Below are some great quotes from Ramola D.’s site called The EveryDay Concerned Citizen, post 2-13-17 entitled, Victim of Neuro-Experimentation Rohinie Bisesar Reports Abuse in Canadian Jail System:‘  

“The key to creating an effective spy or assassin rests in splitting a man’s personality, or creating multipersonality, with the aid of hypnotism…. This is not science fiction. …I have done it.” George Estabrooks, Canadian-American MK ULTRA psychologist.

“New neurological technology, however, has a refined efficiency. The individual is defenseless against direct manipulation of the brain because he is deprived of his most intimate mechanisms of biological reactivity.” – Jose M. Delgado, Physical Control of the Mind/Toward a Psycho-Civilized Society, 1969

These top secret experiments were successful in creating Manchurian Candidates or super spies programmed to carry out assassination, terrorist acts, sexual favors, and more without conscious knowledge of what they were doing…. The existence of these programs was denied for decades, and certainly any recent documents would be classified secret under the rubric of “national security.” A trusted CIA informant I know assures me that these programs are ongoing.” – Fred Burks, I Want To Know, CIA Mind Control Experiments/ Declassified.  Thank you again Ramola D. for your great reporting on ‘The EveryDay Concerned Citizen.’

In truth when directed energy weapon targeting first started the darkness associated with it was perceptible. My reality unfortunately was already mixed in with the gangstalkers and their dense, dark world that I had been subject too for four years (after filing for work injuries at a former employer.)  However, the more I investigate to understand the progress  of government-military-medical experimentation on U.S. citizens, the more am able to deal with the pain of torture and the fear and pain that goes along with it.  It helps to be educated about the evil people I worked for twenty years, and the assassins they are employing to ‘soft kill’ a TI now.  Still am always surprised by the torture, after seven months of experiencing it.  Believe it or not am an optimist and refuse to believe in any of what is happening.  (The more you believe in something the more real it becomes.)

A good friend suggested I concentrate my posts on the psychic effects these assaults have on me, instead of relating  symptoms.   Will do my best.

Thank you God for everything exactly the way it is today.


neighbor-is-a-nurse-at-yellow-brick-rental1  Rachel Williams

in-car-outside-home-for-hours  Dorothy E. Lear    neighbor that drives a white truck Unknown

James Earl Griffin liked to wear invisibility suits.  And moved out of a rental house after facts were published in a blog site.  Moved out in the middle of the month really, really quick… in a hurry.   That dear man never did get real license plates, just kept out of date temporary tags…


New residents of James Earl Griffin’s home in photo below.

Continue his good works?

James Earl Griffin's friends.jpg

For the past three weeks was bedridden and almost died of some bizarre respiratory ailment after being sprayed with a biological agent, within hours of assault could not breathe.   During this time- a man named Shane Huff used the former red brick rental house  for a fun game.   The only reason he could know to play at that house is because it is a gangstalking haven.  People come and go all the time.  Last night three cars were present in the drive, one a brand new white Jeep.  The house has been empty since it’s renters surveilled me for years, ‘non-lethally’ and painfully cooked me with hand-held directed energy weapons, and a whole house electromagnetic weapon unit causing extremely dangerous levels of Magnetic radiation.  (The renters were the first on my roof to fry me 24/7 dressed in invisibility suits.)

This is Brandon R. and Stephanie  N. Urich.

neighbor-in-drive Stephenie Urich  gangstalker1  FBI agents?

Lots of temporary license tags around the rental homes.

This is Mr. R. Jones.   Hmm…  This man moved in with only clothes being taken from his car.  An entire rental truck moved in: rental bed and sofa, lights, tables, rental chairs and pictures for the wall.  Everything to make a real home.  Fake flowers were pushed into the ground out front so the rental looked friendly and wholesome.

Within the hour of moving in Mr. R. Jones came outside with a friend and pointed to a rental house to the south.  Then Mr. R. Jones pointed to the rental house directly to the south of mind that the Urich’s just left.  And finally Mr. R. Jones pointed directly  at my house.  As if a plan of some kind would be in effect soon.  Evidently whatever job Mr. R. Jones was to get done in the neighborhood- he didn’t think it would take long or he would not have rented so much stuff.  Instead Jones would have brought his own possessions to stay a while.  Creative Investments LLC owns the home Mr. R. Jones is living in.


Last night was targeted so hard that the house shook.  By morning the watercolor painting I had started on clean paper the day before was covered with dust from the house shaking so much.  Note dates on photos below.  Below is picture of dust on painting, my clean glove and after wiping surface of paper/painting my dirty glove… from one night’s targeting with directed energy weapons.  A former employer has ruined my home; the walls are cracked now and the roof leaks from people walking on it to target me.

clean-glove-before-wiping-off-dust  after-wiping-off-dust-from-one-night-of-targeting-and-shaking-house

Received an absolutely wonderful letter from the Missouri Attorney General Joshua Hawley yesterday- He will work towards finding out what the three levels of electromagnetic frequency readers meant…  (When City Utilities visited my home and dangerous levels were recorded, alongside zero levels no explanation was ever given.)  City Utilities employee Chad recorded levels as high as 5 and 6 milligaus at 60 Hertz  with his EMF reader where no electricity was running.

