weapons in the United States?   What will be done to correct the SPD’s intimidation, harassment, invasion of my privacy, and the slander that I have endured since contacting police about assaults to my property, and person?

The Attorney General of Missouri stopped assisting as a mediator with the Springfield City Utilities and myself, after I mentioned their help in the IA report.  The exact same day the IA report was filed, an e-mail arrived from their office noting all assistance stopped due to lack of resolution.  Attoney General Joshua Hawley advised I get an attorney to assist me.  This ‘lack of resolution’ in no way discounts the fact that photos have been legally documented at the Attorney General’s office, showing dangerous levels of electricity in my home.  I am in fact contacting attorney’s now for these issues.  My hope is that all mention of ‘mental illness’ from incident reports concerning assaults on my property, animals and person is removed- based on my contact with Fire Department Captain Pennington asking to have a home safety inspection with Geiger counter and EMF reader to determine what form of electrocution was happening in my home.  Further I would be happy to speak with groups of SPD about the crimes happening nationwide against innocent people with electromagnetic weapons on the market today and the ‘symptoms’ they cause to the humans targeted.

“For every target, there are thousands of hidden targets and also for every target, there are thousands of children, being stowed somewhere, who have even less rights than us–who are literally being shredded in the most inhumane, psychopathic fashion.”  by former CERN Particle Physicist and targeted individual Dr. Katherine Horton.  From targeted individual- Ramola D’s EveryDay Concerned Scientist 7-17-17.

Cowards, am looking towards the day…  God gave us free will, and this free will continues between worlds.   There will be an eternity to work with Archangel Michael and his legions of warrior angels.  Looking towards the day.  Looking towards the day.

Thank you God for everything exactly the way it is today.

When you boil the Network down, evil is what remains.  There is no justification for taking free will away from humanity.   God by any name- the One gave free will.

The Large Hadron Collider:  In the National Geographic March 2008 article ‘At the Heart of All Matter, The hunt for the God particle’  reports that in Crozet, France a 300 foot hole, 17 miles in circumference that will send “…wads of energy…” to “…smash stuff together and see what other stuff comes out.”  “Bigger is better if you’re searching for smaller…”  author Joel Achenbach concludes could be the motto of the European Organization for Nuclear research (CERN.)  Photo by Peter Ginter.  (Interesting how all journalists today use slang, and compare scientific breakthroughs to movies such as Star Trek and Harry Potter hoping to offset the existence of horrific government/military machines.   Humanity is giving up  freedom by choosing to remain silent and inactive against each and every tiny step our global government is taking to subjugate us with machines under the pretext of safety, security and research.)

Because light is wave which focused on- becomes particle at the same time… reality could be said to be based on human intention.  The big bang theory is based on a universe emerging from no time and no space.  H2O is said to be the first anything to emerge from the big bang, and the Bible supports the theory by reporting that God separated the waters to create heaven and earth.   Einstein ‘discovered’  all of everything comes out of a matrix composed of nothingness which he postulated was God.   The Wheeler-Feynman absorber theory is the idea that time is linear.  This imaginary line can be forked and another reality created similar to the first- (by prayer, psychic ability, or collider.)   Interesting?   French scientists think so.  They believe the LHC or Large Hadron Collider may answer these most basic theories and questions about our universe.  And they hope to find the God particle, named the Higgs boson.

National Geographic journalist, Joel Achenback writes, “The laptop computer on which I’m writing uses microprocessors that would not exist had we not discovered quantum physics and the quirky behavior of electrons. This story will be posted on the World Wide Web—invented, in case you hadn’t heard, at CERN, by computer scientist Tim Berners-Lee.”   Inventions possible because of the experiments conducted at places like LHC.   But what experiments do they never tell us about?

If bursts of energy are big enough- space and time can be altered.  The fabric of existence folded and Einstein-Rosen ‘bridge’ (wormhole) created.   Hold time and space to a different dimension or frequency and the field of energy we exist in can be changed. Enabling past and future ‘time’ travel…  not in a straight path from here to there, rather folded– in suspended gravity achieved with huge magnets in machines, (or prayer and psychic ability- as has been done for centuries.)

Human psychics have the ability to ‘see’  frequencies most humans can’t, or refuse to see.   These frequencies and, or realities exist  around us at all times and are God made. With electronic thermal imaging or through-wall radar, images of occupants in houses can be watched, and experimented on.   Large colliders can bridge to other universes or inside our own- enabling literal tunnels (wormholes) to be used as highways on earth, or elsewhere.  Wormhole realities past or future can reveal occupants at home who also can be experimented on.  To make a ‘better’ world the scientists would say.