Thank you Attorney General Joshua D. Hawley for responding to my request for help resolving this matter.  February 7, 2017 post has content of investigation.

Camera has always been a day early and cannot seem to find a way to reset it…

Thank you God for everything exactly the way it is today.

Have been targeted with directed energy weapons nine months now.

Was reading about different ways modern Americans contact God.  Putting them out there for you to read.   Some people are actually using the internet, their cell phones and kitchen microwave machines to expedite their prayers.  For instance some people write down what they want on a piece of paper and burn it praying to God for help, (my mother used to do that and claimed it really worked.)   But have been reading about individuals who text prayers for help on their cell phones and send this message back and forth to a friend or friends numerous times… (usually using their favorite lucky number or a power number if they believe in numerology) to achieve results faster.   Whatever it takes people to communicate with the One God.  These seekers, claim the cell phone ‘frequencies’ used to text are closer to God than the frequency of the physical.  Interesting.

Read that kitchen microwave ovens are also used by innovative prayers to activate incense and healing-aromatic herbs.  Accompanied by paper prayers.  This supposedly, instantly gets the prayer close to God.

(Microwave ovens and I don’t get along.)  Since I’m targeted with microwave weapons the thought of using a microwave oven to pray… would be out of the question.

Had to go in and delete many pictures in past posts due to this free site almost being used up.  Did not know pictures took up more space than words, but then have never understood technology.    Have to go to the library each day to get away from whole house DEW unit always electrocuting me with EMFs.   At the library I type to record  assaults at home.  Expose a former employer.  And document those gangstalkers doing it.   Unfortunately am assaulted in public library with remote DEWs as well.

still-no-license-neighbor  Truck of man targeting me.

A dear ‘neighbor’ has never had a real license plate above, ( and the temporary expired long ago.)

Among the people using technology to speed up making their dreams come true are those using computer emails to transport their desires across frequencies for results. Oddly, I have been sending emails to God for years… actually ever since had an email address in 2007.  When life got too hard, would write to God asking for help and send it off to ‘God.’   It didn’t concern me that the email was sent back by the ‘mail delivery subsystem.’  I knew God got my message.

In the same book, crystals were discussed as moving prayers to God faster as well. One of the reasons most machines contain crystal elements is because of their superb electrical conductivity.  Some believe crystals are angels that literally fly messages and prayers to God  for healing, and their needs.  A crystal is a raw and living being in and of itself Native Americans have always believe.  – As do modern day healers.  Crystals are capable of doing many things a machine cannot do- especially with a human working along side it.

Thank you God for everything exactly the way it is today.


Would you want to live in a town of 30,000 people that has a S.W.A.T. Armored TANK, two S.W.A.T. trucks, four armored SUVs and police vans in the police department parking lot?   A town where the city police gangstalk residents they deem ‘persons of interest?’   Hacking into their computers and cell phones without warrants.   Intimidating citizens by driving police cars inches away from their bumpers- sending vehicles to persecute resident’s visitors on two hour highway trips back home.   Would you want to live in a town like that?   My friend does.  And when I visit him, the police always tailgate in town to intimidate me.

Was visiting him the other day, and was present when he experienced a ‘column of sound’  of  pelting hail;  on a sunny winter day.   Two nights later, was present when he and his wife experienced a high pitched electrical screeching sound inside their living room for five minutes.

This is all fun and games for gangstalkers living in rental homes around my friend.   These stalkers are cowards and bullies.  They are people with nothing to do but make extra money harassing, intimidating and torturing as a side job.  They believe themselves to be gods who own my friend.   Can manipulate my friend remotely with DEWs.  In truth gangstalkers know everything about those they target, with through-wall radar, listening devices, and brain computer interface.

What of news agencies?  There is a black out on directed energy weapons assaults and involuntary brain computer interface.  No matter how many citizens call to report stalking and DEW assault to news editors.  

When I phoned a national newspaper in Colorado to ask for help, and spoke with their news editor, he asked “Why are you calling again?”  Told him, never called before and ‘…there must be another woman this is happening.  This is the first time I have called you.’  The news editor laughed and hung up.

But then if the press reported these horrific human rights violations they would have to report on unprincipled  government agencies, medical agencies, military, police and city utilities…   Instead the U.S. news is told to focus on the individual.  They want to keep Americans focused on individuals, not the government.  Rarely are the wealthy, large corporations, our government and it’s agencies, held accountable for anything they do outside the law.  

When targeting first started saw and experienced darkness associated with it that was perceptible because the program was new to me.   And because the evil involved in the program is tangible.  Life changed over night literally.

After surviving five years of gangstalking, and six months of DEW assault 24/7, the more I investigate and understand what is happening, the more am able to deal with physical pain without fear.   Consequently have extreme clarity of perception and rationality as never experienced in life.   When a person is tortured everyday and those who are doing the torturing ‘live’ right next door and down the street from you- a soundness of judgment and soundness of mind is the only reality a tortured person can have.  There is no place for anger, sadness or fear- as torture is bad enough.

POEM:  Electrons come straight from God. Energy so divine, full of light, love and intelligence. Thank you for beaming through microwaves, magnetic waves and any electricity sent my way.  Please know I love you and thank you for your presence.   I understand the intention behind your delivery is meant to harm me.   But I love you anyway.   And know you love me too.  God bless you electrons.

Thank you God for everything exactly the way it is today.  I love you God.

Sometimes just wish for my ‘old life’ back.  Stayed to myself gardening, paintings and working…  Could have cared less what my neighbors did for the twenty-one years living here.   Unless someone was breaking into their homes, then alerted police…   This constant watching the watchers is exhausting.

Last Sunday at the Brentwood Library in Springfield, Missouri  the man who sat next to me for an hour sprayed  a biological agent which caused him to strangle in breathe while coughing/sneezing.   Said, ‘God bless you,’ as I do to anyone.   He retorted angrily, ‘What?’   Said again, ‘God bless you.’  He smiled and said ‘thank you.’ By the end of the hour, my lungs were congested with full blown bronchitis and I was wheezing and coughing.   The man seemed very happy when he left and said, “You have a good night,”  bending down to speak in my ear.  Thought that was weird and a little too close up.

When I stood up from the computer  librarians closing for the night saw me stagger as if unstable on feet.  Thought that was weird too.  Once home,  could barely breathe and realized the guy first poisoned himself due to close contact with the biological agent, as he sprayed his poison on me.  But he probably took an antidote to whatever he exposed me to before entering library.

At the  age of 60 a person knows their body.  It takes me a week of runny nose and fever to produce in my lungs, what a biological poison did in one hour.

The nice thing is that I can identify  him and his wife in a line up any day of the week.   The last time this happened was at the Library Center.

A woman white as a sheet with lips almost blue from whatever she released, got up the minute I did.   I jumped up from computer desk when forehead felt numb and a metallic taste was suddenly in my mouth.  She walked away looking like she would faint and met her cohort in the cafe and they immediately left.  Another time my coat on a sink in the Library Center was sprayed by a woman with a terrible smelling chemical.   When I went to the Walmart Marketplace the same man and woman from the library sprayed me again with the same smelling chemical as they passed in the produce department.

Archangel Michael will have a field day with these stalkers.

Two weeks ago at the Brentwood library I went to my car after a couple hours working in my blog. Saw the line of cars parked in front of me with clear windows, on a 20-degree blue-sky winter day.  My car looked like someone had been sitting in it for hours… (doing what is the question.)   Every single window was fogged up completely with a small space above the steering wheel rubbed clean about three inches in diameter, so the door to Brentwood library could be seen?

When I got up gumption to talk with the head of Brentwood library she was all smiles.  Asked if I could see the tapes of the parking lot, and she said that was private information due to the public nature of the library.  OK.  Understand about privacy… especially as I have none.  But very kindly she offered to find out if a tape was available.   Minutes later she came back and said where my car was parked was the only place in the parking lot a camera was not working.  OK.

The head of Brentwood library smiled the entire time I talked with her.  She suggested that like her car, which occasionally  fogged up for no reason, mine might have done the same.  She was professional but could not help me.

I love the library system in all the states I have lived in.  Went daily all my life before moving here.  Would go after work to get a new book to read when I lived in Arkansas, Oregon and Colorado.   Libraries are the best thing since sliced bread.   And lets be realistic, every institution is happy to get donations.

Has the head of security where I used to work asked all security, even at libraries and stores I go to to keep track of me?  When I had to meet with opposing counsel for  a settlement in 2015 didn’t have a dime or any food at home to speak of literally for months.   I told former employers lawyers this when questioned.

The next day after this horrific inquisition, went to the Library Station to work on the computer to contact the  ACLU for help.  There were five of us at the computer area- and lots and lots of unoccupied public computers- about 46 in all.  A young man came to sit right next to me and placed his wallet stuffed with large bills hanging out… right beside me on the desk– his wallet was not even in his own computer cubicle area.