HAARP was created in Alaska supposedly as a high frequency active auroral research program.  But has been used- to control weather, cause earthquakes and volcano eruptions in conjunction with the the electromagnetic pulse of the earth.  (World news reported in 2001, Beebe, Arkansas that 5000 birds died in midair and dropped to the ground, while in Ozark, Arkansas 100,000 fish spontaneously died in the Arkansas river.  HAARP frequencies used experimentally imploded animal ingested metals and nano particles from Chemtrails.  These die-off experiments gauged kill-frequency able to be used anywhere on the planet.)  Nuclear weapons are obsolete, if you can destroy a supposed enemy with catastrophic weather or earth changes deemed acts of God.

So are colliders being used today just to find the God particle?  Or have they been constructed to pick and chose, where and when to change the fabric of time and space for the advancement of those in power? 

What colliders accomplish already exist inside the organic bodies, minds and souls of humans.  God the One, has given  us the ability to do anything a machine created by man can do.  Native Americans could- and some still do… ‘shape shift’ to appear as animals.   Some psychic humans can touch a physical object and be transported instantly to the place and time it  was created.   It has been recorded that humans have the ability to ‘disappear’, or to exist two places at the same time.  Mark Anthony is a lawyer, appearing regularly on FOX news for his legal opinion, but he is also an internationally renown psychic who talks to dead people and is the author of the astounding 2011 book, ‘Never Letting Go.’    Many psychics can see frequencies most humans don’t- i.e. they see ghosts.   (In my case can see invisibility suited cowards wearing light refracting material   so they can target, torture and rape with electromagnetic weapons from rooftop.)   Still others gifted  bring evidence of visits from the future or past.  Are the clearly photographed coiling funnels, or ‘wormholes’ posted below, emerging from humans, animals and- angels created in paintings- our own personal umbilicus to God?  The same tunnels we experience upon death?

And just why must humans compare their abilities to machines in the physical world before believing their divine gifts and being exist to be used for good? 

Governing authorities want machines to have miraculous abilities on a huge scale, to subjugate humanity.  (Downloaded from humans, or created in colliders.)   What if billions of people prayed at the same time to shut the machines and computers down?

During weeks away from home, cell phone lost all ability to send many texts, photos.

Thank you dear God for everything exactly the way it is today. Thank you God for bringing the Network into the light for justice and bringing the Network down to conquer them. I love you dear God. Thank you God for guiding, and protecting family, friends, territories, tools, vehicles, animals, plants and me. So be it. Amen

Yesterday contacted a lawyer to address discrimination, and to enact Sunshine law and Freedom of Information Act on the Springfield Police Department.   Have had four lawyers turn away.   With Michigan laws on the books against electromagnetic weapon targeting, how can the SPD be ignorant of the fact that there are current laws documenting the illegality of electrocuting persons for experimentation and retaliation?   Has been one year since DEW targeting began.      Past three weeks out of town visiting friends.  These two passengers, on airplanes used directed energy weapons to target in midair.

On a Delta plane above left.  On a Southwestern plane above right.   (How are these weapons getting by TSA the Transportation Security Administration, i.e. US Department of Homeland Security?   And why are my bags going underneath plane constantly searched, and items broken by the same TSA?   DEW’s are built into flash light casings, cell phones bodies and other gadgets, perhaps TSA needs to start turning these devices on to test them at checkpoints.)

While visiting friends, at two different parks… targeted.   At my destination, electronically tortured every night and day.   Electronically raped three times, twice with the aid of microwave helicopter assaults.  It is amazing that some women can encourage and act in the raping of other women.   These are assault helicopters, as seen through a window screen, and outside…  Too tired to photograph six more fly-over assaults same night, but kept track by taking photos of carpet in room sleeping in- every time helicopter flew directly over.

Since home this week have been harshly electromagnetically assaulted every night.  So electrocuted, lay shaking while electromagnetic frequencies bombard feet, stomach, heart and head.  Invisibility suited cowards.   Very little sleep.  Three nights ago tapping occurred nine times as if with a finger, on metal sheeting covering skull/head.   Hand of God weapon.  Fun and games for those assaulting.  During day leave home.

They can do what they want to a physical body, but once they end it… working with Archangel Michael will be a pleasure and will be pure love for the planet, and pure love for all family and friends tortured with DEW’s.