Unfortunately did not carry a camera then.  It was minutes later noticed the guard was no longer at his desk.  Then saw the security camera and knew I was being filmed.  Were they were hoping I would turn to crime for money?  Steal the wallet, so anything I said about being targeted with DEWs would be discredited?

Let us get it straight, are all security people working for the government’s experimental covert medical/military program contracted out by the wealthy for retribution to target human beings with EMF weapons?

All I know for sure is that the librarians I meet helping the public all day are extremely kind, helpful and professional.  Thank you librarians everywhere.

Like my friend said, “Not to be disrespectful, you are not that important for all these people to be stalking you.”  My response to my good friend was, ‘Every targeted individual from the unimportant to the professionals and celebrities in their blog posts question why so many stalkers are watching them.’

Thank you God for everything exactly the way it is today.   I love you God.


dew-user1  img_4768

Why in God’s name would I spend the last four months,  at a library typing and exposing my life…  if it was not because I want to bring to document what is happening?   Why would I want to alert our country to what is happening?  Because I would NEVER WANT ANYONE TO EXPERIENCE WHAT I HAVE BEEN THROUGH!

“All targeted individuals,  millions of us according to reports from the New York Times Newspaper, and Wikipedia, are delusional, wrapped up in conspiracy theories, hallucinations, and psychosis… religious delusions and yes… even alien abduction beliefs.  Places like Ted Talks omit our existence which is as bad as denying that what is happening to targeted individuals is real.   And completely unscientific of Ted Talk.  T.I’s are supposedly paranoid and refuse to take any medication.  Or go to doctors…

Dr. Robert Duncan wrote the 2015 ‘Executive Summary: Neuropsychlogical and Electronic No-Touch Torture Report’  based on ‘The Torture Memos‘ and the Senate Intelligence Committee’s Declassified ‘Torture Report.‘    Dick Cheney authorized the torture.   General Hayden covered it up  in a conspiracy.   The technologies used are state secrets.  Duncan writes that this directed electromagnetic weapons ‘torture is often used for revenge, punishment, interrogation and behavior modification.’  Torture is unreliable except for ‘getting false confession and bad information.  Effects of torture include:

  • Labeling the target with ‘mental illness’ created for discrediting purposes. *Memory erasure to confuse and disturb targeted individual.  Memory erasure after interrogation programs.   *No-touch torture involves ‘stings’ and ‘shocks’ to various parts of the body over long duration.  *Technologies broadcast voices at a distance, mental images using hypnosis or other visual entrainments.  *Invasive brain manipulation using autonomic nervous system.  Neural linguistic programming (from a distance brainwashing) adding fears, terror triggering.  *Long distance motor cortex mapping twitching of any body part.  *Directed energy effects pain and torture.  *Isolation with electronic mind control (and gangstalking;) creating slander- loose jobs, friends, family, ruined financially.  *Sexual torture via electromagnetic torture, mental images projected, voices projected, etc.  *targeting of bloggers, activists, journalists, organizers, leaders, or voices in public domain for defamation.  *Use of ‘voice of god weapon’ and ‘hand of god weapon’ in electronic warfare to deceive and destroy spirituality in targets.  *Hacking computer, ‘watching’ with neighbors.  *Rape/psychological torture with electromagnetic weapons ‘simulate rape’ using technique called ‘EEG-heterodyning the target with molestation effect to genitals.  Wireless rape.  *Chatter bots  is an artificial intelligence program; automating repetition during neural linguistic programming phases of torture/interrogation/brain entrainment-  to relieve human interrogators working on targets from asking same questions over and over.  *Maximum sensory pain techniques entrained into minds via electromagnetic weapons with no-touch torture subjects.  *Sleep deprivation number one method accomplishing memory loss, breaking down subject for interrogation via brain computer interface; helping modify behavior and programming of subject.  *Stress of holding body in certain positions during torture with directed energy weapons increases pain.

Dr. Robert Duncan writes that ‘ANYONE can be put into these programs.’

Got on a couple targeted individual web sites and had comments published.   One response to a comment was, ‘stay positive.’   True,  wouldn’t be alive right now if I was not- all health is  mental.    Also told by a relative my blog site needs to be more positive.    And am not blaming readers for thinking I’m negative.

When you are tortured and write about it, it is a downer.

When you are tortured, positive takes on a whole new meaning.   Most people who have not experienced torture by directed energy weapons, have no idea how positive  one must be at all times when torture is part of life.    EMF electrocution is a unique ‘soft kill.’    To speak of it happening is not negativity but fact.  It would do no one any good if I stopped documenting.

In our perfect world we are being culled and experimented on to make a new society.  Wealthy leaders will able to rule without being question.   We are supposed to be the happy sheep being led and that is all.

Thank you God for everything exactly the way it is today.  I love you God.


Received above from Attorney General of Missouri Honorable Josh Hawley today.

Fraud is defined as wrongful deception for financial or personal gain, or persons intending to deceive others.   Misrepresentation of merchandise is defined as an action giving false or misleading information concerning merchandise.

Springfield, MO City Utilities representatives Chris Bell, Russel and Chad told me (as providers of my purchase of electricity) that they would tell me or send written statements concerning what the three EMF meter readings meant from investigation in home that went from zero, to danger at all times.  They also promised to let me know as a purchaser of electricity for 21 years at my residence- what a representative of my purchase of electricity product CU Russel- had his EMF reader set on that it registered nothing at all.

Could it be misrepresentative for a provider of a product to deny an explanation of that product as investigation revealed different data from consumer’s home?

Is it fraud- by promising an explanation of data taken from consumers home and not giving an explanation of data…. insuring continued personal gain by those creating the product consumer buys?

My dog has already died from electrocution.   Have sent another application to the Attorney General of Missouri- the Honorable Josh Hawley asking for help after being electrocuted six months in my own home.  My new request for help  RE: Complaint No. CC-2017-02-002428.  Sent all photos from previous application to Attorney General Joshua Hawley and rearranged the wording of my request to- 

Have purchased electrical power from City Utilities of Springfield, Mo for twenty years at the address of 1551 S. Campbell Ave. Springfield, Mo. 65807.   At a low estimate of $100 a month, multiplied by 12 months, then 21 years owning my home, the grand total this consumer paid for product from City Utility is $25,200.   Want to know as promised what is happening in my home.

Also sent to Attorney General Honorable Josh Hawley- in case it is pertinent- the letter from Missouri State Representative Jim Guest, as seen in previous blog.

front-room  high

Thank you God for everything exactly the way it is today.

jim-guest-missouri-state-representative Former Missouri State Representative Jim Guest.


Note: November 25, 2008, James Walbert filed against his former employer for using directed energy weapons against him.   Missouri Representative Jim Guest (a former aerospace engineer,)  wrote a letter on behalf of James Walbert and his family.  They were being assaulted with electromagnetic frequencies from stalkers, and a space-based satellite.   December 30, 2008 a court ruled in favor of Walbert. His former employer was told to cease and desist using directed energy weapons against former employee and  family.

From the European Parliament:  Background information : 09-02-98

Brussels, 9th February 1998

The HAARP Project and non-lethal weapons

The HAARP project and non-lethal weapons.
Experts alarmed – public debate needed.

The hearing on the HAARP project and non-lethal weapons was held in connection with a European Parliament own-initiative report, to be drawn up by Maj Britt THEORIN (PES, S), on the possible use of military resources in environmental strategies.
Non-lethal (or non-deadly) weapons – a varied scenario
As Peter TRUSCOTT (PES, UK) said in his introduction, “There is an invisible line between what is acceptable and what is suspect”. This is the nub of the issue.

Non-lethal weapons constitute a trend in military thinking which has developed since the end of the Cold War. The world is dealing with a different sort of crisis, which is less easily identifiable and less easy to manage with traditional methods and weapons – hence the desire to master the violence by means other than the same violence. Non- lethal weapons are compared by some authors to “straitjackets” and defined as “any action capable of modifying the behaviour of the adversary while avoiding his annihilation”. This appears to be a significant element of crisis prevention but can be – and is – also used in civilian situations (e.g. crowd control).

Mr Luc MAMPAEY, a researcher at GRIP, the Brussels-based European institute for research and information into peace and security, said he believed the expression “non-lethal weapons” was semantically contentious. He argued that the term had reassuring connotations. It was the politically correct term, and one which could delude the public into thinking that nowadays a clean war was possible and hence morally acceptable. In fact, as he himself and the Red Cross representative, Mr Robin COUPLAND (Geneva), pointed out, the dividing line between deadly and non-deadly weapons was not clear. Some weapons might result in death, while others could incapacitate their victims permanently or temporarily. Mr COUPLAND was quite categorical: the term “non-deadly”, he said, was ultimately a marketing slogan.

The problem of definition “by default” led all the experts to stress that there was no single type of non-lethal weapon and that a careful distinction must be made between the various types, from the simplest to the most sophisticated. These new weapons covered a broad spectrum of technologies, from optical systems with a dazzling or blinding effect, through sound and electro- magnetic waves, chemical, medicinal, adhesive, slippery, super-caustic and acidic substances, biological agents, bacteria and micro-organisms, to rubber bullets and electric-shock batons.

Dangers to health and the environment

The effects on health and the environment were also described as variable. Any weapon designed to disrupt an organism, as well as weapons capable of affecting an organism indirectly, by chemical or biological means, or optical, acoustic or neurological stimuli, could become fatal under certain conditions. Adhesive foam, it was said, could also have extremely dangerous side- effects.