Thank you dear God for everything exactly the way it is today. Thank you God for bringing the Network into the light for justice and bringing the Network down to conquer them. I love you dear God. Thank you God for guiding, and protecting family, friends, territories, tools, vehicles, animals, plants and me. So be it. Amen.


When the Network subjugates a man or a woman (a TI or targeted individual,) they use through wall radar or hidden camera to record torture, rape and interrogation.   During rape, anyone paying enough money can have a ‘go’ at the TI with the technology available which facilitates gang-rape.   The rape or torture recordings are then sold to the highest bidder.  This is how the Network makes it’s money: with criminal activity.  It cannot survive on the IRS tax dollars sent their way.   Just like the original U.S. economy existing ignorantly right beside the covert Network’s… cannot survive on the IRS tax monies it is given either.

A brain computer interfaced targeted individual can hear the thoughts of those torturing them, especially if psychic.  Even when machines are not being used that invade and project the Network scientist’s ‘thoughts’ into the brains of those assaulted, the connection is still there between brain and computer… and psychic TI’s can hear the thoughts of those torturing them.   Once connected to the computer system a TI can learn much about the Network during their ‘sessions.’   The only way a TI’s brain cannot be effected by the system of brain computer interface they are programed into, is if the electromagnetic pulse of that person is changed.  This can be done without harming the TI’s personality, memory and intelligence integrity.  Of course the same TI can be brain computer interfaced again, so the electromagnetic pulse  must by changed on a regular basis, or ‘deprogrammed’ on a regular basis.

This can be  achieved with theta wave CD music repeatedly listened to with ear plugs or head phones every single night the TI rests and sleeps.  There are other  CDs available to assist the deprogramming of brain computer interfaced TI’s.This man stood and directed electromagnetic assault as I sat in a car twenty minutes waiting for a friend in the parking garage of a store.

When a TI is entrained during sessions of torture and rape, different levels of subconscious are contacted by Network scientists taking these guinea pigs ‘down.’  This is done by alternating lights into the eyes of the sleeping or awake TI, lights that are projected through walls or ceilings.  In conjunction electromagnetic weapons are used to synchronize the subject’s entire body electromagnetic pulse to the lights, so deep levels of subconscious are reached quickly.

The scientist experimenting on the targeted individual can contact the TI’s five year old self, three year old self… eight year old self, etc. and glean information otherwise not revealed willingly by current subconscious of the TI.  These are identities that all people have inside them.  Each level or identity of someone under hypnosis is the same person.   However according to the age of the identity brought to the surface…  the reality that is relayed will conform to the subconscious self at that age.   In fact a Network experimenter may wish to work exclusively with just one of these identities- even if it is only ‘eight years old-‘ that every person has inside them.  Usually the identity chosen to be interacted with on a regular basis is the subconscious self that trusts, likes and is subservient to those experimenting on them.  In other words the identity that a Network scientist will chose to work with to ‘manage, manipulate and program’ a TI, is one that is easily controlled and reached instantly through a  frequency beamed into the TI.       These levels of subconscious are not multiple personalities, but can be manipulated to become a dominant personality.  This dominant personality created by Network scientists through repeated hypnosis and programing will then be used to  override the TI’s conscious-self  when needed.

Thank you dear God for everything exactly the way it is today.  Thank you God for bringing the Network into the light for justice and bringing the Network down to conquer them.  I love you dear God.  Thank you God for guiding, and protecting family, friends, territories, tools, vehicles, animals, plants and me.  So be it.  Amen.


Pictures of helicopters flying low over home in straight line trajectory for repeated microwave aerial assault this week are in chronological order in this post.   ‘Neighbors’ directly behind, use a strobe light aimed at sky to guide helicopter with lock on home.  The strobe shuts off moment raised camera to shot picture.  Then static looking like a regular ‘spot light’ in garden at fence line.  Sometimes  helicopter turns around immediately to fly over again before flying away.  Hand shaking from moving while photographing through trees.   Exhausted from lack of sleep and shaking from assaults that sizzle body worse than magnetic frequency.  These few pictures were taken July 3, 2017 only when quick enough to photograph assaults.  If am asleep and caught by assault, whole body arcs from microwave assault. However if up and running to photograph, my body is OK.






Below pictures from July 6, 2017 when quick enough to get outside to photograph helicopter during microwave aerial assaults.






Thank you dear God for everything exactly the way it is today.  Thank you God for bringing the Network into the light for justice and bringing the Network down to conquer them.  I love you dear God.  Thank you God for guiding, and protecting family, friends, territories, tools, vehicles, animals, plants and me.  So be it.  Amen.