Only if a precisely calculated dose were perfectly delivered could it be guaranteed that sensory (or xenobiotic) stimuli would not have irreversible, or indeed, fatal effects. In practice, this perfect control over the degree of disruption was the first thing likely to go by the board under extreme conditions, where the desire for a swift and decisive solution would rapidly override considerations of ethics or toxicology.

The risk of abuse in democratic societies

However, it was argued, health and environmental issues were not the only concerns raised by the use of non-lethal weapons. Mr COUPLAND expressed concern about an overlap of civil, police and military applications. He was also afraid that these weapons might be used not to replace conventional weapons but in addition to them.

In Mr MAMPAEY’s view, as non-lethal weapons developed, links were bound to be created between military and law-and-order operations, which, he said, would enable certain current conventions to be bypassed. There was a danger of growing militarisation of domestic police forces, which would have access to more sophisticated weaponry. This could raise problems in any state which was supposed to be based on the rule of law and to be mindful of human rights and individual freedoms.

The HAARP project

Tom SPENCER (EPP, UK), chair of the Foreign Affairs Committee, said that the United States had been invited to state its viewpoint on this matter to the hearing. Although the US had declined an initial invitation, Mr SPENCER reiterated his offer, saying that the Americans could send a representative to address the committee in future if they wished.

Ms Rosalie BERTELL, from Toronto (Canada), is one of the best-informed experts about HAARP (the High Frequency Active Auroral Research Programme), a programme which has been developed by the US military.

She described the background to HAARP. The ionosphere is a high-altitude layer of the atmosphere with particles which are highly charged with energy. If radiation is projected into the ionosphere, huge amounts of energy can be generated and used to annihilate a given region.

The HAARP project involves the manipulation of the earth’s ionosphere, whose natural role is to moderate energy transfer from the sun to the earth and is used as a missile trajectory and as a reflector for radio communication. The aim of HAARP is to control and manipulate the ionosphere so as to enable the manipulator to wipe out communications at will on a global scale, or to make them resilient in the event of a nuclear war.

It also enables communications to take place with submerged submarines and can, in theory, create geomagnetic pathways to guide particle beams which could then deposit large amounts of energy anywhere on the globe. In simpler terms, HAARP, with its power of intimidation, of delivery or denial of electrical energy on a global scale and its control of communications, is an element of a system which could control the global village in some frightening ways.

According to Dr Nick BEGICH, an expert from Alaska and author of one of the leading publications on the subject*, the HAARP programme would allow such concentrations of energy to be attained that an entire region of the planet could be deprived of water. Electromagnetic waves can cause earthquakes or tidal waves. Mr SPENCER pointed out that, under international conventions, any actions leading to climate change were prohibited.

Mr BEGICH said that in his eyes the project was purely and simply “Star Wars technology”. Moreover, it was a secret project, as the US Congress had refused to finance Star Wars. The USA, he claimed, had allocated 91 million dollars to the main programme, to which must be added the related programmes. Over the last 50 years, he said, certain levels of security had been developed which were protected from public scrutiny. State secrets were acceptable in themselves but if they involved such major repercussions for human beings and the environment they must be made public. In his view, the international community should be allowed to evaluate the risks of the HAARP programme.

Eurico DE MELO (EPP, P) said he regarded the revelations as terrifying and said that there was a need for a campaign to inform the public about it.

Winding up, Magda AELVOET (Green, B) told the hearing that there was a saying: “War is too important to be left to the generals”. She feared we had forgotten this truth.

* Angels Don’t Play This Haarp, Advances in tesla technology, Earthpulse Press, USA, 1995.  End European Parliament Report.

Thank you God for everything exactly the way it is today.

Some people are always at the Springfield, Missouri Library Center when I am.  If I leave to go outside to car.  They do to.  If I return inside library after taking a break, they do to.  Some people have no life except to watch and listen in on, and hack other people.

Filed with Attorney General of Missouri, Honorable Josh Hawley, wanting answers regarding the City Utility visit to my home in January.   There has been no explanation as to why three EMF readers registered differently.   And both Springfield, Mo. City Utility employees Chad and Russel promised they would have ‘experts’ explain to them what was going on and get back in a day.  When I talked with Chris Bell a member of management at City Utilities, to ask him to mail in writing what the three very different meter readings meant…  He said it would be no problem.  But after ten days, there is no explanation from City Utility.  And I’m still living in the same location being electrocuted daily for the last six months.   Where I used to live healthfully for twenty years.  Below is what I filed with Attorney General:

Incident #: CC-2017-01-009285

Dear Attorney General Josh Hawley,    In 2012 filed for work injuries with ____ where I had worked 18 years.  Immediately followed, intimidated and harassed by people stalking me.  Was let go from job in Feb. 2015 for work injuries, got on disability, settled with ____ out of court.  The stalking intensified.  After four years of being followed said to a woman working for ___ that if they did not stop following me would go to the press for help.  Within days felt as if I was being electrocuted in my own home.  Never before has this happened.  Besides my hand/arm injuries from work, my health was good.    Called City Utilities for help.  Owned my home twenty years, paid off in 2012.  Told Russel with City Utilities it felt like I was being electrocuted.  He talked with me two hours in my home looking at all electrical appliances/outlets.  A bucket truck man came to check outside lines, he said to Russel, “This sounds like what they did to that poor girl last year.”   Russel agreed.  But they would not tell  me more.   They could not bring an EMF reader at that time because it was broken. Could my former work place of twenty years be doing this?   Three months later called City Utilities again, asked for Russel.  He and another man came out.  Really wanted to know what happened to ‘that poor girl.’  I felt like I was dying, did the girl die?   He denied everything in front of new man.  Within an hour of Russel leaving  ____ security called to ask if I needed help.  We talked he said Brent who was  his boss told him to call, but had no idea why.  More intimidation?  It has been six months since this electrocution in my home started.  Don’t have the internet but looked on line at the library to find ‘DEW’s or Directed energy weapons used by former employers to punish workers who stand up to them.  Found the web site where important people are having the exact same thing done to them.    Had courage to call one last time to City Utilities to find out what is going on.  Had bought my own EMF reader.  Russel came back and went through home, all his readings at zero.  Chad accompanied him with a different reader, registering low readings.  My EMF reader most often was in danger/high zone for magnetic fields everywhere in my home and basement on north side.  My outside meter registered ’40’ Chad said and a rental house next door registered ’60’ on their meter.  I asked a manager Chris Bell at City Utility to send me a letter and let me know what all the readings meant and what Russel’s reader was set on- to read zero all the time.  Have received nothing yet.  So am writing you.  This is killing me.  In six months of high energy fields in my home, no ‘smart meter’ installed, no help, no answers, am requesting your help now to find out what is killing me.  One of my small dogs already died of this in the third month of electrocution.  I have pictures of EMF reader with dates and times on them, if you want to see the three different readings will send on.    Would like Russel to be held accountable for what he knows about my situation and another resident in town this has been done to, especially as over twenty years of on-time payments to City Utility pay his salary.  Would like  _____ held accountable for four years and six months of complete surveillance and ill-treatment.     Thank you kindly.  Josephine Grace.

Included as evidence the blog post from Jan. 26, 2017:

City Utility came at my request yesterday.  Woke up feeling ill and wanted confirmation that dogs and I lived in a life-threatening environment.    But City Utility of Springfield, Missouri meters read zero or low frequencies in my home, though my meter showed opposite.  Kept asking both Russel and Chad city utility employees what their meters were set on… they both said, “I don’t know.”   Asked if they were electricians and Chad said ‘no’ they were ‘power quality’ workers. (Sorry my camera date is always day early.)  Both Chad and Russel were exemplary representatives of City Utilities.  Thank you for City Utility’s prompt response to my health concerns.  This is third time the utility company has been out in six months over this issue.   Russel has been here all three times.

(All evidence in photos,  removed to save space for writing…)

At one point Chad offered that the high level at the Madonna in the hall on my meter was possibly due to a radioactive substance,  he pointed to the pillow Mary is holding which a five year old relative made by hand thirty years ago.  I explained the pillow was stuffed with cotton.  In truth when I first started feeling electrocuted in my own home, I too wondered what frequency was bombarding me; electric, magnetic, radioactive, etc.  Chad’s question was warranted.  Both Chad and Russel were helpful and kind in every way. Below meter on magnetic frequency off chart.

Below outside at the AT&T landline-grounding-box (I have no internet, cable, or other devices,) the three meters had different readings in house.  At utility meter our devices all higher.

Below is close up of Russel’s meter. (Removed.)

Was very grateful Chad and Russel came by to check my home; they were both respectful and kind.    Told them both that in the past six months of being ‘electrocuted’ in home my health has suffered, one dog died from injuries due to dangerous levels of electromagnetic waves- and my big dog now is suffering from effects as well.

As they were leaving told Russel that it odd the last time he came by four months ago, within an hour got a call from the security department at my former employer of twenty years.   The phone message states this security head is with my former employer in Springfield, Missouri and he wants to know if there was ‘anything they could help me with.’   (When this call was recorded on my landline it had been a year since I worked at my former employer.)    Russel asked, “What did he want?”   Replied that the security man at my former employer did not know why he was asked to call, but that the head of all security at the 90+ stores contacted him and asked him to call me. Told Russel- I said to the security head in Springfield, Missouri that “You should find out what kind of company you work for, if you don’t know why you are calling me.”  Russel was under the impression I had not worked at my former employer for two years.   Just one.   Said again it must have been a coincidence the call from my former employer came an hour after Russel left off inspecting my home the last time.   Chad was present during our conversation.  Thanked both men profusely for their help saying that what was happening in my home was killing me.  That if it did not stop soon would have to sell a home that was paid for and leave to be destitute.   Russel and Chad said they would get together with the people at city utility who could make sense of all the meter readings and get back with me.

After grocery shopping, driving home last night on Republic Rd. in Springfield, Missouri beautiful sunset, with large microwave tower on right.   When I first called Springfield, Missouri City Utility asked to speak with the manager.  Chris Bell talked with me because he was available.  I would hope that the experts and Chris Bell,  at City Utility send me a written statement as to why in the twenty years I have owned and lived at 1551 S. Campbell Ave. in Springfield, Missouri 65807, suddenly in six months time- my home is making me ill by electrocution.  Thank you City Utility for helping me with this issue.

Thank you Chad and Russel for coming by with electromagnetic frequency readers, listening to what is happening to me and being kind.  God bless you both.


This is one license plate of the 14 cars at my ‘neighbors’ during a party, in the rental house on north side of my home two weeks ago.   From the second story yellow brick rental my left eye was shot with a laser beam gun.    Woman who rents is pictured below.  (Removed.)   Two vehicles never seen again are pictured below.  A police report documents laser assault.  When both pictures below put on blog you could read license plates, now unreadable from hacking.

My reply to letter above from Missouri Attorney General Josh Hawley-  included ‘thank you’ for a quick response.   Then suggested in reply, they  CSI test the unemployment hearing CD that is state evidence and was altered.  My former employer denied unemployment benefits.  Key questions of referee were removed from CD such as, ‘Did Miss Grace receive any accommodations for her work injuries?’  As was HR person’s response to above question, “No.”

Thank you God for everything exactly the way it is today.


In 1905   Dr. Beaurieux watched the eyes of the guillotined head of a murderer named, Languille remain watchful and conscious for thirty slow seconds.  After initial contractions of muscles stopped and his face fell peaceful-  Beaurieux loudly called out Languille’s name.   The prisoner’s eyes opened and stared straight into the doctors with intelligence. Beaurieux called out forcefully again saying Languille’s name after the eyes once more closed.   For a last time the prisoner’s eyes opened and penetrated fixedly on the good doctor’s, then shut without further reaction.

From Princeton University, in ‘The measure of all things: quantum mechanics and the soul‘ by Hans Halvorson, he writes about the ‘soul hypothesis’ or belief that humans are more than a body, they are also a ‘living soul…’

Energy/matter can be a wave or a particle depending if a person is observing it.   Professor Robert Lanza-  author of March of 2007 ‘The New Theory of the Universe,‘ in ‘The American Scholar.’     Lanza writes, “...the observer in a significant sense creates reality and not the other way around.  Recognition of this insight leads to a single theory that unifies our understanding of the world.”  (Experimenters with the Network know this.  Brains that have been mapped for specific ‘abilities’ and downloaded onto interface helmets.)   Lanza records that laws of physics do not have a good explanation allowing “… facts to be hijacked as a defense of intelligent design. ”  He says, ” Without perception, there is in effect no reality.    That, time is not an absolute reality but an aspect of our consciousness.   And the consciousness of the observer is decisive in determining what a particle does at any given moment.”   He writes that space and time are properties of the mind.   Space and time are external and eternal realities only.   Lanza believes that we should place ourselves “…as the creators of time and space, not as the subjects of it,  goes against our common sense, life experience and education.”

Dr. Eben Alexander wrote autobiography ‘Proof of Heaven‘ in 2012.   Subtitled,  ‘A Neurosurgeon’s Journey into the Afterlife.’    Alexander believed his body to be nothing more than a biological machine and did not believe in consciousness or freewill.   But then he lay suspended in a medical coma for a week after contracting e.coli bacteria which ate his brain and spine.    Upon waking up from “being in heaven,” his body was eventually healed.

Alexander’s near death experience was reported by Newsweek, American Association of Neurological Surgeons, Congress of Neurological Surgeons and Journal of Missouri State Medical Association, as well as on many T.V. shows such as Oprah Winfrey’s.  Some of the medical personnel attending the patient-Alexander say he was brain dead.   In an Esquire article Alexander’s attending doctor said his patient “conscious and hallucinating.”    Still Alexander now believes human consciousness is independent of the brain, as do many scientists and physicists who have not experienced an NDE.

In his book, Alexander documents how he experienced ‘heaven,’ as made of pure love.   But writes that he was taken to hell first, and then brought out by angels who took him to heaven.  He writes that hell is underground, in caverns where evil is isolated for all eternity.  This same concept of hell echoes throughout the centuries as recorded by visionaries and saints of various faiths-  Hell is always underground.

Thank you God for everything exactly the way it is today.  I love you God.